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Aremia looks every inch a novice warrior despite being able to wield the Light. She prefers a solid two-handed blade to a clumsy mace that most paladins seem to favor and relies more heavily on that weapon than her other abilities.

She stands just six feet fall and is slim-limbed although gaining in bulky muscle as the days go by. Her hair is almost always bound in two tight, slightly off-center pigtails. She appears to carry herself with confidence but rarely seems to let her face reflect anything but superficial amusement or prideful resentment.

Her armor is serviceable but obviously used beyond its limits. Her blade is kept in keen repair but the pommel is often chipped or tarnished. The visible parts of her body are dotted with bruises, both fresh and healing, and usually a few nicks and scrapes for good measure. Caution doesn't seem to be part of her worries when out adventuring. It's also not uncommon for her knees and fingers to be grass-stained from picking flowers or to sport an odd stain caused by her latest alchemic experiment.


Aremia is as unorthodox as they come. She has no idea if her family survived the crash and hasn't bothered to try to find out. While not filled with bitterness, she detests the near-robotic faithfulness that her people have given to the Naaru and refuses to bow or pray to the beings of "Light" that claimed to have saved them. Where were they when her people were turned to demons? to Broken? decimated by Orcs? No, the Naaru only appeared after each traumatic incident to sweep in and "save" the poor Draenei after the fact. She has very little trust for them due to this.

Because of her feelings about the Naaru, she refuses to accept or admit that being able to wield the energy call "Light" is "gift" from these creatures. She also does not subscribe to the almost religious fervor that the humans apply to it. Instead, she believes that the Light is merely one part of a neutral energy that nearly anyone can draw in and warp into the force of their choosing. She relies more heavily on her weapon and budding strength and only calls upon the Light when absolutely necessary to further her goals of self betterment. She believes that by bettering herself she will be able to help all of Azeroth in due time.

Goals and motivationsEdit

Aremia is highly motivated to make herself a better person. She would seek to gain both physical power and increased intelligence as well as explore more of her new home. She curious about many things but often prefers to remain silent rather than admit her ignorance. She can be resistant to learning if such things are pressed upon her by force rather than offered to her in friendship.


Aremia doesn't trust the Naaru.

She is prideful and will often cut off her nose to spite her face.

She has a love of fine Dwarven stout and is easily plied with such things as good food, good drink, and good conversation.

Public knowledge and rumorsEdit

Lord Grayson Shadowbreaker has currently put a ban on Aremia's official training. No sanctified paladin trainer is to teach her anything further in the way of the Light until she offers a formal apology to an appointed trainer that she injured quite badly. Lord Shadowbreaker is still seeking someone with the right amount of finesse and attitude to be able to gain control of Aremia's on-the-field training. Rumor has it that she's been bribing a Dwarf to further her education of late.

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