Anlais Silentfire is a level 60 Priestess on the Moon Guard server. Her name is pronounced "ahn-LAY-iss". Anlais is currently inactive.


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Coming across as prim and proper in every way, there is nevertheless a mischievous sparkle within Anlais’ glowing eyes, and deep dimples appear in her cheeks when she smiles. Not unattractive, she looks to be slowly growing out of adolescence, and is shorter and slighter than the average elf (about 5’4” and 90 lbs). She smells faintly of vanilla and gardenia.


Anlais grew up very sheltered within Silvermoon City. Her mother, a tailor, raised her, as her father was a drunken ne’er-do-well. When her father was killed by the Scourge, Anlais turned to the Holy Light for answers. Now she feels strong enough to venture outside city walls to help defend Quel’thalas and to set things right in Azeroth.

Personality “Diamond”Edit

CAUTIOUS – Anlais knows very well that she is just an average elf, and that average elves get into trouble when they overstep their power. This cautiousness also stays her tongue most of the time, as she knows that words can be powerful weapons as well.

FASTIDIOUS – Every hair is neatly in place, and her robes are always clean and well pressed. Not one speck of lint can be seen on her person. The cut of her clothing is always modest.

INQUISITIVE – The world has been locked away from Anlais for so long, but she knows there are wonders to be seen out there.

HONEST – Her mother is known as a very fair craftswoman, and raised her daughter accordingly. Her belief in the Holy Light in times of trouble has also bolstered her sense of righteousness.

Public Knowledge and RumorsEdit

  • Anlais’ motto is “Shadow as the mirror of Light; Shadow as the Light’s weapon.”
  • Painfully shy by nature, Anlais hardly ever breaks Shadow Form, thinking that it causes her to go almost completely unnoticed.
  • Purple is indeed her favorite color.
  • Anlais’ hero is Medivh. What she feels for him is something akin to worship and/or a teenage crush.
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