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The very air around The Prioress seems to dance with electric energy. The straight snowy strands of hair billow around her face and down her back, caressing the sunken greyed cheekbones and jawline of this fallen Eredar. Her armor/robes hang as if near-hollow-- her sickly-slender frame seeming super-human in strength within the confines of it's outer cell. Indigo eyes watch warily at the surroundings, hazy in ethereal glow. Her skin is frigid to the touch, but life's essence still brims over from within.

A mark of ancient text and runes still lays scarred on her abdomen -- remembrance of times long since past. (Her approx. age is around 28 in human years.)

She is often followed by a white cat, which she seems to speak to lovingly like an old friend, calling it affectionately "Ei'Sha"; though the meaning must be lost in the past.

[ She was infected when the Scourge invaded Southshore, was taken by the Lich King's forces and made into a Banshee at the Frozen Throne's Feet. ]



A young Alijysiia.

Alijysiia's mother having passed from this realm of life early into her existance, the only figure she knew was her father Garentiir. As one of Prophet Velen's adjutants, there was little time to be spent with the young Alijysiia privately and so the female child took to settling herself in the great library of the Prophet, consuming text after text of ancient literature. There came a day very close to her -coming of age- as a training Acolyte when she stumbled upon a dusty leather-bound publication on the highest shelf in the room and innocently devoured each word within the script. As she closed the backpage, the large symbol on the front began to glow a deep amber and her body became encased in a foreign haze. Thinking it a simple trick of the Light, she continued on with her daily activities as usual. Later on in that Lunar cycle, a small one-manned ship crashed near the outskirts of the city. Garentiir was called in to aid with saving the fallen Draenei and, as usual, Alijysiia tagged along behind. Her father wasting all resources in attempts to heal the male, Alijysiia fought frantically through her mind for some way to help. Recalling a spell from the Symboled tome, she began to chant softly to herself in the naive hope that perhaps her efforts could assist. Word quickly spread of the young Draenei who used an alien spell to cure an all-but-lost Kin and it took no time at all to have Velen at her side. He explained in private to the innocuous youngling and her father that she had fallen upon a most viperous secret. A now-fallen sect of Eredar that gave themselves up to the Shadow world ages ago had written that compilation of knowledge, them having contained a very strong power to almost match Velen's own with the Light- naming themselves The Sha'Ei'Or.

The Tome.

At both of the males' behest, Alijysiia found herself sent away from the community to privately study all there was to know on the Light. This was continued for centuries, until she was called aboard the ill-fated ship with Garentiir. Now brainwashed into a docile Priestess, she was forced to watch her beloved Garentiir perish before her eyes; her training to forget those powerful incantations of the Sha'Ei'Or completely the worst occasion possible for her. Picking herself up almost totally unharmed, she decided to live on in her father's name and use her Light to aid any and all available for her. Throughout the time spent on Azeroth, however, it seems all creatures are bound to alter on path...

Sha'Kaari BackgroundEdit

[Past, Present and Future]

Note: The Sha'Kaari is now retired.

Goals and MotivesEdit

  • She is in "high up" with the Scryers in Shattrath City. To what end, only she can be sure.


Joreth became Alijysiia's very close comrade once Kudrilarok assigned him "bodyguard" over her. The two grew to become more than just friends and guildmates over time- Joreth playing a big role once Ali took over The Sha'Kaari. Rather abruptly, Joreth vanished from connection with any of Sha'Kaari, including the Prioress. It has now been discovered he had been slain- his Shamanistic powers allowing him a vessel back to his body through reincarnation and ever-watchful ancestors of the Past. He aided her in leading Sha'Kaari.

Boehm is the pale-skinned Draenei Priest that Alijysiia was betrothed to. Having met by chance within the bank vaults of Ironforge one night as she worked out a pressing matter with a Sha'Kaari sister; she felt immediately close to him from the time he entered their Famil just a day later; his warm and uplifting nature causing her to view life in a completely different perspective. With his breaking of ties to her Famil, she switches between cold indifference and frantic hysteria at losing him in close proximity.

Kudrilarok is the Draenei she clung to when first having fallen to Azeroth. Her best friend and unofficial mate- they started The Sha'Kaari together. After numerous conflicts, Sha'Kaari was handed to her and Kudrilarok vanished. Having no word from him in some time, Alijysiia still wonders if he is out there and all right.

Azadiel is one of Ali's oldest comrades and guildees. She has always sought him out for advice and compassion in the past. He was one of the two who came to her aid when she was kidnapped and ultimately paid a certain price for it. Although they have drifted apart some, she still holds Azadiel very close to her heart.

Aurria has always been, in Alijysiia's mind, the sister she never had. A fellow Anchorite, their paths split as they continued to walk along, though still together-- joined in Sha'Kaari.


  • Alijysiia is commonly spoken to with use of her title as "Prioress."
  • Her standing on the opposing factions is neutral.
  • Alijysiia denounced her faith in the great Prophet and was therefore essentially banned from the Exodar, considered a threat to Velen. However, since then she has spoken with him on behalf of the Sha'Kaari and they are on neutral ground.
  • She is the last surviving "member" of a long-dead cult called The Sha'Ei'Or. (See -background- section for more information on the Sha'Ei'Or) She is the only one who can speak the dead language. It also seems to be affecting her body's appearance, as of late- as she moves closer to the Dark Portal. It may or may not have something to do with D'ore- a thing she is secretly investigating without others' knowledge.
  • She was infected when the Scourge invaded Southshore, was taken by the Lich King's forces and made into a Banshee at the Frozen Throne's Feet.

Public Knowledge & RumorsEdit

  • She was once held captive by a now-fallen guild of Alliance members that worshiped pure darkness. She was physically tortured by them and has a lasting symboled scar on her abdomen. Because of this experience, she is deathly afraid of tombs and chambers now- having taken place in Whitemane's chamber in the Scarlet Monastery.
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