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Aldair Farris stands at around six-foot-two, his build imposingly muscular. Although his face is ruggedly grizzled, the pleasant expression that often occupies his countenance lends his features an uncanny sort of masculine beauty. His hair bears a distinct golden shade typical of Lordaeronian heritage, while his eyes are a deep hue of teal. His voice, while not evincing an outstanding accent of any sort, emanates a subtle sense of firmness and security.


Goals and Motives


Aerivia Arthel Win'dalos- This inquisitive young druidess is a particularly dear friend to Aldair. She has come to admire and trust him, often turning to him for insight or advice which the freeminded paladin readily provides. Seeing in her characteristic curiousity and benevolence a budding heroine, he does his best to guide her spirits in the right direction while putting aside their obvious differences in beliefs and customs. Although Aerivia doubts at times the altruistic motives of her own deeds, Aldair frequently finds himself reassuring her that sincere compassion lies within her heart. In his own poetic words, "I must be the beacon, dim though I may be, in the fogs of her anxious doubts."

During some drunken antics on New Year's Eve, Aldair took to adressing her as "Kittybuns", a silly nickname he continues to use in jest occasionally.


  • Aldair is notorious for being excessively bawdy when intoxicated. According to him, the reason he was ousted from the knighthood of Theramore was for making a lewd flirtatious display before Jaina Proudmoore
  • While somewhat clumsy on his feet, Aldair is suprisingly nimble with his hands. Were he not fearful of working with heavy pieces of hot metal, he might have very well become a blacksmith by trade. Nevertheless, a desire to keep his gift of limber fingers in practiced use over takes him on ocasion. Consequently, he often find himself assembling jewelery, cutting gems and molding the softer precious metals, as a profitable hobby that sates his fondness for fiddling with baubles.
  • Aldair, inspiring and empathetic, has the potential to be a profound leader. However, his licentious demeanor brings many to doubt his dependability. Only those with patience and an open mind, a relatively scarce few in Azeroth, manage to see the cunning tactician and charismatic commander that he can be.
  • While he desires a peaceful compromise between the Alliance and the Horde, Aldair holds no tolerance for the Forsaken, their objectives and ruthlessness little better than Scourge's in his eyes, and the Blood Elves, who Aldair views as arrogant traitors of the foulest sort.
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