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Character Stats Edit

Name: Aerngrim Skaelbjorn


Age: Forties

Hair Color: Blue-black

Eye Color: N/A

Skin Color: Pale

Height: 6'4

Marital Status: Single

Mother: Unknown

Father: Unknown

Siblings: None

Appearance Edit

Aerngrim is the nigh stereotypical picture of a Northrend male. Perhaps some Vry'kul blood runs in his veins; he is a hulking, savage figure, larger than the average human. His wild blue-black hair is adorned with beads and bone ornaments, and his beard is plaited into three thicks tails, banded with decorative metal. He is often seen clad in the pelts of wild animals, the silver-white furs in sharp contrast to his brooding features and dark eyes. The preserved paw of some giant beast hangs from his belt, standing out against the long kilt of dragonskin he commonly wears. Unlike some of his fellow Death Knights, he does not wield his runeblade as matter of course. Instead, he carries an axe, the blade counterbalanced by the jagged, fearsome tusk of a narwhale.

Personality Edit

Aerngrim is, for all intents and purposes, a ghost. He has only hazy, disjointed memories of his past, and hasn't been free of the Lich King long enough to truly craft a future. He remembers faded glories--serving as the Bear shaman for his tribe in Northrend, being especially skilled at the hunt and at war--but they are glimpses of a life he can't return to. He is more than aware of the horrors he authored as a Death Knight and seems truly repentant, matter of fact about his crimes even as he is sorrowful. He is gruff and boisterous most times, but there is always a touch of regret in his expression.

Background Edit

Goals and Motivations Edit


Aerngrim missed his chance to court the village runemistress when he was a young man; by the time he'd returned from his quest into adulthood she had vanished. So it was pure serendipity that caused him to run into her daughter in a Stormwind bar, recently on leave from her post in Honor Hold. Raelindra was wary of him at first, but when he rescued her from an attack on her life she quickly changed her opinion. The two are fiercely protective of one another. They have recently departed on a spirit quest together, venturing into the wilds of Northrend.

Malkai Silverblade is Aerngrim's closest friend. They were some of the only Death Knights to retain a piece of their original selves after being turned, and they became partners in crime who eventually escaped the Lich King's control together. Aerngrim's assumption that the love Malkai was pining for was a woman was rather rudely disproved, but despite some culture shock over that point Aerngrim has stuck at his friend's side. While their interactions often seem downright rude to outsiders, it's truly in good fun. Aerngrim feels a deep affection for Malkai and feels as though Malkai needs his protection, even if his friend's relationship with Ashrinn unsettles him and occasionally makes him feel like the third wheel.

Ashantae's daughter Ankea was the first person to give Aerngrim a chance to prove himself. While the two aren't close, it was her ability to reach out to him that gave him the initial hope required to strive towards atonement.

Idiosyncrasies Edit

Is quite proud of his beard.

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