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Aelandra Sunblood is a level 70 mage on the realm of Moon Guard. Currently she serves as a Bloodguard within Tuar'Annwn under Prince Sheigh Llyrandor.


Aelandra is slightly short for a female Blood Elf, standing at 5'7". Her build is mostly typical of her class, thin and undeveloped. However, Aelandra is exceedingly underweight, lacking somewhat in feminine curves. This is amplified by her rather delicate bone structure, making her face appear gaunt and severely malnourished otherwise. Shoulder length blonde hair slightly curls about her shoulders and into her face, sometimes hiding a pair of gold hoop earrings that she never removes. Her skin is pale and fair, unmarred save for a pair of purplish bags that hang under her eyes, giving her a sickly air. Aelandra is mostly seen in robes or dresses that are wholesome and never overly ornate.


Known for her generosity and kindness, Aelandra is a gentle soul...if anything, she overly sensitive. A mother hen of sorts, she tends to be rather protective of those she holds dear, fondly offering gifts and pet names to those who become close to her. An excellent cook, it is nothing for her to whip up a meal to feed many people (especially friends), and she will do it happily. She tends to be quite open with those she cares about, often hugging them or petting them affectionately.

When among strangers or those with higher ranking, Aelandra is quietly reserved and polite. Modest and even somewhat shy, the young woman may even seem a bit withdrawn. Morally driven to do the right thing, and still young, she is constantly conflicted...struggling with her duties and what she feels is right. She has her own personal demons to deal with internally, and judges herself harshly. All around, Aelandra is a good person, always lending a helping hand to those in need.


Aelandra was born in Suncrown Village to Captain Telarus Sunblood and Aelira Morningdawn Sunblood, some thirty years before the opening of the Dark Portal. She is the Sunblood's third child and only daughter. Her mother, a herbalist/healer from Goldenmist Village, died during childbirth due to hemorrhaging. Her father, a somewhat renown Farstrider, served as Captain to a small battalion stationed in Farstrider Enclave. He was most known for working with the former Prince of Eldre'thalas, the Magister of Suncrown, to ensure the safety of the village and surrounding areas from the Amani Trolls.

Her childhood years were spent quietly in Suncrown and Tranquillien until Arthas came. Telarus and Aelandra managed to survive the raiding, and lived in Silvermoon until his death. She spent several years homeless and hungry until becoming a retainer within various Houses. Over time, she found out that the former Magister of Suncrown's grandson had survived, and Tuar'Annwn was thriving under his hand. Approaching those who shared a similiar history to hers, she joined Tuar'Annwn, and continues to serve to this day. Eventually she discovered that her older brothers, assumed to be MIA, did indeed survive.

Goals and motivationsEdit

Duty and honor bound, Aelandra strives to fulfill the tasks given to her by Tuar'Annwn and those of the Horde. Her first priority is aiding her people and their allies in any way possible...from feeding them to fighting for them. This priority is so important that she has given up on a lot of personal luxuries and leisure time for herself to maximize her efforts towards those in need.

Eventually Aelandra plans to raise a family, but she views that as a long term goal.


  • She will not accept drinks from anyone, not even friends. All Aelandra will drink is water that she has conjured, and refrains from drinking alcohol.
  • Harbors an extreme fondness for animals, especially hawkstriders. Occasionally you will see her with her pet moth, Flutterby. When on her steed, Octavius, she'll often babytalk him.
  • Abhors pants. It is a rare sight to see her in anything but robes or dresses.

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