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Adrisa Wolfsong was born in Hyjal around just a few years before the sundering of the world. Her father was a High Elf who escaped with other High Elves when Azshara began to practice her twisted magic in an attempt to summon demons to Azeroth. Her mother was a Night Elf Druid who had lived on Hyjal with her clan for hundreds of years. Adrisas' last name 'Wolfsong' is a tribute to the original name of the Druidic Clan that her mother belonged to. The Wolfsong clan worshiped wolves as minions of Elune and some of the druids could even transform into Worgen by Elunes divine power.


She is average height for a night elf female, and she has several dozen scars covering her body. The most prominent is a large scar going from the middle of her stomach to her back across the left side of her body. Her eyes are a shimmering aqua green and her hair is aquamarine. She usually keeps it in a half pony tail, letting the rest fall around her shoulders and has a braid wrapping around the top of her hair like a crown. Her skin is a soft peach, and she has the same Night Elf facial markings as her mother.


She is very talkative, and enjoys the company of people, specifically gnomes. She finds them endlessly entertaining, and has the most fun, when hanging around with her friends at the local pub. That is not to say however that she is not a fighter. She was very much a constant force of nature in the battlegrounds, reaching the rank of Knight-Captian through dominance, and confidence.

Goals & MotivationsEdit

Adrisa for a long time had been looking for a way to free herself and her sister from the Blood Curse they shared. She could find no other answer then to sacrifice herself in battle, knowingly passing on the position of 'Leader of the Pack' to Areena, giving her a certain amount of control over the beast within her.




She is the twin sister of Areena Wolfsong, a Blood Elf. Her mother was a Night Elf, Elaine Wolfsong, and her father was a High Elf, Dremoras Wolfblood. Both Areena and Adrisa were born about 10,000 years ago, just before the first war at Hyjal Summit. Adrisa managed to escape the chaos when Dremoras went insane, destroying the village, and killing their mother, Elaine. Adrisa grew up in the wilds of Winterspring, and slowly made her way to the city of darnassus, where she rediscovered her night elf roots. She joined the alliance, but acted as a spy for the horde, hoping any way possible to gather information about spells or items that might lift the Blood Curse on her and her sister. She never found a way however, and realized the only thing to do was to make Areena Leader of the Pack, which ment she would have to die. The Northwind Templar staged one last stand against the forces of undercity, and Adrisa acted as her lover, Arden Carvers' bodyguard. Eventually they were both killed in battle, and is now buried in Brill, since the alliance would not take a betrayer in their graveyards.

Public Knowledge & RumorsEdit

It is a known fact that Adrisa died during the seige on Undercity. Recently a shadowy figure was discovered by Areena digging up Adrisas body. Upon trying to stop him, the individual knocked Areena out and escaped with Adrisas corpse. Areena has since been trying to figure out what has been going on with her sister and the mysterious figure.

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