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General Information Edit

Adonoras is a Forsaken Mage, deeply attuned with fire-based spells. The mage is the co-founder of a military unit known as Oshu’Narash, a unit that serves Thrall in decisive world battles, retrieving artifacts and assassinating certain troublesome beings. Adonoras has publicly fallen out with the Banshee Queen and while he can still enter the Undercity, is watched closely whenever present.

Appearance Edit

His appearance is much like any other Forsaken, disgusting. He shows signs of being muscular in life, with pieces of large muscle still hanging off his bones. While his face has been retained in nearly one piece, his flesh now a ghostly white and his once bright blue eyes a glowing yellow, the rest of his body is not so lucky. Bits of muscle and flesh cling to his bones in desperate attempts at trying to retrieve at least a slight appearance to what Adonoras used to look like, but these attempts have failed.

Equipment wise, Adonoras is forever changing. However it is known that the mage likes to keep souvenirs of past battles and kills being the proud owner of Scarlet Crusade robes and holding onto the gear he acquired for his bravery while serving in the Ghostlands.

Background Edit


Jules Flamewalker before the coming of the Scourge.

Adonoras once went by the name of Jules Flamewalker, being the son of two respected Kirin Tor wizards. Naturally Jules became a wizard himself and served in the Second War for the Kirin Tor, where his father died in battle. He returned home to Dalaran and looked after his despairing mother for years before moving to Brill, where he found love in a fair barmaid.

Jules lived in peace with his family for years before the coming of the Scourge. Eventually his small inn that he brought was left to face the wrath of the Scourge alone. Jules gave his family enough time to run although in his dying breath he saw that his wife too had stayed, to help and give more time for his two children to run. He watched her die, as he slipped away from life. His children survived, although no one knows where. They’re rumours of a girl Flamewalker who resides in Booty Bay and a boy Flamewalker who lives in Stormwind

Like most others he came a member of the Scourge and fought in the Eternal Lands of Quel’thalas under Lord Arthas. After the Silvermoon campaign, life became quiet, as quiet as life could for a Scourge until the splintering and the formation of the Forsaken. Jules was giving a way back in the world but he detested himself, he forsook the name of Jules and fashioned a new one, Adonoras.

Adonoras fought for his life and survival and eventually came to accept himself. He fumed though that the Banshee Queen was too cowardly to attack at the humans that had left them to rot, to rot away in a fate worse than hell. The Dark Lady longed to put the mage down but Adonoras was a hero amongst the people of Ghostlands and so she sent him to Thrall.

In Durotar, Adonoras immediately stirred trouble and Thrall, knowing why he was banished from Sylvanas’s kingdom, put him on a task that he knew the mage could not complete. Create a unit of men and woman, willingly to put their lives on the line for the Horde. The Warchief, knowing that the Forsaken would not be able to get any support from the true Horde and that to find the people to join this unit would mean finding nearly suicidal people, forgot about Adonoras and his mission. Thrall didn’t take into account the mage’s cunning and the Forsaken met with the Orc Thornar and began to plan.

Together, the pair began gathering followers from all over Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdom. As Thrall predicted, it wasn’t easy work, the common man not wanting to take a position so risky but between Adonoras and Thor, the pair thought of something. They turned their recruitment to the shadier parts of the Horde; ex-criminals, outlaws, bandits and people merely wanting fame and rewards. They asked no questions but merely trained them to be part of their unit.

Within months, Adonoras alongside Thor returned to Thrall and introduced Oshu’Narash. Thrall was shocked, annoyed, elated and cautious all at once. He had his unit that he had been after for so long, but the two that commanded it he did not trust. Though it is true, Thor was a good friend of his, Thrall had always thought he was a little aggressive and frankly, a bit insane in-battle. So he gave the unit one more commander, one of his own, the Troll Broo, a loyal and intelligent personal friend of his.

Now Adonoras can do what he longs to do, rid the world of those that left him to rot. Make them pay, make them suffer and make them die.

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