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Adelphe is the younger sister of Shadow Priestess Marianne Eldershaw. The two have not met face to face since Moonbrook fell to the Defias.


Identical in appearance to her sister Marianne due to Adelphe's short time impersonating her. The only physical differences are Adelphe's darker hair, which she dyed, and a horrible scar on her hand where she had the Defias tattoo removed from her when she decided to leave them

Adelphe's hair and skin appear to be taken care of and managed better than her sister's, almost to an obsessive degree as if she fears something.


Up until the Defias attack, Adelphe and Marianne were inseparable twins who were always seen together, laughing and giggling as they'd go about their chores throughout Westfall. The two were remarkably close, and if one was seen, the other was not far off. However, when the Defias attacked Moonbrook and Marianne was forced to leave her sister behind as the masked attackers grabbed at her, Adelphe felt abandoned by the person she was closest to.

After being with the Defias for a year (elaborated upon in background), Adelphe emerged with a new outlook on life, along with a completely new set of morals and philosophies which matched that of the Defias Brotherhood. She was bitter and hateful, resentful of all things she used to appreciate.

After leaving the Defias and becoming a paladin (a decision brought on by Adelphe appreciating what her sister had), Adelphe changed her ways and is, again, a warm and pleasant girl like her sister, even though from time to time she may still exhibit aggressive tendencies due to her tenure with the Defias.


After being left behind by Marianne when the Defias attacked Moonbrook, Adelphe had been captured by the attackers and, for several weeks, had been the subject of cruel, endless abuse which was physical and psychological. The Defias broke Adelphe's will and spirit, leaving her as nothing more than a frightened little mess with no hope left in her. They used this to their advantage, slowly changing from torturing the girl to including her, making her feel dependent on them. Eventually, she began to relate to her captors and, in time, even had her morals and beliefs completely skewed by them.

After learning that Marianne still lived, Adelphe sent out a hired warlock whom she deemed as "a nobody" to pose as her in an effort to kill Marianne. The loud mouthed, rude warlock succeeded in making Marianne drink tainted water, which forced her into a comatose-like state as the poison did its job. Fortunately, several people banded together and forced the warlock to reveal the ingredients required for an antidote. As they departed to cure Marianne, the warlock began to feel that she was carrying out the will of a very disturbed woman. The warlock decided to abandon her plan as she fled from Elwynn Forest. The people of Elwynn Forest believed that it was the real Adelphe.

Adelphe recently emerged from the Deadmines with a new plan.. Using a mixture of magic and surgery, Adelphe was able to look exactly like Marianne. Using several pages of information she gathered on her sisters friends and activities, Adelphe posed as Marianne for a short period of time and attempted to ruin her life. However, at one point, Adelphe realized that after trying so hard to pass as Marianne by duplicating her warm personality, she began to have fun and was genuinely happy. She realized that the life she was trying to wreck was not worth it, and she turned to Northshire Abbey for help and guidance. She is now an apprentice paladin.

Goals and MotivationsEdit

  • Adelphe has no set goals in life. She only wishes to atone for her wrong doings.


  • Considers Neros to be her first "real friend" after admitting to him that she was not Marianne at all. Despite what she had tried to do, Neros commended her for her sudden outburst of emotion and offered his hand in friendship.
  • Formerly loyal to the Defias Brotherhood. With her recent change of heart, Adelphe no longer serves them and wants nothing to do with them.


  • None that are immediately evident.

Public Knowledge and RumorsEdit

  • Was thought to have made an appearance once, poisoning Marianne with tainted water before fleeing from Elwynn Forest. This was, however, a "nobody" who Adelphe had instructed to pose as her.
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