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Item Alliance 15Alliance Horde 15Horde
[Biznicks 247x128 Accurascope] Lashalar <Pacific Alliance>
Aerys <Sanctus Preliator>
Raynor <Legio Fulminata>
Terhas <Squirrel Mafia>
Lasciel <Squirrel Mafia>
Brannix <Legio Fulminata>
Narie <Ring of Wolves>
Kaord <Blackblades of Durotar>
Azeala <Black Blood Battalion>
Bleed <Morbo>
Kindjal <Morbo>
[Hyper-Vision Goggles]
[Khorium Scope] Narie <Ring of Wolves> Nokokni <Agents of Oblivion>
[Ornate Khorium Rifle]
[Power Amplification Goggles]
[Rocket Boots Xtreme]
[Stabilized Eternium Scope] Raynor <Legio Fulminata>
Narie <Ring of Wolves>
Medeas <Voodoo Gurus>
Retrinubtion <Tanstaafl>
[Gyro-balanced Khorium Destroyer] Narie <Ring of Wolves> Medeas <Voodoo Gurus>
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