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Burphel has been active as a main character since roughly a month after release, with over 6 months /played time prior to Wrath of the Litch King launch. The character has raided successfully in all 3 Druid talent specs for varying periods of time. Beginning with Burning Crusade content, this has narrowed to Feral Combat with an emphasis on Bear Tanking and a strong minor in Cat DPS, while a sister-character, Ulorien, was created to cover Restoration and Balance roles when needed.

While not a Roleplaying character by any means, Burphel tends to be a bit bumbling while in Bear form, flighty in Cat form, and moody in Humanoid form. While mainly a PVE character, he's been a reliable flag carrier in WSG and EOTS, and is prone to suicidal charges in AV and AB to divert attention from other people, along with being a fierce defender of flags and graveyards.


Burphel is often accompanied by a Brown Rabbit known in-game as "Bunneh" which he is known to /hug in times of stress or before doing something that will probably get him killed. The rabbit has become an ominous harbinger of death among farmable mobs, as seeing it approach is frequently followed by being stunned and ripped to shreds from behind by an angry cat. Bunneh also serves as a mascot in many of Burphel's raids when there is a need to rally morale after a wipe or "learning experience." A stuffed bunneh accompanied the user to Blizzcon in 2008.

Guild Role

Burphel is a Lieutenant in The Esoteric Order and leads 10 man raids on a weekly basis, as well as being the senior Druid in guild and frequent abuser of the Guild MOTD and Guild Announce calendar function. In raids, he is generally used in an Offtanking/DPS/Utility role because of his flexibility when capable Warrior or Paladin tanks are available, although he is capable of Main Tanking, particularly for fights that require very high HP. When circumstances allow an unrestricted DPS role, Burphel consistently appears in the higher ranks, and has topped the DPS chart at least once on a 25 man boss (Morogrim Tidewalker). High level alts include Ulorien ( 75ish Night Elf Druid), Pavlov (70 Dwarf Hunter), and Tubgirl (70 Human Mage), Mëbd (65ish Dwarf Death Knight), and Aretha (55ish Draenei Paladin), all members of The Esoteric Order.

Professions and Skills

Burphel's Skinning and Leatherworking skills, along with First Aid, Fishing, and Cooking are all maxxed at 450. He has all the trainable and vendor-purchasable patterns in Northrend for Leatherworking, and is a few short on Cooking.

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