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Medivh is an original release, PvE server in the eastern standard timezone, Medivh has been one of the more notable servers for its guilds' progression through raid instances and world events.

Server History Edit

Overview Edit

Upon the original release of the game, the horde guild <Ascent> claimed the world first kill of Ragnaros, the final boss in Molten Core. Later with the introduction of Blackwing Lair, the Alliance guild <Fury> was the first in the world to down four of the seven bosses in the instance -- Broodlord Lashlayer, Firemaw, Ebonroc, and Flamegor.

Gates of Ahn'Qiraj Event Edit

With the release of Patch 1.9, the Gates of Ahn'Qiraj Medivh quickly organized its forces and succeeded in being the first server in the world to complete the world event and open the gates. This was done by massive cross-faction co-operation initiated by <Ascent> and joined by the vast majority of the high end scene on the server. Due to the significant numerical differences between horde and alliance (3-4 alliance per 1 horde) <Ascent> agreed to let <Fury> finish the scepter. With a portion of alliance focusing on the scepter, the progress between the two factions was equalized significantly. Even with this, it became obvious that alliance would finish significantly ahead of horde unless something was done. The solution was to funnel materials from alliance to horde, with the horde side funnel end points all being in <Ascent> and alliance side end points being in <Fury>, <The Transcendent>, <Heroic Few> and some other alliance guilds.

The leader of <Fury>, a dwarf warrior named Kalahad, was the bearer of the Scepter of the Shifting Sands who officially unlocked the gate. During this period, the server population was swelled by a flood of low level alternate characters created by players from other servers for various reasons -- including to get to Silithus to be able to view the gate opening, and to attempt to force Medivh to the population max so that the regular members of the server would be unable to log in to help with the war effort. In an attempt to reduce the number of characters in Kalimdor, and specifically Silithus before the gate was opened, the high end guilds coordinated to raid all the major locations in the hopes of drawing people to defend them. However, despite their efforts, and Blizzard's attempt to reinforce the server hardware, the server crashed several times before and after the gate was opened. Several players present when Kalahad rang the Scarab Gong reported that the world server crashed at the very moment the gong was struck.

Upon the opening of the gates, Medivh's endgame raiding guilds led the way into the Temple of Ahn'Qiraj where <Fury> claimed the world first kills of The Prophet Skeram, Vem, Fankriss the Unyielding, and Princess Huhuran. <Ascent> claimed Lord Kri, but got stalled at Sartura who was tuned horribly at this point (<Fury> simply jumped over her). Unfortunately the original explorers of the zone were rewarded with numerous revamps and changes in the encounters, which made the early experiences nearly useless. These problems materialized most of all with C'Thun, which <Fury> would probably have killed first had it not needed so significant changes to be killable.

Overpopulation Edit

The server population has remained high ever since the Ahn'Qiraj event, and the server had still had the original release hardware. As a result, many guilds progressing through Molten Core, Blackwing Lair, Ahn'Qiraj, and now Naxxramas have been severely hindered by recurrent lag spikes and high latency.

As a result, with the introduction of cross-server transfers, two leading Horde guilds, <Ascent> and <Vindication>, transferred off the server. Almost immediately after they transferred off the server, the server hardware was updated.

Feud with Mannoroth Edit

During the race for Ahn'Qiraj, a rivalry was ignited with the Mannoroth server, the first PvP server and second overall to complete the event. The race to complete the war effort was neck-and-neck for some time. In an effort to gain an advantage for their home server, players from Medivh and Mannoroth created alts on the opposing server to increase lag and queue times. Players also trolled the realm forums of the opposing server, trading insults like "carebear" and "Mannorofl".

Though Medivh emerged victorious, some Mannoroth players still claim they were the first "legitimate" server to complete the event, as Medivh's PvE mechanics prevented cross-faction interference and made organization between Horde and Alliance a natural course of action. By contrast, Mannoroth's war effort was hindered throughout the event by fierce competition between Horde and Alliance Scepter quest raids. Ganking in Silithus ignited a no-holds-barred war between the factions, causing constant server crashes due to zone overpopulation and ending in a battle at the Scarab Gong.

Most Medivh players believe Medivh to be the rightful victor and take pride in the cooperation and organization demonstrated on their server. Medivh and Exodar are now linked servers.

Medivh Crafting List Edit

Crafting List

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Guild Information Edit

Alliance 32

Alliance Guilds

Guild Name Type Contact Notes
Aftermath [web] Raiding Azhurea Recruiting
angelsofdeath [web] PvE Recruiting
Arrogance [web] Raiding Doug Recruiting
Arsénal [web] Raiding Jaréd Recruiting
Ascension [web] Raiding Recruiting
Autonomous [web] PvE Recruiting
Awesome [web] Raiding Recruiting
Bane [web] PvE Recruiting
Bladerunners PvE
Calcium Raiding
Cobra [web] PvE Recruiting
Core [web] Raiding
Dark Trinity [web] PvE Recruiting
Ðivinity [web] PvE
Dusk Eternal [web] PvE
Dust to Dust PvE
Exiles [web] Raiding Caersai Recruiting
Facerollers Anonymous PvE
Final Union [web] Raiding Recruiting
Flux Capacitor [web] PvE Recruiting
Followers of the Dragon PvE
For Hire PvE
Genesis [web] PvE
Heroic Few [web] PvE Recruiting
Imperìum [web] PvE
Inçonceivable [web] PvE Recruiting
Insight [web] PvE Anvil Recruiting
Intense [web] PvE Recruiting
Irish Bones [web] PvE Recruiting
Legio Ferrata [web] PvE Recruiting
Lobster Rage Fist [web] Raiding
Odyssey [web] Raiding Recruiting
Omicron Persei Eight [web] Raiding 10-man strict
Order of the WestWind [web] Raiding Recruiting
Paragone [web] PvE Recruiting
Qing Dynasty PvE
Raving Sushi [web] PvE
Red Dragons [web] PvE Recruiting
Relentless [web] PvE
Restless Souls PvE
Resurrected [web] PvE Recruiting
Revelation [web] PvE
Roll the Dice [web] PvE
Raided G [web] Raiding Speede Family Friendly Raiding
Shamrock and Shenanigans [web] PvE
Squirrelbane [web] Casual
Stormlords [web] PvE Recruiting
Stormriders [web] PvE
Strength in Honour [web] PvE Recruiting
Sugar and Spice [web] Casual
Tainted Awsomnes PvE
Team Juggernaut [web] PvE
Temerity [web] PvE
The Cutting Edge [web] Raiding
The Dauntless [web] Raiding Hogun Recruiting
The Esoteric Order [web] Casual
The Informants [web] PvE
The Kaldorei [web] Casual
The Old Guard PvE
The Transcendent [web] Raiding Recruiting
The Wayward Pine PvE
Trismegistus [web] PvE Littletoe Recruiting
Twilight Avengers [web] PvE
Unison [web] Raiding Recruiting
volunteers [web] PvE
Wicked Sins PvE
Wrath of Thor [web] Raiding
Horde 32

Horde Guilds

Guild Name Type Contact Notes
Acid Burn [web] PvE Recruiting
Black Blood Battalion [web] PvE
Discord [web] PvE Marmite Recruiting
Jaded [web] PvE Aelual Recruiting
Prelude [web] PvE Recruiting
Shadowed Fates [web] PvE
Silent Watch [web] PvE
Supremacy PvE
Nobody Cares About PvP PvP Molinator Recruiting
The Transcendent [web] PvE
Arise [web] PvE Sleeps Recruiting
Agents of Oblivion Casual
Annihilation Association Casual
Chaos Lords [web] Casual
Crimson Guard of Medivh [web] Casual Ensene Recruiting
Elder Wolves [web] Casual
Exodus [web] Casual
Fires of Heaven [web] Casual Tyrax Recruiting
Necrosis [web] Casual
Serenity [web] Casual
Strength in Honor [web] Casual
Undead Poets Society [web] Casual
Vestige [web] Casual Recruiting

Progression TableEdit

Icecrown Citadel 25-man Hard Modes Edit

Based on this post on the Medivh realm forums.

P Icecrown MarrowgarLDWAchievement boss skybreakerP Icecrown SaurfangP Icecrown FestergutP Icecrown RotfaceP Icecrown PutricideP Icecrown Blood PrincesP Icecrown Lana&#039;thelP Icecrown ValthriaP Icecrown SindragosaP Icecrown Lich
Guild Icecrown Citadel
The Lower Spire The Plagueworks The Crimson Hall Frostwing Halls The Frozen Throne
Lord Marrowgar Lady Death-whisper Gunship Battle Death-bringer Saurfang Festergut Rotface Professor Putricide Blood Prince Council Blood-Queen Lana'thel Valithria Dream-walker Sindragosa The Lich King
Alliance 15 Trismegistus Done Done Done Done Done Done Done Done Done Done Done Done
Alliance 15 Insight Done Done Done Done Done Done Done Done Done Done Done Undone
Alliance 15 The Dauntless Done Done Done Done Done Done Done Done Done Done Done Undone
Alliance 15 Awesome Done Done Done Done Done Done Done Done Done Done Done Undone

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Network: Stratics


Channels: #Ascent, #Fury, #Godspeed
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