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Mannoroth is an original release (November 11, 2004), PvP server in the eastern standard timezone, Mannoroth is well known within its Battlegroup and often many posts were made on the Official WoW Mannoroth Forum. Mannoroth is part of the battleground Ruin.

Mannoroth was the first Player Vs Player(PVP) server in the world to open the Gates of Ahn'Qiraj, second server overall, losing to Medivh. Though Medivh emerged victorious, some Mannoroth players still claim they were the first "legitimate" server to complete the event, as Medivh's PvE mechanics prevented cross-faction interference and made organization between Horde and Alliance a natural course of action. By contrast, Mannoroth's war effort was hindered throughout the event by fierce competition between Horde and Alliance Scepter quest raids. Fighting in Silithus ignited a war between the factions, causing constant server crashes due to zone overpopulation and ending in a battle at the Scarab Gong.


Alliance Alliance

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Guild Website Top PvE Boss Killed (Pre-Expansion)
Age Of the Ironcross Link Ragnaros
Ancestors of Exodus None Twin Emperors
Ancient Sun Link Grand Widow Faerlina (Raids with Swords and Staves)
Band of Bros Link Unknown
Blind-Hatred Link Ragnaros
Brotherhood Of Nine Link Thaddius (Raided with Forbidden Donut)
Codex Arcana Link Unknown
Dragons of Viet Link Anub'Rekhan
Elysium Link Unknown
Enim Vinco Link Instructor Razuvious
Forbidden Donut Link Thaddius (Raided with Brotherhood Of Nine)
Forgotten Crusaders Link Instructor Razuvious (Part of Merge)
Forgotten Heroes None Unknown
Free Beer and Chicken Link Vaelastrasz
High Latency Link Grand Widow Faerlina
Innocuous Octopus Link Instructor Razuvious
instability Link Instructor Razuvious (Raids with Four Twenty SS)
Jaded Souls Unknown
Jaded Spirits Link Unknown
Knights Of Adun Link Unknown
Knights of Ambrosia Link Unknown
Kult of Shadows Link Unknown
La Resistance Link Instructor Razuvious (Raids with Lords of Discipline)
Legacy Link Princess Huhuran
Legacy of Khan Link Princess Huhuran
Lords of Discipline None Instructor Razuvious (Raids with La Resistence)
Macabre Link Kel'Thuzad
Mentality Link Unknown
Merge Link Instructor Razuvious (Multi-Guild Raiding Group)
Occasionally Merciful None Instructor Razuvious (Raids with Ancient Sun and Swords and Staves)
Omen Link Unknown
Operation CWAL Link Instructor Razuvious
Refined Link Twin Emperors
Reign Of Terror Link Unknown
Shattered Star eXiles Link Ragnaros
STNY Link Princess Huhuran
Swords and Staves Link Instructor Razuvious (Raids with Ancient Sun)
Tattered Virtue Link Princess Huhuran
Tides of Oblivion website gone because wowwiki's filter is retarded Unknown
The Brethren of Light Link Unknown
The Insurrection Link Unknown
The Legion of Doom Unknown
Veleno Di Drago Link Unknown
Valium Link Instructor Razuvious
Victuri te Salutant Link Unknown
Vodka Link Kel'Thuzad

Horde Horde

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Guild Website Top PvE Boss Killed (Pre-Expansion)
Legacy of the Horde Link
Asbestos Dinosaur Link
Asgarths Vanguard Link Fankriss
Avant Garde Link Maexxna
Dark Containment Link
Dark Mysteries Link
DeadorAlive Link
Defiant Link Nefarian
Disciples of Destruction Link
Disciples of Evil Link
Endless Delirium Link
Eternity Link
Illuminati Link At Four Horsemen (Rest of Naxx cleared)
Judgement Link Magmadar
Maleficient Link Instructor Razuvious
Minerva Link Razorgore (Raids with Nintendorks)
Ministry of Pain Link Anub'Rekhan and Instructor Razuvious
Nintendorks Link Razorgore (Raids with Minverva)
No Remorse Link Twin Emperors
Predestined Link Kel'Thuzad
Rapture Link Instructor Razuvious
Spawn More OverIords Link Princess Huhuran
Sylvanas Elite Link
The Fold Link
United Slayers of All Link Battleguard Sartura
Vind Link Gothik
Seal Kub Klubbing Klub None
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