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Server Information
Mal'Ganis is one of the original servers which was available at launch, 23rd of November 2004, and was one of the big 4 that were down for an extended period of 5 days within the first week due to initial heavy user load on the launch servers. Mal'Ganis is one of the few servers which favors the Horde population greatly thanks to an existing large web community who chose to inhabit the server early on.

Community Links

Molten Core - Blackwing Lair - Ahn'Qiraj (40)

Alliance 15 AllianceMolten CoreBlackwing LairAhn'Qiraj (40)
Retribution  DoneDoneDone
Validus  DoneDoneDone
Pro Baddies  DoneDoneDone
Sold Out  DoneDoneDone
Silent Requiem  DoneDoneDone
Legion of Honour  DoneDoneOuro the Sandworm
Pulse  DoneDoneC'thun
Praetorian Guards  DoneDoneC'thun
Fusion  DoneDoneC'thun
Totem Recall  DoneDoneTwin Emperors
Cadre Quietus  DoneDoneTwin Emperors
Failure  DoneDoneTwin Emperors
Vertigo  DoneDoneTwin Emperors
Des Sanct  DoneDoneTwin Emperors
DOP  DoneDoneTwin Emperors
MTD  DoneDoneHuhuran
Grief  DoneDoneBattleguard Sartura
Fortius Quo Fidelius  DoneDoneBattleguard Sartura
One Truth  DoneDoneUndone
Capital  DoneDoneUndone
Self-Titled  DoneNefarianUndone
Initium  DoneEbonrocUndone
Nation of Legacy  DoneVaelastraszUndone
Legions of Myth  DoneUndoneUndone
World Server Down  DoneUndoneUndone
Paranoia  DoneUndoneUndone
Sanctum  DoneUndoneUndone

Horde 15 HordeMolten CoreBlackwing LairAhn'Qiraj (40)
Elitist Jerks  DoneDoneDone
Aurora  DoneDoneDone
Aftermath  DoneDoneDone
Sunshine  DoneDoneDone
Nocturn  DoneDoneDone
Clan VXIX   and Ascent  DoneDoneDone
Shining Force  DoneDoneOuro the Sandworm
Goon Squad  DoneDoneC'thun
Sword of Storms  DoneDoneC'thun
Keen Formation  DoneDoneC'thun
Giant Censored Robots  DoneDoneTwin Emperors
Tusk and Talon  DoneDoneTwin Emperors
Iron Fist  DoneDoneTwin Emperors
Bee A Honey  DoneDoneTwin Emperors
Wrath  DoneDoneHuhuran
The Convicts  DoneDoneFankriss
For Great Justice  DoneDoneBattleguard Sartura
Void  DoneNefarianBattleguard Sartura
Sliver  DoneNefarianUndone
Flawless  DoneNefarianUndone
RAID  DoneNefarianUndone
Killtrocity  DoneFiremawUndone
Nothing Personal  DoneBroodlordUndone
Impact  DoneBroodlordUndone
Quarantine  DoneVaelastraszUndone
Grog Addicts  DoneRazorgoreUndone
Curse of Eskatos  DoneUndoneUndone
Harlequins  DoneUndoneUndone
zZq  DoneUndoneUndone
Bad Anatomy  DoneUndoneUndone
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