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Rare Craftables and Enchants

The following tables should make finding rare enchants or craftables quicker and easier.

Please keep the rare pattern list small as possible. Please only post if you can craft an item or give an enchant that would be considered difficult to find in trade chat. If an item listed becomes too common, it may be removed from the list.

To add yourself as a crafter of one of these items or you notice a mistake please:

A. add or update the appropriate table manually. (Please make sure you know what you are doing, do not destroy the template.)

B. post in this Maelstrom forum thread.

Trade alchemyAlchemy

Item Alliance 15Alliance Horde 15Horde
Flask of Pure Death Delphia

Trade blacksmithingBlacksmithing

Item Alliance 15Alliance Horde 15Horde
Black Felsteel Bracers Dernham, Tokran Rokni, Kataklyzm
Blessed Bracers Dernham, Odinwalder Rokni
Bracers of the Green Fortress Dernham, Azmodous Kartma, Balkar, Vessius
Dirge Dernham, Odinwalder, Azmodous Xeivros
Earthpeace Breastplate Tokran, Azmodous Joebob, Briio
Eternium Runed Blade Dernham, Azmodous Shaka
Fel Edged Battleaxe Dernham, Azmodous Rokni, Kataklyzm, Briio
Fel Hardened Maul Dernham, Azmodous -
Felfury Gauntlets Dernham Xeivros
Felsteel Longblade Dernham, Samarra Xeivros
Felsteel Reaper Dernham, Azmodous Xeivros
Hand of Eternity Dernham, Azmodous Briio
Helm of the Stalwart Defender Dernham Rokni, Kataklyzm
Oathkeeper's Helm Dernham, Odinwalder Xeivros
Runic Hammer Dernham, Odinwalder, Azmodous Valedris
Steelgrip Gauntlets - Xeivros
Storm Helm Dernham Balkar
Khorium Champion Dernham, Odinwalder, Azmodous Kataklyzm

Trade engravingEnchanting

Item Alliance 15Alliance Horde 15Horde
Enchant 2H Weapon - Savagery Menisco, Asteri, Tarismina, Squirtsy, Sergoto, Xuande, Azmodous, Selrach, Kelebek Lokim, Borto, Askhari, Zealie, Rool, Barodak, Adanichon
Enchant 2H Weapon - Major Agility Asteri, Tarismina, Squirtsy Borto, Rick, Eiaat, Loshiis, Rool, Seriallos, Samuele, Adanichon
Enchant Bracer - Fortitude Squirtsy, Xuande, Tarismina, Azmodous, kelebek Dothorio, Emiik, Erilan, Loshiis, Zealie, Rool, Seriallos, Blackshine, Berey, Blacklung
Enchant Bracer - Major Defense Menisco, Asteri, Tarismina Lokim, Gaikokujin, Askhari, Rool, Seriallos, Blackshine, Berey
Enchant Bracer - Spellpower Menisco, Asteri, Thallia, Tarismina, Bazwyn, Berok, kelebek Lokim, Dothorio, Gaikokujin, Rick, Zealie, Askhari, Rool, Seriallos, Blackshine, Onn
Enchant Boots - Boar's Speed Azmodous, Selrach Lokim, Malvagio, Akubah, Rool, Adanichon
Enchant Boots - Cat's Swiftness Menisco, Azmodous Gaikokujin, Zealie, Askhari, Eiaat, Rool
Enchant Boots - Dexterity Tarismina, Azmodous Erilan, Rool, Blackshine, Sylesa, Adanichon
Enchant Boots - Fortitude Menisco, Tarismina, Azmodous Borto, Loshiis, Zealie, Rool, Astina, Sindele, Samuele, Turella
Enchant Boots - Surefooted Azmodous, Tarismina Lokim, Borto, Berey
Enchant Boots - Vitality Menisco, Tarismina Erilan
Enchant Cloak - Greater Arcane Resistance Menisco, Tarismina, Berok, Selrach Gaikokujin, Zealie, Askhari, Rool, Blackshine, Berey
Enchant Cloak - Greater Shadow Resistance Menisco, Tarismina, Berok Lokim, Gaikokujin, Loshiis, Zealie, Askhari, Rool, Blackshine, Blacklung, Sindele
Enchant Cloak - Major Resistance Menisco
Enchant Cloak - Stealth Menisco, kelebek, Tarismina Adanichon, Samuele
Enchant Cloak - Subtlety Azmodous, Tarismina, kelebek Erilan, Lokim, Rick, Novo,
Enchant Gloves - Superior Agility Azmodous,kelebek Gaikokujin, Lokim, Borto, Novo, Berey
Enchant Gloves - Threat Menisco, Tarismina, Azmodous Erilan, Gaikokujin, Lokim, Pancrazia, Zealie, Adanichon, Samuele, Sindele
Enchant Shield - Shield Block Azmodous, kelebek Gaikokujin, Loshiis, Askhari, Rool, Blackshine
Enchant Weapon - Battlemaster Asteri, Azmodous, Selrach Emiik, Blackshine, Rool, Berey, Zealie
Enchant Weapon - Executioner
Enchant Weapon - Major Intellect Menisco, Asteri, Tarismina, Berok, Azmodous, Selrach Dothorio, Erilan, Gaikokujin, Loshiis, Zealie, Askhari, Balazanthe, Rool, Seriallos, Blackshine, Berey, Turella
Enchant Weapon - Major Spellpower Menisco, Asteri, Deathstorm, Thallia, Tarismina, Bazwyn, Squirtsy, Berok, Azmodous, Selrach, kelebek Lokim, Dothorio, Erilan, Gaikokujin, Loshiis, Zealie, Askhari, Eiaat, Rool, Seriallos, Blackshine, Berey, Barodak, Sindele
Enchant Weapon - Mongoose Deathstorm, Aylineira, Tarismina, Berok, Azmodous Erilan, Lokim, Osman, Seriallos, Golganus, Demeter, Kitria, Hapax, Loshiis, Eiaat, Dothorio, Sindele
Enchant Weapon - Potency Menisco, Tarismina, Berok, Xuande, Azmodous, Selrach Askhari, Rool, Berey
Enchant Weapon - Soulfrost Thallia Rool, Blackshine, Zealie, Phyre
Enchant Weapon - Spellsurge Menisco, Tarismina, Azmodous Borto, Askhari, Rool
Enchant Weapon - Sunfire Tarismina, Squirtsy, Azmodous Loshiis, Abnocto, Demeter, Nomelas, Dinokaze, Adanichon

Trade engineeringEngineering

Item Alliance 15Alliance Horde 15Horde
Gyro-balanced Khorium Destroyer Suzaku, Mcnaulty Donias, Laetitia,Thathia, Askhari
Stabilized Eternium Scope Kalem, Suzaku, Mcnaulty Donias, Worry, Argul, Sythas

Inv misc gem 02Jewelcrafting

Item Alliance 15Alliance Horde 15Horde
Arcane Khorium Band Elexis, Zavyrik Vexii
Blazing Eternium Band Zavyrik Otay, Wildcaller, Vexii
Chain of the Twilight Owl Zavyrik Wildcaller, Vexii
Circlet of Arcane Might Zavyrik Wildcaller
Coronet of Verdant Flame Elexis, Leigga Otay
Khorium Band of Frost Zavyrik -
Khorium Inferno Band Leigga Vexii
Living Ruby Pendant Zavyrik Vexii
Ring of Arcane Shielding Elexis, Leigga, Zavyrik Otay, Shatamall, Vexii
Bracing Earthstorm Diamond Zavyrik Rathh, Vexii
Brutal Earthstorm Diamond Elexis, Leigga Envii, Otay, Wildcaller, Rathh, Vexii
Insightful Earthstorm Diamond Leigga, Zavyrik Otay, Rathh, Vexii
Powerful Earthstorm Diamond Elexis, Leigga, Zavyrik Otay, Wildcaller, Rathh, Vexii
Relentless Earthstorm Diamond Elexis Envii, Wildcaller, Rathh, Vexii
Tenacious Earthstorm Diamond - Rathh, Vexii
Destructive Skyfire Diamond Zavyrik Rathh, Vexii
Enigmatic Skyfire Diamond Zavyrik Rathh, Vexii
Mystical Skyfire Diamond Elexis Wildcaller, Rathh, Avah, Maiea, Vexii
Swift Skyfire Diamond Zavyrik Rathh, Vexii
Thundering Skyfire Diamond Zavyrik Rathh, Vexii

Trade leatherworkingLeatherworking

Item Alliance 15Alliance Horde 15Horde
Belt of the Black Eagle Nihthraefn Pandar
Belt of Deep Shadow Nihthraefn Pandar, Svoltax, Climhazard
Cobrascale Gloves Silme, Nihthraefn Might, Blackshine
Cobrascale Hood Adarianna, Silme Drock, Rackornar
Earthen Netherscale Boots - -
Gloves of the Living Touch Silme Drock
Hood of Primal Life Faeryn, Silme Might, Pandar
Living Dragonscale Helm Nihthraefn Drock, Might, Pandar
Monsoon Belt - Pandar
Netherdrake Gloves Silme, Faeryn
Netherdrake Helm Nihthraefn, Lidzkog Drock, Might
Thick Netherscale Breastplate Silme, Nihthraefn
Windscale Hood Faeryn Drock, Might, Pandar
Windslayer Wraps Adarianna Drock, Might, Rackornar
Windstrike Gloves Midnyt, Silme -

Trade tailoringTailoring

Item Alliance 15Alliance Horde 15Horde
Arcanoweave Bracers Asteri, Rummy, Tarismina, Squirtsy, kelebek Lokim, Dothorio, Gaikokujin, Zaloris, Zealie, Bokrigg, Samuele
Arcanoweave Boots Asteri, Evandele Borto, Gaikokujin, Berey, Adanichon, Samuele
Arcanoweave Robe Asteri, Elexis, Imizael, Rummy, Tarismina Dothorio, Borto, Gaikokujin, Rick, Zaloris, Zealie, Berey, Adanichon, Samuele
Battlecast Hood Imizael, Squirtsy Dothorio, Gaikokujin, Muire, Roger, Rick, Zaloris, Samuele
Battlecast Pants Evandele, Tarismina Dothorio, Rhayn, Berey
Black Belt of Knowledge Rummy, Messaiah Roger
Bracers of Havok Evandele, Rummy, Kelebek Gaikokujin
Cloak of Arcane Evasion Asteri, Elexis, Rummy, Tarismina, Squirtsy, kelebek, Bagfizzly Lokim, Dothorio, Borto, Gaikokujin, Zaloris, Zealie, Berey, Samuele
Cloak of Eternity - Rhayn
Cloak of the Black Void Imizael, Bagfizzly Berey
Gaea's Embrace Tarismina Lokim, Rick, Berey, Samuele
Girdle of Ruination Asteri, Bazwyn Ticklepants, Nomelas
Glacial Cloak Tarismina Lokim
Manaweave Cloak Tarismina, Messaiah, kelebek Rick, Zealie
Resolute Cape Tarismina, kelebek Zealie
Spellstrike Hood Asteri, Evandele, Sethyn, Xionis, Tarismina Lokim, Grai, Votum, Berey, Adanichon
Spellstrike Pants Asteri, Evandele, Imizael, Tarismina, Xionis, kelebek Lokim, Rick, Stryn, Votum, Zealie, Barodak, Adanichon
Soulcloth Gloves Asteri, Rummy, Tarismina Lokim, Gaikokujin, Rick, Zaloris, Zealie, Bokrigg, Berey, Barodak, Adanichon
Soulcloth Shoulders - Dothorio
Soulcloth Vest Squirtsy, Tarismina, kelebek Borto, Rick, Zaloris
Unyielding Girdle Asteri, Rummy Lokim, Confessor, Worgrunner
Vengeance Wrap Sycotik, Tarismina, kelebek Dothorio, Zealie
Whitemend Hood Asteri, Squirtsy Muire
Whitemend Pants -kelebek Dothorio, Muire, Votum
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