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Izalen Ve'suldra, like most Sin'dorei, has a thin and willowy figure, making her seemingly taller although she is dainty and barely stands 5'4" in height. She speaks softly and moves gracefully with spider-like fingers and odd tilts of her head. Her bold - sightless - misty eyes are the palest shade of a silvery green, as her addiction to magical power is faint and does not burn through. She is unconditionally beautiful, and has the fairest of porcelain-like skin, which very little shows other than her hands and head. Her left ear is capped with mithril, for the fact that the tip is completely missing. Thick ivory-blonde waves with white iridescence extend just waist length, parted off-center and slightly veiling the right side of her face. Izalen is quite strange and outcastes, yet there is far more to her than meets the eye.



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