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EU-Madmortem (PvE-Server) Edit

Madmortem is a German PvE server that has been part of the original batch of servers in the European retail version.

Population Edit

Madmortem's population density is overall pretty high, but there have been very few login queues since launch. There are significantly more Alliance than Horde characters on Madmortem. The Alliance has consistently been ahead of the Horde as far as kills in high-end instances are concerned ever since the days of Molten Core. This was kept up throughout Burning Crusade raid content with the exception of Magtheridon. The Alliance guild Second Wind got all the T5, T6 and ZA bosses down first with the notable exception of Illidan where they were beaten by a day by Horde guild Spawn. They have since dissolved, after making good headway into Sunwell Plateau.


Story behind the name Madmortem, after a long time seeking the story a player named Resol, got the information from an Gamemaster that also ask several people for the name.

Chris Metzen deliverd then: Madmortem was an Corrupted Giant in Uldaman, which never made it into the Game.

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