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Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank
Donmy Alliance 15 Kargath IconSmall Human Male Ui-charactercreate-classes paladin Paladin 85 Protectors of The Light

Lord of Light

Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank

The leader of the Protectors of The Light, he can always win a fair one-on-one fight. He is mostly a Retribution Spec Paladin


Name: Donmy Goldensun Deesic

Race: Human

Class: Paladin

Rank: Knight

Age: 30

Height: 6' 4"

Weight: 200 lbs.

Faction: Alliance


Being from the realm of GoDe, Donmy defended his world from Martholze, a Pit Lord who had risen an army against the mortal races. The three generals of this demon were the Dreadlord Sucro, the Terrorguard Asuma, and the Eredar Gesh'Remar. These three had been killed in their castle by Donmy when he was on a royal mission. They were later resurrected by Martholze and given more demonic energy to lead the assault on the world.

Along with many other heroes by his side, Donmy was able to vanquish Martholze. However, he soon found out that this particular demon was just a minion of the Burning Legion. He and his comrades tracked down Sucro, the last remaining demon, opening a dimensional portal in order to bring forth another wave of demons. They engaged him in battle and just as they were about to deliver the final blow, he escaped through the portal. By instinct, Donmy leaped in after him only to find the portal shut closed behind him. He was stranded on an unknown world with red skies and barren landscape. This land, of course, was Draenor. Sucro had altered the portal's destination at the last minute to allow him to escape into the world that the Legion was currently invading. Donmy, quickly realizing he was in plain sight of an orc encampment, hid away and watched.

After living in solitude on Draenor for about a month, he noticed the orcs were on the move. He stealthily followed them until they reached The Dark Portal. Donmy, thinking this portal led back to GoDe, snuck through the occupied orcs and entered the portal. Fleeing quickly from the orcs, he eventually found out he was not in GoDe, but Azeroth. Since then, Donmy has pledged himself to the Alliance and has aided them against many a dark foe. He was also one of the knights who were chosen to be a paladin in the Second War. Taught by Granis Darkhammer, Donmy quickly became skilled with The Light. Once Darkhammer was killed in the slaughter of Arthas, Donmy was crushed and would have left the Silver Hand if not for Rion.

Donmy was given the task of teaching Rion in the ways of The Light, in order to prevent the great evil living inside him. Deciding that Darkhammer wouldn't want him to become depressed and leave the Silver Hand, Donmy welcomed his new apprentice and they became great friends over their many missions. When Rion was consumed by the evil and became Lord Chaos, Donmy blamed himself for being unable to teach Rion good enough. He vowed to stop Lord Chaos and try to save Rion.


Donmy in his Epic Armor Set

Throughout the next few months, Donmy and Lord Chaos clashed together. Donmy, commanding armies of Alliance troops, and Lord Chaos, commanding armies of Scourge troops. When Donmy's captain sacrificed himself to protect him from a deadly blast from Lord Chaos. Donmy decided that he would never win against the Death Knight and had to call off the pursuit.

Later, after entering a bar to drown his sorrows, Donmy discovered a dwarf who had just woken up and couldn't remember what he was doing, who he was, or how he got there. By investigating the dwarf's belongings, Donmy concluded that his name was Thraknor Stoneskin. They then began an adventure in discovering what had happened to Thraknor and delved deep into the depths of Blackrock Spire. Through this adventure, Donmy took Thraknor on as his new apprentice and they quickly became friends. Also, they met Haden Darkweaver, a shadow priest who was imprisoned by the Dark Iron. Upon rescue, Haden strangely agreed to aid them from then on.

After this event, Donmy and Thraknor were sent on a mission to discover what had happened to some missing paladins and messengers sent to the Scarlet Crusade. This mission resulted in Donmy meeting Amberlin Armsman, the daughter of a High Priest that Lord Chaos had killed. She held a grudge against Donmy and upon learning about Lord Chaos, swore to get revenge. Donmy managed to persuade her that it was foolish. Later on in this mission, he met a Scarlet solder named Darkkil Grein. Together, they discovered the corruption of the Crusade, and found out that Darkhammer was still alive and was organizing the corruption. Donmy, enraged by this betrayal, unleashed a fury of attacks and uncovered the truth that Darkhammer had sold his soul to The Legion. Donmy and his companions fought hard and eventually overcame the traitor. But afterward, Donmy went off alone and wasn't seen for a few days...

Over the course of the few years he has spent in Azeroth Donmy formed the guild <Protectors of The Light> and enlisted skilled adventurers to join. His top-ranked members include Thraknor Stoneskin, Amberlin Armsman, Darkkil Grein, Unicrab Grien, Mazze Netherblade, Igalgad Jozdy, and Frendan Deadstalker.

With the recent possession of Darkkil's body by Arthas, Donmy has begun defending Ashenvale from the Scourge's attack while hoping Mazze and Thraknor can save Darkkil's soul from Arthas' minions and retake Darkkil's body.


Donmy's life has been full of loss. Not only has he lost all his friends from GoDe, but also the girl of his dreams. However, in making new friends with Thraknor, Amberlin, and others he has been able to reduce the feeling of loss. Even still, he feels responsible for the turning of Rion into Lord Chaos and was devestated by his teacher's betrayal. Not to mention all the soldiers who died under his service. While most believe him to be calm and collected, this is only on his exterior. Deep inside, he is in great pain from all the hardships he's endured. The thought of his beloved Gerine awaiting him back in GoDe, however, allows him to continue on in search of Sucro, and a way home.

He has not yet ventured into Outland, but says that once he is satisfied with the safety of Azeroth, he will begin adventures on the other side of The Dark Portal. Once there, he feels he will be one step closer to finding Sucro, and from there get back to GoDe...

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