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Hellscream is a central time zone PvE server for Blizzard's MMORPG, World of Warcraft. It is a high population server that has been around since the opening of World of Warcraft with a thriving economy, a dedicated raiding base, and a strong player community. It used to have one of the best Alliance to Horde ratios of any server, but realm transfer adversely affected the Horde side, shifting the balance to Alliance by 3 to 1. It has also caused the server to become hostile towards other realm recruiters, especially those that target Horde players.

The server's name comes from the character Grom Hellscream.


The Hellscream forums are currently located here:

Server History / Timeline

The Old Ages

Hellscream was one of the original realms, available on launch day in November 2004. Some notable guilds that formed on the server in the early period were Forgotten Legacy, Keepers of the Faith, and Immortalis. In the Spring of 2005, Alliance raiding guild Brainstorm fell apart over various issues, and many members were absorbed by Forgotten Legacy and Keepers of the Faith. Also in the Spring of 2005, Return to Honor reformed under the new guild name Attrition after a falling out with their leader, Aldrek.

Throughout the fall of 2005, the Alliance guild Echoes of Elysium also began to establish itself as a major raiding guild on Hellscream to complement the likes of FL and KTF.

The most over-blown history horde side is the 'conception' and later performance of the Horde group that is often referred to by many as "The Horde Pickup", though they call themselves KuG or the Koalition of Uber Guilds. It lasted all of a couple months. KuG was named jokingly after Kug, the first known Horde player to ninja something from Azuregos. This group was formed under the banner of multiple different Horde guilds in early/mid 2005 and to the surprise of the community was their ability to achieve what only a normal functioning guild should, even managing to grab the first Horde-side kill of Razorgore the Untamed in Blackwing Lair. The original KuG later formed the guild Time Out and allowed for KuG 2.0 to assume the mantle of Horde PuG masters of Hellscream. Original members resurrected KuG, this time as a raiding guild, in 2010.[Citation Needed]

The original Guild Lead of <Sorrows End> which was a branch of players from EQ, Luclin for the most part. Has always attempted to take much more credit than due.. The same thing happened in EverQuest, he formed <Sorrow's End> and shortly was under new management.
Legacy Of Sorrow ~ ~ ~ EQ Luclin Server guild further backing the truth
He also was not even a member of the guild Legacy of Sorrow, he was in Insidious Blood. This is the same thing that happened on hellscream, with the so called Uber Koalition. Both very successful tanks Dreary and Ox started in <Sorrows End> and just as quickly left. It was always a revolving door. Dreary also played on the same EQ Sever - Also a member of <iB>

After their horde side first RG kill, the KuG had all but died out in a matter of weeks.. The few remaining members joined a guild under new leadership. Successful pick-up-group sure.. Very short lived due to over blown egos. There was no KuG 2.0 - The guild they've attempted to name successor denounce KuG.

Holding their rank at the top from the beginning, and easily passing KuG after they managed horde first Razorgore kill.. Immortalis never showed weakness, no signs of slowing down or losing their poise.

When a free server transfer to the PvP server Dalvengyr became available, Immortalis as a whole transferred from Hellscream.  Upon their departure another group of players registered a new guild using the same name.

The "new" Immortalis ate bricks after accepting an unexpected surge of new applicants from <Nightmare Walking> - Days, maybe even hours later - the guild Immortalis was no more.

<Nightmare Walking> To this very day, easily owns the most respected (out of those that still play, those that don't play anymore yet never left the guild, etc) guild on the Horde side of Hellscream. After the Immortals Ordeal they gained a very large amount of energy and confidence.

Too much, it happened again less than a year later.. After their MT/Raid leader retired after their first Nefarion kill - Which just happened to occur at the same time said player felt confident the guild would be fine without him - The very group of players he put his trust in. After lectures about morals and very specifically NOT letting it happen again, he received basically unanimous agreement and unity from these players and felt confident enough that he could (and did) leave WoW. This group of members (former Members <Jive Horde> were basically the driving force of betrayal) A scheme of manipulation and swoll heads that saw very many once respected guild members leave once well love members going the same route as most (Immortalis, KuG) They thought they had surpassed <NWs> skill set and felt the urge to move on and "forward".. They formed <Eternity>

<NW> Lost their since release rank of 3rd or higher raiding guild on the Horde side of the server and never were able to regain it -- Many Eternity members ended up returning to <NW> To this day - the same loyal, family and core group still visit and converse quite often, many of which have not played WoW in years.

Server Transfers

The opening of Staghelm transfers due to overwhelming queues in the latter portion of 2005 become a turning point in Hellscream's history as this was the server's first exodus. Some saw this transfer as an opportunity to escape reputation problems on Hellscream as well as providing the opportunity to re-align the balance of force on Staghelm. Several well-known guilds such as Attrition, Dawn, and The Foundation transferred as well.

A second character transfer later opened up on Hellscream to a new server, Khaz Modan.

On April 10th, 2006, Blizzard opened transfers from Hellscream to Dalvengyr, a new PvP server. Many took advantage of the chance to experience a PvP server with their main characters. Many guilds transferred as well, including Immortalis, Echoes of Elysium, Element Zero, and Forgotten Legacy. This transfer severely thinned the server's ranks and dropped it from the high population tier.

The Great AQ War Effort

On February 6, 2006, Hellscream completed the war effort in a three-way tie for 10th place among all servers. The gong was rung by Araex, mage of Immortalis. As with many other servers, there was a large debate among those on the server as to participation in the effort and why it mattered, which inevitably let to conflict within the community. Both Forgotten Legacy and Xiled Horde sponsored a raffle contest to aid in the war materials turn-in, which inevitably sped up collection efforts, a contribution duly appreciated by the server. A lingering effect of the War Effort opening was the conflict created by Immortalis's decision to open the gates at a time while server population was high, inevitably leading to server crashes. The resulting backlash from raiding guilds such as Keepers of the Faith, Forgotten Legacy, and Echoes of Elysium deteriorated relations between the guilds for a time.

Current Conflicts

PvP Games

As with many servers, PvP games between Alliance and Horde continue to spur controversy at least weekly between the Alliance and Horde. Common points of conflict include AB zone killing, exploitative positions in AV and AB, as well as many other issues. Often times these issues will originate from either "GM group" of either faction (GM group meaning the group with the person next in line to receive the highest rank possible in PvP).

Alliance Grand Marshals

This is a list of players that have made Grand Marshal on the Hellscream server, in order:

  1. Diesem, Gnome Rogue formerly of Noctivagus, now with Forgotten Legacy
  2. Toy, Night Elf Hunter formerly of Noctivagus, now with Dark Storm
  3. Dramatica, Night Elf Priest formerly of Noctivagus, now with Dark Storm
  4. Kenin, Night Elf Warrior formerly of Noctivagus, now with Dark Storm
  5. Mateo, Human Paladin formerly of Honor Clan
  6. Archo, Dwarf Warrior of Sovereign Guard
  7. Vixxen, Human Rogue of Armored Justice
  8. Joey, Human Priest of Keepers of the Faith
  9. Nodion, Human Warrior of Forgotten Legacy (Note: Joey and Nodion attained Grand Marshal simultaneously)
  10. Hellhawk, Human Paladin of Hell Inc.
  11. Hidunai, Night Elf Hunter formerly of Sovereign Guard, now with Treason
  12. Messa, Night Elf Hunter formerly of Sovereign Guard
  13. Zahrkon, Human Paladin of Honor Clan
  14. Jashan, Night Elf Hunter of Team Ninja
  15. Pointeblanc, Night Elf Hunter of Team Ninja
  16. Neraull, Night Elf Hunter of Hell Inc.
  17. Kestra, Night Elf Warrior of Keepers of the Faith
  18. Agamemnon, Dwarf Warrior formerly of Team Ninja, now with Ancient Hysteria
  19. Sjorn, Night Elf Priest of Dark Storm (Note: Agamemnon and Sjorn attained Grand Marshal simultaneously)
  20. Tollwynn, Night Elf Warrior of Team Ninja
  21. McGerald, Dwarf Hunter of Team Ninja
  22. Razh, Night Elf Warrior of The Awakening
  23. Cublocks, Human Paladin of Reincarnate
  24. Scrin, Gnome Warrior of Hell Inc.
  25. Rucker, Human Mage of Reincarnate
  26. Aestus, Night Elf Warrior (Unguilded) (Note: Rucker and Aestus attained Grand Marshal simultaneously)
  27. Blind Shadow, Night Elf Hunter of Hybrid Council
  28. Tommaso, Human Warlock of Silent Legion
  29. Darkpred, Dwarf Hunter of Stratum
  30. Twistedx, Gnome Mage of The Reformation
  31. Strydor, Night Elf Warrior of Reincarnate
  32. Genjo, Human Paladin of The Loons
  33. Cho, Human Priest of Keepers of the Faith.
  34. Rollex, Human Mage (Unguilded), now with Hell Inc.
  35. Gillar, Night Elf Hunter (Unguilded)
  36. Madget, Gnome Warlock of Guild of One (Note: Gillar and Madget attained Grand Marshal simultaneously)
  37. Electrician, Human Rogue of Knights of Arathor
  38. Ninjy, Night Elf Warrior of Knights of Arathor
  39. Foggye, Dwarf Warrior of Ancient Hysteria (Note: Electrician, Ninjy and Foggye attained Grand Marshal simultaneously)
  40. Omegasphinx, Human Mage of Impact

Horde High Warlords

This is a list of players that have made High Warlord on the Hellscream server, in order:

  1. Oogalak, Orc Shaman formerly of Covenant of Blood, now with Patriots of the North
  2. Voide, Undead Rogue
  3. Coupdegrace, Undead Rogue of Immortalis
  4. Verick, Undead Mage formerly of Living Legends, now with Immortalis
  5. Masi, Troll Hunter of Element Zero
  6. Killercrank, Tauren Warrior of Xiled Horde
  7. Tzuo, Undead Mage
  8. Pgizzle, Orc Hunter of Blazed Brigade
  9. Vampassassin, Undead Rogue of STOMP - moved to Dalvengyr
  10. Strip, Undead Rogue of Ubernoobs - moved to Dalvengyr
  11. Zarak, Orc Rogue of Xiled Horde
  12. Changeling, Tauren Druid of The Grendels (Note: Zarak and Changeling attained High Warlord simultaneously)
  13. Mootard, Tauren Shaman of The Kabal
  14. Shaznat, Undead Warrior of Entropy
  15. Kongol, Tauren Warrior of Nightmare Walking
  16. Urrar, Undead Warrior of Patriots of the North
  17. Heshady, Orc Warrior of Patriots of the North
  18. Jdam, Undead Mage of Patriots of the North
  19. Chugalaefoo, Undead Warlock of Patriots of the North
  20. Laiyah, Undead Priest of Patriots of the North
  21. Festeringhag, Undead Mage of Patriots of the North
  22. Manglor, Undead Rogue of Patriots of the North
  23. Blithe, Undead Priest of Doomhammer Guard
  24. Zabimaru, Undead Mage of Patriots of the North
  25. Bufflosoulja,Tauren Shaman of Patriots of the North
  26. Aenia, Undead Mage of Patriots of the North
  27. Evell, Undead Warlock of Patriots of the North
  28. Farkus, Undead Mage of Entropy
  29. Nunya, Orc Warrior of Widowmakers


This is a list of Blood Elves Horde that have obtained the title Conqueror on the Hellscream server, in order:

  1. Evelissa, Priest of Chaos Theory
  2. Ownadin, Paladin of Smells Like Victory
  3. Arctos, Hunter of Edge of Insanity

This is a list of Draenai Alliance that have obtained the title Justicar on the Hellscream server, in order:

  1. Claad, Mage of Keepers of the Faith- 01-28-2009
  2. ????
  3. ????

Guild Links

Alliance Alliance

Horde Horde

Legendary Guilds

While these guilds may not be on Hellscream any longer, they are part of Hellscream history. Many of these guilds no longer exist, having disbanded, transfered or reformed.

Alliance Alliance

  • Attrition
  • Echoes of Elysium (Transfered to Dalvengyr)
  • End
  • Forgotten Legacy (Transfered to Dalvengyr)
  • Fury of the Pie Website
  • Parliament of Rooks
  • Team Ninja
  • Warcraft Legends

Horde Horde

  • Immortalis
  • Element Zero
  • Ancestral Curse Website
  • The Pen is Mightier
  • Cold Fusion (disbanded)
  • KuG Website

Guild Progression

~~ Updated as of pre-Cataclysm ~~

Rank Guild Progress Completion Date
1 Keepers of the Faith 12/12(H) 7-21-2010
2 Play 12/12(H) 7-22-2010
3 Celerity 11/12(H) n/a
4 Spite and Malice 11/12(H) n/a
5 Smells Like Victory (Retired) 11/12(H) n/a
6 Entropy 11/12(H) n/a
7 Armored Justice 11/12(H) n/a
8 Ehrenguard 11/12(H) n/a
9 ISIS 10/12(H) n/a
10 Athena's Avatars 10/12(H) n/a

Server First Achievement Kills

Participated in the realm first defeat of the Lich King in 25-player heroic mode.
By <Keepers of the Faith>(25)
<Keepers of the Faith>
Alludar, Bam, Cathzilla, Claad, Coffins, Darkzefiris, Enialis, Fancydethfst, Fruity, Furrsparta, Iluwedar, Kilerien, Knatt, Leviathan, Nubador, Palliente, Raywr, Sadoe, Shizgnat, Skronknstein, Studliest, Thanatosia, Vikeenlol, Wresh, Zaxvriin
earned on 7-21-2010

Participated in the realm first conquest of the Trial of the Grand Crusader with 50 attempts remaining in 25-player mode.
By <Play>(25)
Andretious, Capnplanit, Crayõn, Disbeliever, Falaron, Iloveveneer, Imgonnahurtu, Kinkybutt, Kyplandor, Lafali, Lawlherpz, Lelielvi, Lifebind, Lolshaggy, Maddoxx, Nightmehr, Phriction, Raidience, Rizk, Slavka, Sorch, Str, Tozza, Tumpys, Veneer
earned on 11-5-2009

Participated in the realm first defeat of Yogg-Saron without the assistance of any Keepers in 25-player mode.
By <Play>(25)
Andretious, Crayõn, Dewo, Disbeliever, Iloveveneer, Imgonnahurtu, Kinkybutt, Kyplandor, Lafali, Lawlherpz, Lifebind, Lolshaggy, Nightmehr, Phriction, Raidience, Reiayanomi, Rizk, Rokareot, Skawalker, Slavka, Slyced, Str, Tumpys, Veneer, Vitodarkside
earned on 9-23-2009

Participated in the realm first defeat of Algalon the Observer in 25-player mode.
By <Cold Fusion>(25)
<Cold Fusion>
Brelaine, Coffins, Crossbearer, Daviecrocket, Drunkdruid, Enialis, Furrsparta, Iluwedar, Imoz, Karamell, Karnaugh, Limmdul, Lonestarr, Meithos, Morgrain, Palliente, Razamataz, Redtrieste, Rojhaz, Sciona, Stantz, Studliest, Tengumilk, Tuckles, Vikeen
earned on 8-25-2009

Participated in the realm first defeat of Malygos in 25-player mode.
By <Keepers of the Faith>(25)
<Keepers of the Faith>
Annihilous, Askani, Bam, Bojj, Claad, Darkzefiris, Dork, Elaila, Fancybrkfst, Golasus, Goldbeard, Kestra, Kilerien, Lanzinator, Luks, Memoir, Milaceti, Norren, Phinae, Sadoe, Shaltiris, Skorpinox, Thanatosia, Warren, Zaxvriin
earned on 11-19-2008

Participated in the realm first defeat of Kel'Thuzad in Naxxramas in 25-player mode.
By <Keepers of the Faith>(25)
<Keepers of the Faith>
Amonra, Annihilous, Askani, Atrius, Bam, Bojj, Claad, Dork, Elaila, Fancybrkfst, Golasus, Goldbeard, Kestra, Kilerien, Lanzinator, Memoir, Milaceti, Norren, Phinae, Popoa, Sadoe, Shaltiris, Skorpinox, Thanatosia, Zaxvriin
earned on 11-19-2008

Participated in the realm first defeat of Sartharion the Onyx Guardian in 25-player mode.
By <Keepers of the Faith>(20)
<Keepers of the Faith>
Annihilous, Atrius, Bam, Bojj, Claad, Cytherea, Dork, Fancybrkfst, Frumple, Goldbeard, Kestra, Kilerien, Memoir, Milaceti, Norren, Phinae, Popoa, Thanatosia, Warren, Zaxvriin
earned on 11-16-2008

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