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This article is a realm page for the Hellfire Europe realm (server)

This is a community maintained page and does not represent official World of Warcraft history or occurrences. Information and events here are for community documentation of server particulars, history, or opinion.


Hellfire is one of the newest realms in Europe, opening when The Burning Crusade was released. The Gates of AQ were opened by Phantas Magoria on the 7th of July (07/07/07). Most noted for completing end game content much later than other PVE realms and using General and Trade channels for idle chit chat and argument.

Warning to potential migratorsEdit

Hellfire is a dying realm, The economy is withering, trade channel is filled with petty argument and strife, and nobody does anything anymore, PvP or PvE (and when one does try to start a raid in trade, it is claimed by randomers in the channel that one is a ninja. Often. Leading of course to disillusionment amongst potential raid members). Unless you want to aid in the reparation of this misbegotten realm, please steer clear of it.

Update as of 2014: The realm is still full of these trade channel heroes who ruin the game, no one should migrate to this realm. However, as this is considered a low-pop realm, the server merges should prove to help boost the realm in all aspects. (Unmerged as of 5/2/14)  no this person is a retard and doesnt know what an actual low pop realm looks like

Hellfire has since been merged with Azjol-Nerub and is now classified as a medium population realm. but everyone is still bad except alea iacta est #swag


  • Alone in the Darkness - Jan 14, 2010 20:45 World 469 Euro 238 - Flinter Spaction
  • Observed - Oct 28, 2009 20:00 World 907 Euro 466 - Flinter Spaction

Realm Rank - Euro 138


  • Total Characters (1-80)
  • 22,535 - Alliance: 18,164 - 81% Horde: 4,371 - 19%
  • Total Characters (80)
  • 9,071 - Alliance: 7,126 - 79% Horde: 1,945 - 21%

Previous Guilds of HellfireEdit

With the server now well-established, a number of guilds have been prominent in the past.

Space Cows (alliance) formed the day Hellfire came online and was started by a group of friends who rerolled/ started fresh on a TBC server that decided quickly to quit or change servers. 

The guild was eventually handed over to a new GM rather than disband due to the number of players now in the guild. (Oddly enough 3 of the highest level players in the guild rolled for who would become the new GM; Venger the  Warrior won the roll and took on the guild and raised it's ranks to over 250 players at the guilds height.) 

Space Cows was named after the nickname for the new Race "Drenai" and was a casual guild and highly social, with it's hands in casual world PvP and mainly looked upon initially as a Levelling guild till the Officers and higher level players hit Level 70. 

Then things changed for the guild. 

Venger and the other driving forces in the Guild (Perfidia/Zelena) started progressing through the new content, zones and dungeons and formed up with a small group from other guilds who also had max level toons and started gearing up and farming Instances and Heroics as they became available.  During this time the group became a strong force and started aiming to enter Karazhan, a raid that in it's day was very diffficult.  At the time Karazhan was considered to be for Hardcore raiding guilds only and not something casual raids would be able to take down bosses.  The weekly group forays into Karazhan eventually started to yield kills for this casual group and gear soon followed.

Encouraged by this and the high number of Level 70's now filling Space Cows the guild started to form a raiding core, still semi casual and certainly compared to the powerhouse guilds on Hellfire such as Dissidence who took most of the server firsts initially.  You could see every week Space Cows were starting to farm bosses in Karazhan and the guilds rep and name started to become widely known.  As the guild roster rose and raiding was becoming attractive to casual players in it; eventually Space Cows were running up to 3 raids into Karazhan per week and the guild members started to farm their way towards 25 man content and SSC started to call.  Done not far behind the Hardcore guilds and quite an anomoly.

Space Cows were also known for creating a bit of chaos with regards PvP, mainly world PvP and even raiding Horde major cities and the usual hotspots such as Tarren Mill and Crossroads which wasn't something often seen on Hellfire.  These raids became part and parcel of the guild and with a larger proportion of Level 70's compared to other guilds (Horde and Alliance) when they came to town it was usually a riot of fun and even raiding Undercity became doable due to the number and firepower the guild had at Venger's disposal.  Done well the raids were a great success and popular events and this helped make a name for the guild on the Horde side; so much so there was some cross faction banter and rivallry but all in good spirits (ANE's GM for a time even had an alt in Space Cows and the respective GM's got on very well much to the annoyance of quite a lot of people who wanted there to be bad blood between the guilds.)  Some Youtube footage exists still of the Space Cow raids (Curtosy of Slipinshade one of SC's Rogues).  The PvP targets such as Hellfire and Halaa became huge running battles on this server as Space Cows and ANE clashed often at these choke points and calls across the server on both sides would ring out each time a major clash had started and people would zone in at speed to get into the mix.  Many older players from Vanilla pointing out it had the feel of the old clashes at Tarren Mill and Southshore.

Space Cows even had the cheek to take a server first here and there, most notably when a new patch and raid came out they were able to organise some of the first runs into ZA and took down one of the first bosses before the hardcore raiding guilds were even out of bed.

Due to the large number of Level 70's in the guild, Space Cows could turn their hand to most things they wanted to do and often did things thought impossible; which was one of the fun aspects of being in the guild.  You got the chance to do things often believed to be out of the realm of "Casuals".

The guild contained some of the most skilled players on the Server and many respected or notorious players.  Venger being one of them, as he quickly went on to have a Level 70 for each class on alliance side so could raid in any position for a raid and learn each class to support his guild and it's members.   Venger was known for being the first Level 70 Warrior on Alliance and possibly Horde side; and at the time was one of the rare and often looked down upon Arms Warrior (Most people using Prot or Fury as Arms was considered weak and broken at that point in the game).  He Off Tanked through Karazhan as and when required and backed up his Main Tanks (Scrambled initially in the first part of the Karazhan raids and eventually Bernado who became MT for Space Cows for a long time.)  

Space Cows existed until late Tier 6 content when the guild split to become Tre Lowen.

Dissidence (alliance), formed from quite a few members of the ex-guild Affinity, was the major PVE force on the server from 16.02.07 - 09.09.09, achieving all server and most battlegroup firsts from all content Tier 5 - 8 (highlights included being the only guild on the battlegroup to kill M'uru pre-nerf).Another guild,Edge of Ruin,(aliance)once peaked at over 350 guild members,but steadily went downhill mid 3.3.3. Stercus Accidit (horde) progressed very late in Burning Crusade, and achieved a number of horde server firsts in Wrath of the Lich King before most of the guild changed realms to Chamber of Aspects. A number of other ex end-game guilds include: Perseverance (Alliance, disbanded early T6), Hostile (Horde, disbanded late T6), Semper Fi (Horde, disbanded late T6) and Orbis Tetrius (Horde, disbanded early T9). Also Spearmint Kodo.

Current Guilds of HellfireEdit


On the Alliance side the more noteworthy guilds are Dissension, Valorous, Noobs, Chaos Unleashed, Tre Lowen and Sylvan Shadows. The Horde side's more prominent guilds are A Necessary Evil and Enigma. The Horde side's more prominent guilds are A Necessary Evil and <We Are Farmers>.

The Hellfire PVE Progress Thread can be found here for more information.


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