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Mykael Mourningsun was born one of two high elven sons, the brother and twin, Mallios. His age is unknown, some think him an immortal, though lack of evidence has been supported. Being that he has always been reclusive and remained in the shadows. Some believe him to have been born sometime before the Sundering, making him almost as old as Dath'remar Sunstrider, if the rumour is true. One thing is for certain, he spent most of his life as a mage, being one of the many loyal to Kael'thas (Though it can be inferred that if he is as old as rumours say, it is more a respect for the bloodline from Dath'remar.) Mykael has had many students, humans and elven alike, which is where the rumours originate. Mykael's attitude in public, as far as others have seen, is very studious, stern, precise and calculating. Whether he is empathic or apathetic remains to be seen. He never has taken the lead, usually lending a hand; which again can be debated as being naturally helpful or helping for self gains. He has made sure to put an end to Kael'thas, slaying many of his servants and defeating him at Tempest Keep and later putting an end to his life at Magister's Terrace and cleansing the Sunwell. His transcendence from arcane to shadow was due to a loss. While he was with Kael in Dalaran, Quel'Thalas suffered a blow from the Scourge. Upon his return, he was enraged and saddened at the loss of his brother, Mallios, who attempted to stop Arthas from reaching the Sunwell. His brother fell, but his body never found, not even among the undead. Mykael's addiction for magic, like many of the other high elves, spurred him into consuming fel energies and delving into dark arts for more power. The reasons behind this sudden need for more power is unknown. His underlings suspect it was to avenge his brother, but to this day, after finding out so much, he continues to achieve greater power. He discovered his brother among the Death Knights of Acherus, the Lich King finding Mallios worthy enough to serve him as a high caste of undead. Mykael, as stated before, brough justice to Kael's misdeeds and sent Kil'jaeden back into the abyssal Twisting Nether. So for the power Mykael is attaining, it remains a mystery behind his goal. And though he has gone into demonic magic, only a few of his students followed. The others remained in arcane arts, although some are High Elven and the others Blood Elven (Who consume fel magic). His exploits in Outland encouraged him to take on engineering, after facing a Fel Reaver in Hellfire Peninsula. He decided to fight [Fel]fire with [Fel]fire. He also freed and befriended a Nether Dragon, Skorukh, from the reformed Dragonmaw Orcs. So far, this is Mykael's closest ally. If not his only one. And through the dragon's teachings, Mykael has learned to harness the chaotic, raw, cosmic energies rather than just his arcane and demonic abilities. Currently, Mykael is once more in Dalaran, although this time floating above Crystalsong Forest of Northrend. He and Skorukh are trying to unravel the mysteries of the Titans, ironically he is able to reconstruct Titan creations due to engineering.

Combat Tactics

Mykael is usually flying on the back of Skorukh, which he unleashes his spells along with the drake's nether breath. If on the ground, he fights with spells alongside the dragon who will usually be in his blood elven form, Skor, fighting with spells of his own. Rarely does Mykael give into demonic magics, but if so, he becomes almost a demon himself, having a unique look for a felblood elf. The strange features more prominent: larger, raven-like wings capable of flight; larger horns than a felblood, more similar to Illidan's but not as large as the Betrayer's, more rugged and has smaller spikes jutting from the sides; even his eredun glyph "tattoos" glow fiercely and seem to "dance" along his skin. Strangely, Mykael seems immune to becoming a Wretched, even before the cleansing of the Sunwell. It would seem as if he may be as old as the stories say, his latent power sustains him, his addiction is not as intense as the rest of the sin'dorei.


Mykael is practically interested in everything, his knowledge only surpassed by Brann.


Mykael is an avid engineer, though not bothering to tinker and discover new schematics, but rather the opposite: Researching and recreating those of fellow engineers; be it goblin, gnomish, demon, titan, and so on.

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