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The characters of Ren and Stimpy were created on August 08, 2005 by two World of Warcraft playing roommates when server:Greymane went live. During the first several months of the realm's existence Ren and Stimpy became two very notable characters due to a few things. Both characters leveled together, at all times, from level one right through to sixty. If Stimpy was level 23 then Ren was level 23. They did everything together. The names were chosen to compliment the fact that these two characters were a very close duo.

Plenty of people were very surprised to see both Ren and Stimpy still identical levels, questing together at level 40 when the last time they seen them was at level 14. In addition, often both characters would play "in-character" much like their name-reference cartoon counterparts. This concept of naming characters based on well-known partner names and always playing online together caught on and several people have since attempted to do the same.

Both characters are identical male undead priests. The fact that they were both priests and able to communicate directly due to playing side by side made them very desirable in instances. During early levels both characters followed the Shadow tree but Stimpy ventured into healing specs in his 60s while Ren stuck with Shadow exclusively. They played unguilded until level 24 and on August 18, 2005 they joined the guild Imports (a small guild made up of characters loosely named after imported liquor). As the characters progressed and the guild grew the name was changed to Dark Spirits when Ren and Stimpy hit level 40 together on Sept 10, 2005. Both characters hit 60 together (Nov 26) while in the guild and by that time Ren had been promoted to the guild leader.

Soon after the majority of Dark Spirits left their characters dormant or moved on to other realms. Ren and Stimpy were a few of the only characters in the guild to reach 60. The guild eventually disbanded in search of more end-game content and they joined Metal Militia on December 15, 2005. Both Ren and Stimpy experienced their first taste of level 60 content with this guild including Molten Core and Zul Gurub.

While in Metal Miltia the duo's noteriety increased on the Alliance side as they would routinely defend the Horde zeppelins from such Alliance guilds as Aurum. They would double-handedly defend the zeppelins from many Alliance using teamwork, mind control and help from fellow guild mates such as Braun, Jugglerjag, Greytop, Mortimus, Esmeralda, and Skeletal.

The dismantling of Metal Miltia took place in early March of 2006 and both Ren and Stimpy had a brief stint in Sacrosect before going primarily unguilded. Ren had taken several breaks from the realm and game altogether and Stimpy continued playing frequently. Eventually Ren formed the guild Dishonorable Kill and both him and Stimpy are the sole members to this day. As for individual traits, Stimpy was known for having the much sought after +22 to intellect on a weapon enchantment and having a second level 60 (tauren shaman named Grenadier) while Ren was known for always wearing nothing but a pair of overalls and a funny hat while communicating completely with emotes.


Ren and Stimpy's real-life alter egos have gone their separate ways and no longer share a place together. Both characters spent the majority of 2006 dormant while other realms were traveled or "real life" was pursued. Recently (Nov/Dec 06) Stimpy had returned to Greymane to focus on PVP with the new honor changes until mid-January where a cross-country move has left him temporarily computer-less. Ren had also made a cross-country move that left him computer-less for most of the late fall and early winter. Due to a few complications his PC arrived much later then anticipated but with a bit of luck the computer arrived the day after The Burning Crusade hit the shelves. Ren is currently a member of Forty Two (a reformation of the no-longer-existing guild HRG) and working his way to level 70... Eagerly awaiting the return of his face-melting counterpart, Stimpy.


"<insert a sentence here>, you Eeediot!!!" - Ren

"Steeempy, you feealthy swine, I weeell keel you!" - Ren

"OH EM GEE, eets Ren and Steeempy" - announcement when Ren & Stimpy join Teamspeak.

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