This article is a guild progression information page for the Ghostlands US realm (server).

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft history or occurrences which are accurate for all realms. This page includes a list of guilds that have accomplished a particular task (usually by defeating a major boss). The list should not be taken to be 100% accurate, as it only contains data that has been submitted/added by users of the community. Thus, if you have information you can add, and contribute to the list, it will become more complete.

This is a friendly gauge of progression through the game by the major guilds on Ghostlands. It serves two purposes:

  1. Answering questions on progression of guilds on Ghostlands
  2. Encouraging camaraderie by matching up your guild's progression against similar guilds

An interesting site that uses armory to "rank" guilds by tabulating boss kills is here:

It is not entirely accurate, as someone with gear from one boss may change guilds, guilds may disband and reform, etc. Nonetheless, it is an interesting site worth glancing at.

Wrath of the Lich King Edit

Just as a note, data for this section being pulled from the Blizzard Ghostlands Realm Forum: Progression Thread, any changes past the edit date to that post may or may not be current.

Heroic Raid Content (25-Man) Edit


The Burning Crusade Edit

25-Man Raid ContentEdit


Guild Gruul's Lair Magtheridon Serpentshrine Tempest Keep Mount Hyjal Black Temple
Alliance 15 Epics FTW Gruul Magtheridon (HBKML) Fathom-Lord1 (VAS) Al'ar1
Alliance 15 Vision Gruul Magtheridon (HBKML) Leotheras (VAS) Al'ar
Alliance 15 Prodigy Gruul1 Magtheridon (HBKML) Leotheras (VAS) Al'ar Anetheron
Alliance 15 Conquest Gruul (HBM) Morogrim (VAS) Solarian
Alliance 15 Shadows Edge Gruul Magtheridon (HBKML) Fathom-Lord (VAS) Solarian Anetheron High Warlord Naj'entus
Alliance 15 Double Fisted AKA Indecisive Gruul Magtheridon (HBKML) Leotheras (VAS) Al'ar Azgalor Mother Shahraz
Alliance 15 Oppression Gruul
Alliance 15 Lithium Maulgar
Horde 15 Cult of Cthulhu Gruul Magtheridon1 (HBM) Morogrim (V) Void Reaver
Horde 15 Enforcers of Chaos Gruul Magtheridon (HBKMLV) Vashj1 (VA)Al'ar
Horde 15 Jane n Finch Gruul Magtheridon (B) Lurker (VS) Solarian1
Horde 15 Shinigami Gruul (HB) Lurker (V) Void Reaver
Horde 15 Onyx Gruul Magtheridon (HBKM) Morogrim (VS) Solarian

1 Indicates the first time this instance was cleared to this boss for that faction.

10-man Progression/World BossesEdit


Guild Karazhan Zul'Aman World Bosses
Horde 15Conviction Nightbane Hex Lord Malacrass1
Horde 15Enforcers of Chaos Nightbane (NAJHM)Zul'jin
Horde 15Cult of Cthullu Nightbane (NAJHM)Zul'jin1
Horde 15Jane n Finch Nightbane (NAJH) Halazzi
Horde 15Onyx Nightbane (NAJHM) Zul'Jin
Horde 15Lichbane Clan Nightbane (NAJ) Jan'Alai
Horde 15Shinigami Nightbane (NAH) Halazzi
Horde 15Fist of Gamon Nightbane (NA) Akil'zon
Horde 15Conviction Nightbane
Horde 15Deinen Mutter Nightbane
Horde 15Dreadguard Nightbane
Horde 15Retrospect Nightbane
Horde 15Unrelenting Chaos Prince Malchezaar
Horde 15Legion of DoomHammer (AMV) Maiden of Virtue
Horde 15Infernal Legion Nightbane (NAJHM)Zul'jin1
Alliance 15Shadows Edge Nightbane Hex Lord Malacrass Doom Lord Kazzak1 - Doomwalker1
Alliance 15Epics FTW Nightbane Hex Lord Malacrass
Alliance 15Conquest Nightbane Hex Lord Malacrass1
Alliance 15Indecisive (DFisted) Nightbane Zul'jin
Alliance 15Shattered Oath Nightbane Hex Lord Malacrass
Alliance 15Prodigy Nightbane1 (NAJHMZ) Zul'jin Doom Lord Kazzak Doomwalker
Alliance 15Lithium Nightbane
Alliance 15Vindication Nightbane
Alliance 15Vision Nightbane
Alliance 15Not Invented Here The Curator

1 Indicates the first time this instance was cleared (or world boss was killed) for that faction.

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