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Server Information
Garithos was started as a relief server for the higher population servers Blackrock, Illidan, and Warsong in January of 2006. At server creation free character transfers were opened from the three high population servers to Garithos. These transfers amounted for most of the original endgame guilds that started out on Garithos including Overkill, Peon This (Epitome), Lords of Death, Saga, Xen of Onslaught, and Bloodline. Garithos is a Low/Medium population server located in the Central Timezone (CST) and is always looking for more players.

Community Links

Wrath of the Lich King
(Cleared Naxx 25 guilds and up)

Alliance 15 AllianceNaxx 10OS 10+1+2+3Malygos 10 Naxx 25OS 25+1+2+3Malygos 25
Meridian  DoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDone DoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDone
Spawn  DoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDone DoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDone
Illidans Fury  DoneDoneDoneDoneUndoneDone DoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDone
Legacy  DoneDoneDoneUndoneUndoneDone DoneDoneDoneDoneUndoneDone
Warcry  DoneDoneDoneUndoneUndoneDone DoneDoneDoneUndoneUndoneDone
N O T O R I O U S  DoneDoneUndoneUndoneUndoneDone DoneDoneDoneUndoneUndoneDone
Scions of Vindication  DoneDoneDoneUndoneUndoneDone DoneDoneDoneUndoneUndoneUndone
Zealous  DoneDoneUndoneUndoneUndoneDone DoneDoneUndoneUndoneUndoneUndone
Mütiny  DoneDoneDoneUndoneUndoneUndone DoneDoneUndoneUndoneUndoneUndone
Sad Panda  DoneDoneDoneUndoneUndoneDone DoneUndoneUndoneUndoneUndoneUndone

Horde 15 HordeNaxx 10OS 10+1+2+3Malygos 10 Naxx 25OS 25+1+2+3Malygos 25
Curse of Eminence  DoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDone DoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDone
Juventus  DoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDone DoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDone
Immortal Lords  DoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDone DoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDone
Undying Brethren  DoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDone DoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDone
Neurotic  DoneDoneDoneDoneUndoneDone DoneDoneDoneDoneUndoneDone
The Forsàken  DoneDoneDoneUndoneUndoneDone DoneDoneDoneUndoneUndoneDone
Nunc Est Bibendum  DoneDoneUndoneUndoneUndoneDone DoneDoneDoneUndoneUndoneUndone
Knights of Illusion  DoneDoneUndoneUndoneUndoneDone DoneDoneDoneUndoneUndoneUndone

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