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EU-Frostwolf Edit

EU-Frostwolf, named after the Frostwolf Clan is a german PvP-Realms. It is one of the 3 german servers having a population being rated as Full.

Guilds Edit

Frostwolf is home to the most successful guild on a german Server, Affenjungs INC. Four others have cleared Sunwell Plateau.

Horde 15 Horde guildsEdit

  • Affenjungs INC
  • Guardians of Light
  • Nightfall
  • VII
  • Unique

Alliance 15Alliance guilds Edit

  • Jade Falcons
  • Addicted
  • Lordaerons Revenge
  • audacia promptae
  • SchattenSchwert
  • Naginata

Trivia Edit

A running joke in the German Forums is to simply post "Frostwolf!" in any topic. The origin of it being the players of this server complaining about their situation.

With the Server transfers from PvE to PvP serveral "Frostwolf!" topics were created.

Behaviour of a Frostwolf-Player (German required).

Btw: "Das Boot ist voll!"

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