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Zharia Darkravyn

Race: Human

Class: Warrior

Professions: Mining and Swordsmithing

Current Home: None. Zharia does not remain in one place too long.

Brief Physical Description: Time had passed since Northshire Abbey, and it has taken its toll on Zharia's physical appearance. Her hair is a dark crimson, resembling the colour of blood. She has a small scar on her left cheek, as well as plenty of other markings from war hidden under her armour. Her left arm, up to her elbow, is covered in tattoos and runes, though her gauntlets hide them well. Her eyes are still a vibrant sky-blue, but they too change colour depending on her mood at the time.

Brief Personality Description: She has grown more aggressive than ever nowadays, seeing war and battle as the only things to live for now. Extremely cynical about what people has to say, she usually ignores most conversations unless they pertain to warrior training, demons, or Lordaeron. Her aggressive tendencies often lead her to quarrel with those she should be friendly with. She also has a deep dislike of authority figures unless she feels they deserve their position; those, such as nobles born into their position, get nothing from this mercenary unless the price is right.

Goals and motivators? : The only thing that has not greatly changed is her goal to remove all undead from Lordaeron. She has achieved mastery in all forms of weapons combat, and now seeks new adventures and tasks in the world. Her motivation to fight has been dwindling in recent weeks; due to the battles becoming more "tedious". Like all mercs, gold happens to be a good motivator. So is not being paid and the employer becoming a target. Her motivation for increasing her strength was the death of her sister, which she still blames herself for. She strives to “never be weak again.”

Passionate about the war? As was described earlier, she now sees war as the only thing left to her. Though she views the Horde as “an enemy which isn’t” it is the Forsaken and Scourge that receive all her wartime passion, and definitely not in a good way. Any attempts to convert her to seeing the Forsaken as mutual allies will fall upon deaf ears. She seems them as a monstrosity, and will not hesitate to destroy them when she can.

Quotes: “For Lordaeron!” (Shouted before any major battle) “Time is a luxury the front line never has. Remember this.” (Spoken during an argument about the frontline.) “Remember this.” (Used when stating a point. Often accompanied by drawn weapons) “Perhaps I should ‘know my place’?” (Used whenever someone shows great dislike of Zharia’s attitude. Saying this will only make it worse)

History Zharia was born in the capital city of Lordaeron to a crippled Paladin father and a fallen Succubus mother. She had one younger sister Zhelia, whom she loved very much. Zharia was known to be a very aggressive and tomboyish child, but never did anything against the laws of the land, or to hurt anyone unless they wanted to intentionally harm her or her sister. She showed great prowess in the martial disciplines, and proved her skill in many competitions, though always coming a bit short to ever reaching a notable prize.

Life in Lordaeron was not an easy one. The mother, Zharanzhela, was known to be a capable mage and a master weaver, yet it was known that she was a fallen succubus. Her paladin father, Tyris , held a small teaching post, lecturing to younger squires of history, and even writing a few poems. Both parents wanted to provide the best for their children, yet society often tried to prevent that, and even bring harm. Tyris was a senior paladin, and it was only this that protected the family from inquisitors. Yet for the young Zharia, there would be no peace. Due to her aggressiveness, many thought she was the more demonic of the two sisters, and refused her what they happily gave to Zhelia. Often times, they simply slammed whatever door they could, and quickly, as well as many paladins and priests saying to Zharia that “it is a sin that you exist.” She never forgave anyone who said this, and grew spiteful as time passed.

The Scourge came, and as Arthas killed his father, so too did his armies swarm into the city, annihilating all life they could find. Tyris, knowing that they all could not escape the Capitol in time, gave Zharia his silver sword and told her to flee and protect Zhelia. With tears, she said goodbye to her parents, and quickly fled, sister in hand. However, as they fled the city, they were chased by the monstrous Crypt Fiends. They were relentless in their pursuit, and caught up with the fleeing girls. Zharia and Zhelia, using might and magic, tried to defeat the Crypt Fiends. This act of desperation would see the younger Zhelia killed, and also triggering Zharia’s demonic fury. She killed all of the Crypt Fiends, but the silver sword was shattered, and her sister dead. Zharia had failed. This still haunts Zharia to this day, and acts as another motivator for her to increase her strength and skills in combat.

Zharia fled south, and continued running for days with only her shattered sword and tattered clothes as her belongings. She continued to run until she reached Ironforged, where she collapsed at the front gates. The dwarves took her in, but where wary of her, since news of Lordaeron’s fall and the rampaging Scourge had recently came in. They kept a stern watch over the mysterious human girl who had come to their great city, keeping her in a confined area as she slept for seven straight days. The healers had determined that she was infected, and mended her wounds. Zharia told the dwarves all she could, but quickly went into a depression. One of the dwarves suggested going to the newly rebuilt city of Stormwind, giving some light of hope for her future. Zharia thanked the dwarves, and walked through the still incomplete Deeprun Tram, doing odd jobs here and there for a couple of silver coins, and the first taste at being a sell sword.

The young woman came to Stormwind, hoping to find some refugees from Lordaeron, but the search was in vain. Many were either killed, fled to Kalimdor with Jaina Proudmoore, or would still not associate themselves with the half-demon. Despair flooded into Zharia, and trying to make a small living was also difficult, with everyone being overly cautious of the girl from the Scourge infested Lordaeron. Some had even thought her a spy, and she was once arrested for such a charge. But she took all in stride, and eventually joined the Stormwind reserves to learn more about combat and war.

At this time, Zharia was just seventeen years of age, and it had become painfully obvious that her age and gender would make it very difficult for her to even enter the barracks. She and the recruiter argued for what seemed like a good hour when one of the teaching sergeants saw her fire, and had Zharia instantly recruited. She quickly became an icon of ridicule and disgust, but this time for being a woman in a man’s world instead of a demon’s child. Once again, she took this all in stride.

Time passed, and Zharia showed great promise as a soldier, often taking positions in the front line during training where others would not. She studied extensively, trained harder than most, and eventually came close to being top of her class. However, before the training was done, there was one unplanned trial that would once again trigger another demonic outburst. A few days before the end of training, Zharia was bound and gagged by many of the other cadets. They told her to “know her place”, humiliating her, stealing her belongings and preparing to take full advantage of their captive, threatening Zharia in all ways and forms. It was not until one of them took her silver pendant, a shard of her father’s silver sword that she snapped. Breaking free of her bonds, she ravaged all of the cadets that took part in her subduing, crippling and dismembering them, but she never killed them. Zharia had damaged them enough to put the fear of the nether in their hearts, and enough so that they would nothing but fear.

The following morning, the sergeant that had allowed Zharia to join the barracks, that instructed Zharia personally, who had seen so much promise in her, was the one who had her discharged. He could do nothing to overlook the fact that though the damaged cadets deserved their fate, the fact was that Stormwind needed soldiers, and Zharia had permanently ruined many of their military careers. He could not risk Zharia going berserk in a real battle, and had to let her go. She left the barracks and became a mercenary, starting her career in Northshire Abbey.

Now a more proud warrior than ever, Zharia feels little fear from her enemies. She fights for causes that she deems worthy, and is loyal to any faction that she is in, until the day that the tabard is retired. She has now sworn loyalty to the Order of the White Tower, and will fight with them with all her might.

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