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Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank
Xenelia Draelanis Alliance 15 Feathermoon IconSmall Night Elf Female Ui-charactercreate-classes rogue Rogue 60 Guild:Shardracona (Feathermoon US) Private
Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank


Xenelia "Moonshadow" Draelanis is a happy-go-lucky adventurer, stirrer of trouble, shaker and mover of things gone stale and generally good fun to be around. She believes that life should be lived on one's own terms, and she grabs it by the collar every chance she gets. Being a rogue, a thief and a "liberator of shiny things" was just a natural choice for her.

She also has an eye for pretty girls, and a wandering hand to match. Xennie does not find anything wrong with looking at girls of all races, quite the contrary - she has a very affectionate on "exotic" girls (with the exception of the forsaken which she detests deeply). She was involved for a long time with Constanz Clearwater Denselde but prolonged separations put a strain on them both. They have remained friends since then.


With dark pink skin and light green hair, this average height night elf stands out in a crowd as she usually dresses with revealing black leathers and a master's hat she loves very much. Her outgoing and extroverted nature is reflected in this choice, and her battle leathers usually favor light pieces that show a lot of skin as well.

Fighting Style

Twin daggers in hand, Xenelia usually favors falling out of sight of her opponents to better stab them in the back - in the soft vulnerable spots her training has shown her to recognize. Her friend Wolfstrike has been a valuable guide in this regards, showing her the deadly beauty of blade dancing. She fell in love with this mortal technique and has since all but abandonned the twin maces she had affectionned for so long.

As Seen by Others...

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Constanz Clearwater Denselde

Once Xenelia's lover and now a beloved friend, Constanz keeps her ears open for news of Xenelia as often as she can spare the time. She cares deeply for the night elf and hopes that one day she can find whatever it is that she is looking for in the dark corners of the world.

Persis Anarane'Annare Denselde

Persis still remembers the Day in Feralas, when she met Xenelia. Xenelia was friendly, courteous and very helpful and she made a huge impression upon the young up and coming Shield Maiden. They fought together many times in many lands, often with Constanz, whom Persis met soon afterwards. Xenelia soon invited Persis to visit the halls of Shardracona, leading her to her destiny, a place she could truly call home, with her friends, family and Siji.


Early Years

Born some 175 years ago, Xenelia is the daughter of parents with an average standing in night elf society. They had great expectations of her becoming a priestess and climbing up the social ladder, though she quickly found herself unable to live up to those lofty ideals of theirs. By the time she was a teenager, fights with her parents had escalated to an all-time high all the way to their final screaming match. Her father ordered her to just follow along, sealing his argument with a resolute "Young lady, you'll do as you're told." Having heard this line one time too many, she ran out of the house saying she'd never come back again. "What will you do to eat? Steal?!?" he yelled at her as she ran. She decided at that moment to abandon her surname "Draelanis".

Hunger brought her to realize she did need to steal to eat, and a near catastrophic failure to swipe a coin purse in the Astranaar market turned to a fortuitous meeting with an experienced thief, Moonshadow. He taught her that day the first and most important lesson of all: Always have a distraction. She became his pupil, learning the ins and outs of thievery, spying, gambling and staying one step ahead of the law. She was especially proud of her lockpicking skills, and she believes to this day that "keys are for law-abiding weinies."

Her days of apprenticeship ended brutally and tragically one day as a greedy politician decided to make himself look more important by culling the criminal element once and for all. He started executing thieves arrested by the local guards instead of just making a show of putting them in jail overnight. "The Performance", as it was jokingly called by the thief group, had claimed Moonshadow as its first victim. Driven to a furious rage by the loss of her mentor, she snuck into the magistrate's home and killed him that very night.

She ran away from Astranaar and did not return there until many decades later, becoming the new Moonshadow in memory of her deceased friend.

Shadow Coven Sisters

A chance meeting with an elf priestess known as Wysper brought Xenelia to join her first guild, the Shadow Coven Sisters (now known as the Shadow Coven Syndicate) where she found a new home along with Constanz who joined her there. Although this was comfortable for a while, internal strife appeared, mostly in the form of intense distrust of "outsiders" and allies of the coven who were not part of it directly, as well as direct personal attacks on Wysper which she found totally unacceptable.

She has left the coven since.

The Argent Dawn

Xenelia is a proud member of the Argent Dawn, a distinction she has earned for freeing the soul of an old friend. An old friend from her old days stealing purses from merchants in Astranaar, Livonya had been killed and resurrected as an undead puppet of the dread lord Kaz'Draxil. As Livonya the Vile, she commited several gruesome murders that got the Dawn's attention, though she was found and killed by Xenelia acting in self-defense, Livonya trying to make her another living dead puppet as well. She bears the Argent Dawn's emblem on her at all times, believing firmly it is her link to Livonya's spirit, a belief that gives her much strength in battle.


While looking for a group to hunt down the evil lich Araj in Andorhal, Wysper suggested that a friend of hers, Siji Anna'Erusen Denselde, needed an extra ally to perform this gruesome task. She gladly stepped to the challenge, immediately liking this young shield maiden. Siji invited her for another hunt later in Silithus, where she met Xanthalia Ishaiya and Celesse, all of them members of Shardracona. She was invited to stay with them and gladly accepted the offer. She has been deeply impressed by Drinlana Isil'Litla Denselde with whom she became very close, and though she has been less active as of late, her heart remains with those of the Silver Dragon.

Recent History

During travels in Ashenvale, Xenelia encountered an elf couple under attack by a small band of orc raiders - she and Constanz came to their help, and was astonished to find out it wa sin fact her own parents fleeing their home's destruction by an orc raid. They had been hearing stories of her achievements over the years, and were proud that she had accomplished it all by herself, her own way. Having long forgiven each other, Xenelia took again her family's name Draelanis.

Secretive in her recent endeavors, rumors have been going around that she has organized a high stakes gambling establishment in the old town section of Stormwind that has been gaining in popularity with the bored nobility, though nobody would admit to actually going there - let alone that such a place of perdition exists. Regardless, many drunken nobles seem to stagger out of old town every day a few scant hours before sunrise.

Other more mysterious events surround her extended absences, most of which seem to surround her Argent Dawn activities. She has seemed unusually tired even though her good mood has been unaffected, and her left arm has lost a strange amount of strength and coordination...

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