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Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank
Xanthalia Ishaiya Alliance 15 Feathermoon IconSmall Night Elf Female Ui-charactercreate-classes priest Priest 70 Shardracona Silver Guardian
Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank
Xanthalia full

A portrait of Xanthalia in her tailor-altered Prophecy Robes beautifully painted by Drinlana Isil'Litla Denselde. This illustration drawn by Drinlana was selected by Blizzard as one of its 5 top pieces featured at the 2007 Blizzcon.

Xanthalia Ishaiya

Title: Silver Guardian and High Priestess of Shardracona

Race: Night Elf

Gender: Female

Class: Priest

Guild: Shardracona

Rank: Private

Nicknames: Xan, Sweet Priestess a nickname by Drinlana Isil'Litla Denselde

Religious Affiliation: Worshipper of Elune

Server: Server:Feathermoon

Appearance and Traits

A fine robe outlines the curves of a form fuller and softer than her night elven sisters. Far from taught and tight, yet quite shy of plump, Xanthalia rests somewhere in the middle.

Her face is outlined by snow-white thick hair that flows down her back to just behind her knees, and is styled only by the temperament of the wind. Where exposed she bares blemishless silver skin. Her gentle face is adorned with intricate blue markings and her lips always painted a deep red.

Xanthalia is often seen quietly observing those around her, her hands tucked away in the sleeves of her robes and folded neatly together one arm atop the other in front of her body.

She takes meticulous care of the clothes she has been granted seeing them as gifts to be treasured from Elune. She can often be seen in the masquerade gown granted to her by high priestess Ishanah for her dedication and service to the Shrine of Unending Light.

Xanthalia is often seen in the company of a powerful yet gentle Savagekin. The manner in which she glances at him, speaks to him and stands by his side reveal her bond to him. At times, when away from battle they are seen carrying two young boys with them, one a child with blue eyes and silver hair and the other a playful saber cub.

As Seen By Others

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Drinlana Isil'Litla Denselde

No one on Azeroth knows Drinlana as deeply as Xanthalia. There is something about the sweet priestess that represents perfection and profound peace in Drinlana's eyes, heart and mind. She finds her to be the most devout priestess she has ever known, dedicating her life and heart and prayers to the preservation of her friends and family. She is a woman of duty and service, gentility and humility who lives with honor and kindness. She is a living manifestation of Elunes's grace and strength and nobility. Drinlana loves this sweet priestess and would readily lay down her life for her.

Cleodora Silvestri

If Cleo had to define faith and devotion in only a few words, she would have no trouble doing so in a single word: Xanthalia. Her endless love and compassion have been a beacon of light over the time she has known her, having pulled her back from the brink of death countless times, kept her alive and kicking through the most hopeless looking fights and having helped her give birth to Lathania. Cleo would do everything and anything for Xanthalia, all she needs to do is ask.

Persis Anarane'Annare Denselde

Persis looks up to Xanthalia, in much the same way as Drinlana and the other seniors of Shardracona. Xanthalia is kind and caring, looking out for all her family and never has a bad word to say about anyone. Xanthalia also shares Persis's interests in Alchemy. Persis knows she need not worry about all her frinds and family when this most capable and powerful of Elune's Priests, journeys with them.

Siji Anna'Erusen Denselde

Aside from Persis, Xanthalia is Siji's best friend and the priestess she is destined to stand by and protect. The one priestess she feels most safe with. Xan refers to young Siji as her Sweet Destiny and Siji feels that one day the will face some of the worlds greatest foes together. She loves Xan like a big sister. She honors her, respects her, reveres her and will do absolutely anything for her.

Kaledevi Vagrantwind

Kale will never forget the day he first heard the voice of this gentle woman speak to him. When he first laid eyes on her, he thought it to be the moon goddess herself in mortal form. It started out a simple compliment on his Raven form and ever since, they have shared many conversations. Kale has come to know her scent well enough to find her almost anywhere, though most often they seem to run into each other at the Aldor bank. Secretly he lingers there, fiddling with stored possessions, in hopes of seeing her each day. Undeniably drawn to her by a feeling in his heart he does not understand.

A portrait of Xanthalia as she bathes, as illustrated by Kaledevi Vagrantwind.

Faith & Ritual

Feeling that all that she has is a gift from Elune, Xanthalia takes meticulous care of all her possessions including her Masquerade Gown, her Shard of the Virtuous which she was kindly granted by the members of Elitist as she ventured with them into Karazhan. In her bags she carries her a Lower City Prayerbook given to her for her service to the people of lower city as well as a Ribbon of Sacrifice.

She treasure all of her possessions as each possesses its own memories, its tale and a story behind it. In her room at the Shardracona estate she has placed her her Hallowed Garments, Vestments of Prophecy, Halo of Transcendence, Staff of Benediction and other adornments she was granted in the past.

The manner in which she dresses is in itself a prayer of thanks to her goddess for the bountiful gifts she has granted as a young priestess. A private ritualshe undertakes each morning.

Xanthalia is a very private person who though she holds no shame in her full body is rarely seen in anything less then her robes in the company of others. But before the sun rises and late at night, when darkness provides her with privacy, she often bathes in the lake of the Shardracona estate shedding the bindings of her clothing and enjoying the freedom of simply praying in her most humble of forms, adorned in nothing more then a silver chain upon her hips, a piece of jewelry which is precious to her.

Extended Family

Wind and swift

Xanthalia's twin sons Windborn and his brother Swiftalon as drawn by Drinlana Isil'Litla Denselde


Xanthalia's twin sons Windborn and his brother Swiftalon as drawn by Kaledevi Vagrantwind

Besides the guild Shardracona, Xanthalia has an extended family that includes the following people:

Drinlana Isil'Litla Denselde: The enchanting teacher that helped her rise in strength and in knowledge. Her trusted confidante and dear friend.

Siji Anna'Erusen Denselde: Her dearest friend and the shield maiden she feels destined to watch over.

Swiftalon: her young son, a child she has seen in her dreams will grow into a powerful druid of the claw. He already prefers his saber form and is most often seen as a playful saber kitten playing with his brother Swiftalon. His skin is silver as is his hair.

Windborn : her young son, a quiet calm boy possessing blue shimmering eyes, pinkish skin and hair the color of gold and silver.

Kaledevi Vagrantwind: The powerful and kind Savagekin that has won the love and affections of Xanthalia and now shares her life as her mate and father to her sons.

Xanthalia's life now

File:Kale and xan2.jpg
Kaledevi Druid

Kaledevi Vagrantwind, Druid of the Claw as drawn by Drinlana Isil'Litla Denselde

Time has passed and Xanthalia has moved on. Elune has lead her to a kind and noble man, a Savagekin that protects her and nurtures her in a way that none other ever has. He understands her responsibilities and accepts them. He is ever watchful and powerful yet gentle and kind to Xanthalia having sworn to keep her and her sons safe. And though at first she tried to keep her heart sheltered she's come to realize that love has found her once more.

She is often seen with him by her side, as a large powerful bear, or a beautiful saber. At times he is also seen in his elven form, a large quiet man whose presence is that of a calm yet undeniably powerful man. In him she has found a profound love, a mate she will remain with for as along as Elune will permit and a father to her two sons.

Her Past

Much has happened in Xanthalia's life over the last two years. She has grown to stand by her Sentinel's side watching over both the mother, Drinlana Isil'Litla Denselde and the daughter Siji Anna'Erusen Denselde.

The kind and simple huntershe met in the depths of the Core so long ago became her companion and the father of her two young sons. But their relationship was not meant to last and though she devoted herself to him and in time became pregnant with his children unseen forces would tear them apart. Frightened by the prospect of being an unfit her former mate traveled through the Caverns of Time in the hopes of changing himself to become a more intelligent and capable father. For months her former love would leave his pregnant wife in the care of her guild to time travel and pursue this goal which in the end would be their undoing.

For the length of her pregnancy Xanthalia remained without her companion. He would come back from time to time for short spells and they would spend a few moments together, at first always telling her he was simply hunting out with his animal companion, then eventually telling her the truth of his absences yet always leaving again.

After months of worry, a letter came to the priestess in the handwriting of his father confirming her fears, though at first she could not bring herself to believe it, Xanthalia came to realize and accept that her husband and the father of her children had been taken from her forever. All memories of his wife had been stripped from his memory and his mind become untouchable to the woman that bore his children. His tampering with his past had left Xanthalia a widow.

Her family rallied around her in this difficult time and swore to help her raise her two sons. Drinlana the Sentinel stood by her side as her protector and guardian. But more then that she gave her strength and hope. Xanthalia found herself giving thanks for this woman that had always been there for her, as had her daughter, always cared for her and protected her.


Xanthalia was born to two devout priests of Elune. It was their sincere hope and desire that their young daughter would one day serve Elune as they had all their life. Her gift manifested itself early in life. A friend had brought her a tiny saber cub she had found near its dying mother and distraught had brought to Xanthalia with the hopes that something could be done. Not knowing if she could help Xanthalia cradled the young creature in her arms and closed her eyes praying as she had seen her parents do so many times before. On that day Elune granted her the gift of healing and in her arms the young saber started to stir and his wounds were slowly healed. Thankful beyond words her friend took the small saber and promised to keep him until old age claimed him, and thus a fledgling priestess and huntress were granted their destinies. From that day forth Xanthalia's life became dedicated to serve her Goddess and her rigorous studies at the Temple began.

Upon reaching adulthood, a marriage was arranged between Xanthalia and a young hunter of noble birth by the name of Khundothai to solidify the ties between their parent's noble houses. The two had never met before the day of their wedding and entered a new life together as virtual strangers. Though their relationships was rocky at times, they in time became close friends and eventually love grew between them. But that love was taken from them when both suddenly slipped into the emerald dream for decades. Upon waking they sadly realized that the love they once shared had faded and all that remained was a deep friendship and a strong bond.

In time Xanthalia made her way to the halls of Shardracona after meeting a young charming girl by the name of Siji Anna'Erusen Denselde. Lady Thiemis accepted her into the family encouraged the young priestess to rise and serve its members.

OOC Notes on the Artwork on this page

To see more of Drinlana's artwork feel free to visit the Shardracona website and look through our Artist Loft Forum as well as Drinlana's personal site Drawings by Drin

Drinlana is a character on the Feathermoon server that can be found either as Drinlana or as Shadowchild, when she wears her leathers or her mail.

I also want to credit Kaledevi's artwork which has a wonderful style to it and can be seen throughout this page.

Other OOC Notes

Out of respect for the player of Corteran the hunter that Xanthalia was involved with and the RP that the characters shared, both players wished to be able to play their son Swiftalon/Swifttalon. It being only fair that each could do so.

As we no longer RP together I have decided to explain this in Corteran's tampering with time causing a rift, an anomoly which had him return with a child which he named Swifttalon. It is Xanthalia's interpretation, though the player of Corteran may have a different explanation that is he RPing.

But ultimately there are two sons, two Swiftalon/Swifttalon, one that Xanthalia gave birth to and that lives with her, and the other that Corteran has with him and that he plays as a young druid.

Noteworthy deeds

Xanthalia was responsible for the resurection of huntress Lierin Val'Sharess and Mateo the Elemental Hunter.

Xanthalia was granted the honor of helping her dear friend Cleodora Silvestri give birth to her first child.

Xanthalia was granted the honor of helping her dear friend Constanz Clearwater Denselde: give birth to her first child.

Xanthalia was asked to wed her dearest friend and protector Siji Anna'Erusen Denselde to Persis Anarane'Annare Denselde: in the Temple of Elune.

The resurrection of Korraxe Winghammer Xanthalia also resurected Korraxe Winghammer after a darkness claimed his spirit and drove him to drown himself in Lake Elunara to escape his pain. It took the help of several as can be seen in this journal.

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