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Vont, age 21.


  • Server:Feathermoon (RP)
  • Race: Undead
  • Class: Rogue
  • Sex: Male
  • Guild: Noxilite
  • FlagRSP2 Description: Vont's hair sits messily on his head, as if it had not been attended to in some time. He walks with a hunch out of habit, and from time to time a smile can be seen across his otherwise grim face. When he is riding his horse he wears his mask up; otherwise it is left obscuring little of his face. Around his neck is a small ivory pendant carved into the shape of lily, hung by a small silver chain.


Cadaron Rosechilde

Before his undeath Vont was known as Cadaron Rosechilde, the second eldest of 4 children born to Septimus Rosechilde and Lillith Branryn. Septimus Rosechilde in his life was a devoted follower of the Light and a upstanding member of the leisure class in Andorhal. Upon hearing news of the plague Septimus and the Rosechilde household relocated to Azeroth.

Children of Septimus and Lillith

  • Brannon Rosechilde (3 years older than Cadaron)
  • Cadaron Rosechilde (deceased)
  • Lynnara Rosechilde (same age as Cadaron, deceased)
  • Mellisande Rosechilde(2 years younger than Cadaron and Lynnara)

After Death

Vont arose from the Shadow Grave with little recollection of his past life, only vague details of places, and scraps of emotions lingered within his memory. Like many, as soon as he rose, he took up arms in service of Lady Sylvannas Windrunner and the Forsaken, and without questionning he began his service. It was not long before his skill drew the attention of Mennet Carkad in the Undercity, and it was then that Vont began his employ with the Deathstalkers and other elements inside of the Undercity.

While he was working and living amongst the various Forsaken, bits and pieces of the pieces of the past became more revealed to him. He discovered news of his family, gentry who fled Lordaeron upon hearing news of the plague, and promptly disowned them, vowing if he ever saw one of them, he would slay them on the spot for leaving him to die.

Not long after, he was reassigned to Orgrimmar, and eventually the Crossroads for several missions, whose purpose he could only guess was to develop a sense of trust with the other factions of the Horde. During this time, Vont was drawn in by the culture of the Tauren, and by aiding the Apothecaries, he travelled to Thunderbluff. Soon Vont found a sense of admiration grow for the proud race, and joined in on several hunts as well as espionage missions on behalf of the Tauren.

While in Tirisfal Glades he encountered one of his siblings, Lynarra, who had become a member of the Scarlet Crusade. During the encounter, Vont captured her and took her to Brill, as part of exacting his own vengeance on his family members. Utilizing the basement of the local inn, over the next week and a half, and in the end, after she recognized him as Cadaron, he killed her out of mercy.

He became involved with the Interfaith Council at the request of a friend from Thunder Bluff. They felt that it would be wise to have a Forsaken there, to at least represent the interests of their race at such a meeting, and perhaps that it might lead Vont to answer some of the questions that had been plaguing their friend. During his time with the council, Vont confessed the murder of his sister to Janje, the Priestess of Razor Hill. As a penance, the Priestess suggested that he get a piece of jewelry as a token to keep Lynarra in mind. Agreeing, he had a small lily carved from ivory as a token to remember her by, which he is constantly seen wearing. Vont agreed with the emerging philosophy of the Interfaith Council and is now a stalwart supporter of the group.

A Child of Andorhal

One evening, Vont had a strange encounter with one Delial Ebonfall, he recognized her briefly as another former citizen of Andorhal, and struck up some sparse conversation. The two reminisced for one evening, but now he is planning a return expedition to the city in search of some remnants of his past with Delial. In order to find more allies for the expedition, he is currently working in close conjunction with the Argent Dawn.

Some Facts

  • Really dislikes the Un'Goro Crater
  • Is currently trying to decide if he'd rather make Shadowprey Village or Revantusk Village a permanent dwelling place.
  • Remembers little about the series of events that lead to his death, yet clearly remembers everything that occured after it.
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