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Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank
Tuhljin Alliance 15 Feathermoon IconSmall Gnome Male Ui-charactercreate-classes mage Mage 70 Fates End Knight-Captain
Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank

Tuhljin is an enigmatic gnomish mage and engineer of some skill that frequently talks of his plans for World Domination. Whether he in fact does have such plans or this is some sort of ruse or joke is uncertain. He is currently a Council member of the guild Fate's End. His associates, who call him "Tj" ("Teejay") for short, indicate that, for all his bluster about power and his constant scheming, he is more likely to act as ally than foe to a just cause - though you never know if it's all part of some grand plan.

Physical Description

Tuhljin stands at 3'5" in height (3'8 counting the hair!). His white hair gives off a metallic silver sheen when the light catches it, almost as though there were some sort of shiny oil in it. At the beginning of most days, it is simply styled, straight with a few natural curls. By the end of most days, it seems slightly unkempt and snarled. A ridiculous moustache extends from his sizable gnomish nose.

One looking closely will notice that, despite his white hair, he appears to be middle-aged for his race. (Or perhaps he's discovered a miracle anti-aging cream that he could sell you! The chances of it being a scam are miniscule, right?) His normal expression alternates from one of concentration and planning, aloof to the world around him, and that of a studious observer, taking mental note of each detail and action. However, he often inadvertently gets carried away in thought, only to catch himself minutes later to switch back to the role of unobtrusive watcher.


Those who know Tuhljin have been told varying, often contradicting, details of his life before they met him. To some, he seems very closed about his past. To others, he has related long, extremely detailed accounts of his travels and adventures. It is hard to separate fact from fiction when it comes to this gnome's origins. Some have suggested that he himself does not know them and may even be seeking out lost memories. Given the multitude of tales Tuhljin has told, he himself may have started this rumor - which itself may or may not be true. In any case, it is apparent that he doesn't believe his own fabrications, since he only rarely has told two different versions of events to the same person, and even then he's often able to convince the audience that one of the two, a mixture of them, or perhaps a third version, is indeed accurate.

Whatever his motivations for hiding his past, he has made a game out of juggling his stories. He finds especial glee in convincing someone who knows about this habit that he/she is one of the "rare, trusted few" that he has told the full truth.

The following are some of his favorite autobiographical details, true or false. Note that other, less grandiose, tales are likely told, but in these, Tj is more likely to withhold his name or use an alias.

  • Tuhljin was captured as an infant and raised by trolls on an island in the South Seas. ("My name is kind of trollish, don'tcha think?") After several years as a favored slave with his fellow gnomes (and maybe other races), some unusual circumstances occurred which allowed him to lead a rebellion. The surviving ex-slaves then fled by boat (visiting pirates, usually) to Booty Bay or someplace.
  • Tuhljin was raised by trolls in Northrend. Somehow he earned their respect, and was taken as an apprentice to a local powerful frost mage. Then Arthas came... and the story gets pretty far-fetched from here.
  • Tuhljin was studying in Dalaran during the Third War. Usually under some big-shot archmage. Sometimes he meets Arthas, who lets him live to fulfill some unspecified "destiny."
  • Tuhljin was fighting off the Trogg invasion of Gnomeregan during the Third War.
  • Tuhljin's skills in magic were not developed during the Trogg invasion, so he fled to find some lost schematic or artifact that would be useful in the fight, promising his beloved family that he would be back soon. But he is too late, several heart-wrenching scenes ensue, revenge vowed, etc., and he runs off to unleash his arcane and tinkering potential.
  • In any tale of some length, his "incredible aptitude" for both magic and engineering is invariably mentioned. Several fictional tests of aptitude score him as "off the charts."
  • Tuhljin is actually a white dragon. Or half-dragon. If it's pointed out that there is no known white dragon flight, Tj accuses the other of ignorance or of mishearing him and changes the subject.
  • Tuhljin is from Outland. Somehow.

Last Name

Tuhljin rarely offers his last name, which is odd, considering Gnomish naming customs. When he does give a name, it varies depending on to whom he is speaking. It seems that each last name may correspond to a particular accounting of his history. Last names he has given include the following, with the most common first:

  • Tampergauge
  • Cryogear
  • Axlespin
  • Cryospark
  • Deepspark
  • Cobblebolt
  • Cogthrower
  • Tiderender
  • Mullrig
  • Flimflam
  • Farspun

Recent History

Enough evidence has accrued to give reasonable weight to accounts of Tuhljin being involved in some more recent events.

  • Papers from the Gnomish Court indicate that Tuhljin undertook some mage training in Coldridge Valley and later in Kharanos, where he was a quick study. (It is possible that he already knew all his teachers could offer, and went to them only for show, though this is speculation.)
  • SI:7 neither confirms nor denies Tuhljin's possible actions within the organization. A credible source has indicated, on condition of anonymity, that Tj has performed jobs for them in the past, but isn't considered a full-time agent. Counter-intelligence agents prudently review all information Tuhljin offers them, though this is said to be standard practice.
  • Tuhljin led a volunteer battalion of Alliance citizens on a march from Ironforge to the Undercity during The Tri-City Assault, picking up forces along the way as the raiding forces rallied the locals to the cause. His was a spillover group, reaching only about 20 souls, picking up the extras that did not fit into the more regulated 40-man armies. Reports from Guildwatch indicate that Tuhljin was not involved in the initial planning of that assault. He was, however, involved in some leadership discussions during the operation. Witnesses that remember him say Tuhljin didn't call much attention to himself except when gathering straggler volunteers into his group. Also, he was likely significantly less accomplished as a mage at that time, compared to the present.
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