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Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank
Thiemis Shardracona Alliance 15 Feathermoon IconSmall Night Elf Female Ui-charactercreate-classes warrior Warrior 60 Shardracona Silver Dragon
Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank
Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank
Thiemis Shardracona Alliance 15 Feathermoon IconSmall Night Elf Female Ui-charactercreate-classes druid Druid 70 Shardracona Silver Dragon
Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank

Thiemis Shardracona

Title: Silver Dragon and co-leader of Shardracona

Race: Night Elf

Gender: Female

Class: Warrior/ Druid

Guild: Shardracona

Rank: Private

Nicknames: T, Lady T, Thiemisai, Mommy T, Momma Thiemis

Religious Affiliation: Worshipper of Cenarius

Server: Server:Feathermoon

Appearance and Traits

In her elven form: Thiemis is lithe and of average stature, her well muscled body bears many scars, some fine some vicious all speaking of a woman that undeniably once bore a shield and sword. Her strides are that of a proud, confident woman. She possesses a deep claw mark on her face, a scar that seems to hold meaning from the manner in which it was carefully retraced with red tattooing.

In her saber form: Her swept back ears twitch slightly, at the slightest sound. Her soft shimmering eyes constantly watching those around her. Her taught muscular body possesses various fine scars visible through her well kept fur as small white lines. Her ears are pierced and her body is adorned with many gems and intricate silver jewelry. Bracelets high up on her arms, earrings and rings around her tail, as well as a beautiful necklace. She seems quite at ease in this form, walking with both grace and strength. Every once in a while her playful nature is revealed in a tilt of the head and a twitchy tail.

Extended Family

Besides the guild Shardracona, Thiemis has two people that have been very important in her life:

Drinlana Isil'Litla Denselde: Her love, her soulmate, her friend, her advisor, her protector and her pillar.

Siji Anna'Erusen Denselde: Drinlana's young daughter, and her inspiration for becoming a shield maiden so long ago.

Silvermane: Drinlana's white lion has become an extremely close companion to Thiemis while in her saber form. They can often be seen roaming through the Shardracona estates together at night.

Khundothai: Her childhood love and long time friend.

Humble beginnings

Having left all that she knew and treasured behind Thiemis made her way to a small village in the human lands not far from Stormwind... Goldshire was its name. It was admist the chaos of duelist and naked dancers that Thiemis was found by the woman that would become her dearest friend and the one to ultimately hold her heart. Drinlana Denselde and Thiemis quickly became best of friends and explored the human lands together serving village to village, starting with Goldshire. As they grew in power their friendship grew as well. In time Drinlana joined her a guild of her own, and Thiemis continued to seek a place to call home.

Through a friendship their had made with a kind and at times stubborn dwarf Thiemis found her home, she helped him forge his guild, which Drinlana named, the Clan of the Holy Forge. The trio often hunted together and this small clan grew. But in time the dwarf lost the taste for leadership and one day simply vanished leaving the mantle upon Thiemis's shoulders. Those that remained looked to Thiemis to lead them, but did not agree and thus the clan was disbanded. And Thiemis gathered her friends under a new banner...not knowing where to start or what to name this new family she looked to her dearest friend and advisor. "Shardracona" Drinlana whispered and thus her new family was named, a name Thiemis would in time come to understand was her own, and that of the family she had lost as a child.

10 29 thiemis

Her time as a warrior in the Core with the Righteous Might Raid, November 2005

Her life as a warrior

Over two years ago Thiemis would have been seen baring a heavy shield and plated armor, she walks the path of the warrior and faced many foes for the well being of her family and friends. It was a path she was set upon in her youth and one she embraced for many years. Given the honor of standing face to face with the Lady Dragon herself and fighting in the depths of the Core. However those days are long gone and looked back upon as warm memories.

The path she now walks

Thiemis saber color

as drawn by her eternal companion Drinlana Isil'Litla Denselde.

Long ago in her youth an event pushed the young night elf to become a warrior, a path she felt she was destined to walk, as her mother once had. Inspired by the Sentinels of her people she embraced this path fully and fought for many decades at first for her own ends, and in time, after a young child by the name of Siji enightened her, as a shield maiden for her family. Facing the creatures of the Core and Lady Onyxia she fought and bled for those she loved and sought to protect. Leading her family with her dearest of friends Drinlana she finally came to the realization, that she had to step aside to let a young priestess rise in power for the good of the guild. And thus she put her weapons down and unknowinlgy ended her career as a warrior.

In her time away she withdrew often to the forests where she played as a child often feeling as if she was being watched. As she slept at night a beautiful saber stalked her dreams, leading her to explore the world as through his eyes. In time she came to realize that she no longer wished to don her steel breastplate and fight with her weapons. She wished to explore the world, and its many natural wonders, to be apart of it, one with it.

And thus she found a chance at a new life, as a druidess, a path she now walks and knows in heart she was meant to walk all along.

Thiemis' Memoirs

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