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Telkintar (Telki) Stonebottom
Dwarven Fury Warrior, Miner, Smith, Chef, Fisherman

The Basics:

He's an average dwarf. Short, stocky, and powerful. His eyes only welcome his friends, but his grin is quick. Grey creeps into his beard, which he maintains meticulously, but his face seems younger than the grey. The wrinkles that have found their way onto his face show there was much laughter in his life at one point..

Telki seems anti-social since he doesn't openly welcome contact from strangers. He's fiercely protective of those he considers to be close to him and loyal to those same people with an almost blind devotion. After intense battles he retreats inside himself as he works to control the overwhelming anger he uses while fighting.


Born in Ironforge and raised outside of Brewnall Village, Telki had a fairly normal childhood. Both of his parents died honorably in battle away from home. He married and his wife bore him two children, but a Syndicate raid resulted in the death of his entire direct family. Swearing revenge, he spent decades hunting down and killing members of the Syndicate. He rejected friendship and love, often spending years alone and living like an animal in the barren, snowy wastelands of Dun Morogh. The warrior trainers in Ironforge recognized the deep anger dwelling in him and trained him to control it so he could unleash it effectively in battle.

Having spent several decades destroying those who destroyed his family his life was nearing its end. He had no desire to continue, he was bereft of emotions, he had no friends, and no family. He chose to find a place far from the Syndicate where he could pass from life in peace and, in his wanderings, he came upon Elwynn Forest.

Obviously, Telki didn't pass from this life to the next. Sitting in Goldshire one day he felt his heart beat and looking next to him he saw what he now describes as a "green-haired goddess" sitting there speaking with him. His defenses crumbled before the might of this elf and things he hadn't felt in decades started welling back up into him.

Joyleaf is considered by him to be his best friend and he harbors a deep love for her. This love has caused a lot of confusion for him and some pain, but her patience with him has been giving him time to re-learn how to deal with strong emotions.

Through Joyleaf, he was introduced to Rien and Alyxandre von Skeeql who have proven to be good people and are now counted among those he calls friends.

Sitting on his barrel led to his meeting of Fells Clemens one evening and in turn led to a very strange adventure involving sort of dead people, a crazy elf, and the seeking of a very, very large dragon. It also led to another friendship that continues to grow despite her attempts to convince him she's not worth it.

The strangest character in his current tale is Shugotenshi, a young paladin, who he seems to know quite well and actually has known since before he came to Goldshire, but knowledge of their history is unknown. He rarely speaks of her to anyone though there's obvious affection for her when they speak.

Current Events:

There's no current events.

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