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"I'd give it all, all the riches I've seen or owned, just for another moment of the old peace I had."

The oldest, and only legitimate son of a middle-class Westfall farming family, the first five years of Tallian's life were lived in that childish innocence and happiness that so rarely lasts. Returning from the schoolhouse one afternoon to find his father away to Stormwind and his mother in tears, Tallian was confused and a little uncomfortable. And nine months later, his younger half-brother Vanos was born.

The Muders:

"Sounds like an intetresting idea, Miss. Van'Isath. I'll play along if it'll feed me and Van."

Five years on, his sheltered life descended into chaos. A string of brutal killings - his mother by his father, his half-brother's father by him, and then finally his father and the man's new family, also by his own hand - left him abandoned in Westfall with his little brother to take care of. He lurked around, stealing enough to keep them both alive, until seven years later Vanos left without a word. Tallian drifted for a while before meeting Maiera Van'Isath, who convinced him to team up with her 'for mutual benifit'.

Sanity's Collapse:

"You don't know me, do you? Thought you'd gotten Tallian Vaniroth? Nah, I'm Talurisan Descante, you little slut!"

Maiera's treatment of Tallian proved to be not only cruel and violent, but frequently sadistical. The young man was treated to having a length of barbed wife around his neck, as a makeshift collar, and 'solitary confinement' in a wooden trunk if he misbehaved in any way. Confliction between his growing attraction to wholesale slaughter and his belief that innocent lives shouldn't be harmed caused his mind to split into two distinct personalities - Tallian Vaniroth, the calm, caring half, and Talurisan Descante who was violent, unpredictable, and obsessive. Only three years after, Maiera was killed by a mob who'd traced their string of murders back to her. Tallian - or Talurisan, as he now called himself - was exiled to Stranglethorn Vale in the south.


"Those Bloodscalps aren't so bad. Always willing to keep me in training."

Stranglethorn Vale presented it's own problems for Talurisan. With nobody to kill, he sank into a lethargy which allowed Tallian to regain partial control of his body. Three years into his exile, however, he encountered a band of Bloodscalp Trolls. Beaten and nearly killed, Talurisan reawoke and snatched control of their body in time to save the two from being killed and eaten. Over the next two years an unsteady truce was arranged - Tallian dealing with mundane dealings such as food, shelter and hygeine, and Talurisan taking charge of any killing that needed to be done. Unfortunatly, just as the two were reaching mutual tolerance, and perhaps even respect for eachother, a member of Stormwind's SI: 7 agency approached Talurisan with a deal that gave him not only the necessarry comforts of life, but also a chance to kill repeatedly without consequence.

Stormwind's Deal:

"You're hardly better than ap Danwyrith yourself. I'm free now, and I'm damn well staying that way, you manipulative bastard."

Talurisan, under Tallian's name, was returned to Stormwind and employed by SI: 7 to 'deal with' anyone who was considered an enemy. After a while, though, the trouble began. Murders were happening more and more frequently without authorisation, 'Tallian' would go missing for days or weeks on end, and several agents sent to find him never came back. Choosing to simply place the renegade into a no-killing position instead of rescinding his pardon, Mathias Shaw essentially sealed Talurisan's fate. Although he would later make several attempts to recover control of his body, and even one to restore Maiera, they would all fail. Subsequent to Talurisan's descent into his old state of lethargy, Tallian left SI: 7 in disgust, with help from Tarquin ap Danwyrith whom he was supposed to be capturing.


"She's mine, y'know. Hurt her, and I will kill you."

Following a strange turn of events with a High Elven woman, and numerous political hirings within Stormwind, Tallian met the woman who would turn his life around for the better; Magdalenah Orestes. After months of arguing, and the short resurfacing of Tallian's half-brother, the two finally got arround to marrying in what was little more than the signing of official doccuments and the consumption of a keg or four of strong booze. Currently living in Ironforge, the Orestes' have a son named Syntran, and an adopted daughter, Briena, who are currently engaged themselves.

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