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Name: Takji Ra'jin

Race: Troll

Class: Vagabond (Rogue)

Level: 80

Guild: Obeah Chakari (retired) / Horde Misfits (current)

Profession: Pickpocket/Spy / Herbalism (450) / Inscription (450)


Born of the Frostmane Tribe in the hills of Dun Morogh, yet Takji no longer belongs to that tribe. Decieved by a childhood friend, he was exiled. ((Years later returning to kill the ex-friend and the elders who exiled him.)) Wondering the Dwarven Lands, he bumped into an Orc. With that Orc's help, Takji found his way to Sen'jin Village. There the Elders sent him to the Valley of Trials before declaring him a member of the Darkspear Trolls. Over the years Takji trained in the arts of deception, sabotage and stealth. Joining The Shattered Hand, he was offered a job as their spy and scout..

During his time with The Shattered Hand, Takji met others in his line of work. One troll by the name of Degmarlee invited him to join Obeah Chakari. There he continue's his work with The Shattered Hand to spy on the guild's progress and the High Shaman, Matsujin.

After spending many years with Obeah Chakari, Takji let the worse thing happen to those in his career field. He became friends with them. Leaving The Shattered Hand, Takji spent the remainder of his time with Obeah. Yet months later, the Great Shaman Matsu'jin disappeared for months on end. This caused the guild to slowly fade away. Feeling lonely once more, Takji started to wonder Azeroth and the Outlands. This lead him to reach the lands of Northrend. Assisting in areas of sabatoge and subterfuge, Takji let his conscious get the better of him. He decided to retire.

Takji then decided to open up shop in Dalaran as an Inscripter. This helped keep his mind away from all the past murders. Unknowing, The Shattered Hand still had more plans for him. Calling upon him one day, they instructed him to carry out a handful of assassinations of key enemy targets of the Horde. Doing so would finally let him leave, they promised. With a sigh, Takji put away the pen and carried out their deeds. Upon his return, he was finally free and able to do things of his own free will. This lead him to the current day, helping the fight against the Lich King and upon the ranks of friends and family in the guild known as Horde Misfits...

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