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Name: Tadams "Lord of the Shadows" Bade

Server: Feathermoon

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Class: Rogue

Guild: The Regiment


Quote: " May the Shadows Protect You " " The shadow shall steal your soul " " No need to fear ladies im here "

Professions: Skinning, Leatherworking


Tadams at first glance looks like the typical human, average height, he has an athletic built with broad shoulders and muscular legs. One of the key remarkable features is his deep blue eyes that seem to appear to always show a deeper meaning to everything that Tadams says. He is slightly tan but still retains a sort of pale look from being in the darker areas of town too much. His hair is jet black and is put in braids so that it is not in his way when he is sneaking around. He keeps a fairly kept goatee which is one of his favorite things about himself.

Tadams is generally either in battle or at the bar, though since he tends to flirt with ladies he has taken all of this in account with how he is perceived to others, he generally has a laid back stance to him but secretly he is constantly alert and ready to protect his comrades. He also likes to dress in his leather armor for his random encounters. He likes to keep his clothes clean and himself as well for when he is out on the town. He always carries his blades and is usually seen with one of his hands on one of them and an ale in the other.


Tadams is known as a class clown, generally having fun in life instead of being serious, he enjoys the company of others and ale. He is also known as a flirt among the girls, but that doesnt bother him much he enjoys flirting. Despite these facts he is also extremely loyal to his friends and guildmates, though not always trusting new people it doesnt stop him from makeing friends quickly. When fighting Tadams almost has a split personality, he gets the most serious then and gets his mission done quickly and effectivly, though generally jokeing throughout the mission. Not much for authority if told to do something he will consider if it would benefit himself or his comrades before agreeing to it, so therefore he has problems with authority.

Tadams takes his training very seriously however and has spent many a time traveling around the world or in isolation training his craft. He has adopted a religion he learned from his mentor, its beliefs is similar to the beliefs of the church, but Tadams believes in the shadows instead of the light and refers to it often.


Tadams grew up in the town of Southshore with his three childhood friends Tanriel and Mcdowl, when they were all of age they were sent to the acadamey to become paladins. Tadams' father was one a paladin himself in the army and fairly famous. Being from the house of Bade Tadams was always given orders and told what to do, though he never listened. He got in trouble alot at the academy for pulling pranks and usually received a tongue lashing from not just his parents and his instructors, but his friend Tanriel as well. While in the academy Tadams received word that his father died in a battle against the undead, hearing this his mother died soon after over the grief, leaving Tadams and his younger sister Alanna in the care of the butler until Tadams became of age. Hearing this Tadams left the academy and went in search of his father not believing he died.

After journeying for awhile he came across the assassins league and joined with them. Tadams began doing jobs for them and training with his mentor Haphim. Haphim taught Tadams all he knew before dieing of sickness. Many years passed as Tadams grew up to become one of the top rogues of the assassins league. One night he was given a job to kill a paladin and a hunter who were meeting in the woods. Tadams went to the spot and waited until the two appeared, he attacked, but before he could strike he realized that the paladin he was ordered to kill was Tanriel. He instead decided to join the new militia "The Shield of Dawn" that Tanriel and the dwarven hunter Drajadel were forming and became one of the head commanders within it.

Now "The Shield of Dawn" has formed into a new guild called "The Regiment" where Tadams now serves his new leader Daquis and protects him as an older brother. He sees what The Regiment can become and will protect and serve it until he breathes his last breathe



Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank
Tadams Alliance 15 Feathermoon IconSmall Human Male Ui-charactercreate-classes rogue Rogue 60 The Regiment {{{8}}}
Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank
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