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Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank
Syme Alliance 15 Feathermoon IconSmall Night Elf Female Ui-charactercreate-classes hunter Hunter 60 Twilight Shadow Sergeant
Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank

Syme is a Night Elf Hunter that wanders Azeroth with her trusty wolf companion Severin. (Marksmanship build)

Born Erwindel Lucianas, she trained to become a druid. Somewhat naive and shy, she sought the tutelage and company of an older man by the name of Gilthius. She followed him around for a long time until their travels took them to the Eastern Kingdoms.

One evening in Goldshire, she ran into a drunken druid, Selenium, ranting and raving about his misfortune and the loss of his child. Erwindel made an attempt to comfort him, and her feelings for him quickly developed as she continued to help him through his grief and other hardships. Eventually, she left Gilthius, confessing her love for Selenium.

Young Erwindel, however, fell prey to the chaotic society of Stormwind and in a rash impulse slept with other women and abandoned Selenium, even accusing him of abusing her. In the midst of the drama that followed, the two of them went through a string of extremely temporal relationships. Erwindel was aware of the dastardly things she had done and the harm she had caused him, and eventually broke down with insanity. Ashamed and broken, she gave up the druidic ways and became a hunter, taking on the name of Syme.

Over the course of many months, her relationship with Selenium became more amicable, mending slowly but surely, each pretending to have seperate lives - until finally they found each other again, insufferably alone in the world save for each other.

(They tied the knot 20 January, 2006.)

  • Syme is barren, unable to conceive children in her womb. This is resultant of a disease she contracted during her time in the East, despite the fact she eventually recovered and is in no way contagious.
  • She has a preference for guns - having been a druid most of her life, she lacks much of the physical training required to use the traditional bow, though it has not prevented her from using them.
  • Severin is a Ghostpaw Alpha from Ashenvale. He often tries to mount Syme, but she doesn't let him do that any more.
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