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Silgathien Whitemoon was born... well, where most living Night Elves were born, in the cool glades of Kalimdor. His father was a herb merchant and local alchemist, and a fine one at that. He seemed to have a cure for anything, because he knew that the priestesses of Elune were always very busy and did not like to disturb them unless it was absolutely needed. His mother, though she died shortly after Silgathien's brother was born, was a free spirit... always wandering the forests, speaking to animals and caring to everything and everyone she met. She had a fascination with water and the sea, since she did not often get to see it. Silgathien loved his parents, though he did not express it. He was... a bit of a troublemaker during his childhood, getting into trouble when he could find it, sometimes just to see how mad he could get his parents. His brother Legondan was fifty years younger than him, and loved him dearly, but Silgathien usually did not pay much attention to him.

His childhood lasted long, and as he became an adult, he developed a love for the techniques of warfare, and everything that followed suit with it. He trained with any weapon he could find, and became quite proficient at it. At this time, the armies of the Night Elves were prominently women, so he did not enlist, though he did sneak away with some of the defensive parties if something ever came up. He read much on the part war with the Burning Legion, and of everything for that matter. He also read much on the demigod Cenarius, and turned his faith to him. To Silgathien, the demigod had been more of a god than Elune, since he had actively participated in the war. He did not disbelieve in Elune, but he prayed to Cenarius when he needed to. His friends thought he would become a scholar or a druid, as much as he read, but Silgathien would have none of it. He loved to read, but his love for the wild was greater.

During one of his journeys to Auberdine, he caught a glimpse of a beautiful ship sailing across the open sea. He watched it for as long as he could until it disappeared. A short time after that, he moved to Auberdine and became an student sailor under the watchful eye of Xi'pher Stillwater. Silgathien learned quickly how to manage a ship and it's crew, quickly becoming the first mate aboard the ship. He also developed a strong friendship with Xi'pher's son Feldais, and his daughter, Ashil. Silgathien married Ashil sometime afterwards, wed in a small grove in Hyjal. The three of them were very close, and even began to construct a ship of their own, though, it was put on hold when news of Xi'pher's death after a journey to the south reached them. He had went with a small scouting party in search for new, lighter wood to make a quicker merchant boat, but he did not return.

His care-free life changed, however, when word of strange, green-skinned settlers began to spread. Feldais was convinced that these were the monsters that had slain his father, and he set out to seek his revenge, so Silgathien and Ashil followed... hoping that they could stop him. They watched the newcomers for weeks... and watched the skirmishes between their kind and theirs. When it was obvious that the orcs were not about to leave, they chose to join the Sentinels, but it wasn’t long before the situation proved to be much worse than just the orcs. Shadows... demons... and even the dead began to spread across Kalimdor... destroying everything in their path. The three began back to Hyjal to seek refuge... but they stumbled upon a large demonic hunting party. They fought valiantly, each of them being skilled in combat, and may won the battle, had one of Silgathien’s arrows not ricocheted off a greater demons armor, striking Ashil through the skull, killing her instantly. Silgathien and Feldais immediately ran to her, sweeping through more demon and eventually driving the rest of them off. Silgathien wept at her side for hours, and Feldais... overcome with anger, ventured out into the woods to find the demons that had slain not only his sister, but he was now convinced that they had taken his father as well. Silgathien carried Ashil’s fallen body to the grove at which they were married and buried her there, asking her forgiveness.

After Ashil’s death, Silgathien disappeared. If asked today, he cannot even tell you where he was, though he does mention fighting... and killing, many demons that polluted the forests. Some time after the War had ended, he emerged again. He seemed to be normal again, though he doesn’t speak of what had happened. The first trip he took was to find Legondan, which he did, whom told him that his parents had not been heard from since the war, which troubled Silgathien for he had not seen his parents for some time. He went to their old home, at which he gathered many of his father’s documents, and returned to his ship, docked in Auberdine. It had been completed by another during the war, but was never used. Upon arriving on the ship, he found Feldais, whom seemed to be waiting for him. Leaving Legondan to continue his training, the two sailed across the south, to the human city of Theramore, to learn more of their new allies. His boat is still docked there today, Silgathien established a good relationship with the residents of Theramore by helping them build and maintain the new city.

Silgathien began to travel all over Azeroth, in search of both knowledge, and his parents, which he still believed were somewhere to be found. His brother, Legondan, married a beautiful woman named Enurel Vin’yan, and through Enurel, he met her sister, Syrea. The two shared many loves for the world, and had a longing to return to Hyjal one day. Feldais, though attempting to become a priest at one time, returned to his shadowy ways, also collecting what information he can find about the Legion and its Agents still on Azeroth.

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