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Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank
Siji Anna'Erusen Denselde Alliance 15 Feathermoon IconSmall Night Elf Female Ui-charactercreate-classes warrior Warrior 70 Silver Dragon Flight Silver Guardian
Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank

Sijianisia Anna'Erusen Denselde

  • Aliases: None
  • Titles: Hand of A'dal . Champion of the Naaru . Shield of Fortune
  • Server: Feathermoon US
  • Race: Night Elf
  • Gender: Female
  • Class: Warrior
  • Guild: Silver Dragon Flight
  • Rank: None
  • Professions: Blacksmith, Master Swordsmith and Master Jewelcrafter
  • Nicknames: Siji, Little Siji, My Destiny (often spoken by High Priestess Xanthalia Ishaiya, My Warlord, My Prince
  • Profile: Siji's Armory Profile

Appearance and Traits: After the Maelstrom

Siji possesses eyes much like her Sentinel mothers, distant and determined. She is outwardly proud and confident in her abilities as shield maiden and warrior, but that is where her confidence ends. Despite features that some consider comely and fair, boyish almost handsome looks, and a demeanor that has giving her the nickname My Prince among some female admirers who are drawn to her despite her gender, Siji's sense of self esteem is no less very low. She does not, by any means find herself attractive or comely.

She looks to be in her early twenties by human standards, with a figure that is firm and lithe, but also bears the scars of her many battles on her silvery skin. Missing even the tip of her right ear, perhaps lost to some ravenous beasts maw or narrowly evaded blade. She stands an even 7 feet in height and piercings still decorate her form; eartips, earlobes, nose, left brow, and tounge as well as places unseen. Each a testament to the influence of the many human friends in her life.

Her armor, shield and numerous weapons are covered in marks of battle. Jagged streaks indicate the passing of claws. Deep gashes tell tales of blade and axe, while here and there are areas that speak volumes about the impact of blunt weapons as well as blasts of flame and arcane.

Occassionally she will wear a very light suit of golden plate, which is the closest that this combatant, can come to civilian clothes. When wearing this armor she will wear two copper practice blades on her back. Her many scars are most visible when wearing this rather revealing suit but she is as proud of each scar as she is of her sculpted Kaldorei form.

Life after the Maelstrom : Siji's Life Now

The Battle of Mount Hyjal

The story of her journey through the Caverns of Time and Archimonde's sunsequent fall and how she met her mother through the time ways, coming soon

The Conquering of Tempest Keep

The story of Siji battles in Tempest keep and the defeat of Kael'Thas Sunstrider. Her return to Shattrath and the honor of being awarded a Destroyers breastplate.

The Conquering of Serpentshrine Caverns

The story of Siji battles in the aquatic lair of Lady Vashj and her downfall.

Hope in her Shan'do

Siji discovers her need for guidance in the world. She's known nothing but the study of military strategy, history, tactics and political positioning. However .. she is in need of more and finds the answer in the elder Warrior, Mylene Starforge, who takes her in as her Thero'shan. Through Mylene, Siji hopes to learn of how to deal with the many pains and anguish of war, conflict and strife in the unforgiving worlds of Azeroth and Outland.

A New Friend

Once mistaken for a priestess and nor discovered to be one who possess powers born in ancient sorcery, Siji befriends, perhaps unwisely, a kaldorei woman by the name of Ele. Through her interactions with this new friend, Siji unwittingly feeds the seed that rests within her. The seed that she has locked within the labyrinth of her Dark Moon. If she is not careful, this friendship could lead to her slide towards a destiny she's not prepared to face.

The Dark Moon

Siji has been the focus of demonic whispers, plots against her people, shes been called the hope of he Kaldorei. She's fought and slain gods, demigods, demons, pit lords, elemental forces and more yet only recently has she left the age of adolescence. The pressures on the young warlord are great and often drive her to do things that she regrets. Many are the time she's had to ask for forgiveness from those she loves and those she calls friend. To aide her in her hopes of finding peace she's learned to lock the darkness away in a place within her mind, she's come to call the dark moon. A black disc that hovers silent and still above the vast landscape within. Inside the moon lays her labyrinth .. a maze she travels through, via her meditation. This three dimensional winding path leads to a place where her demons dwell. This process has, as of late, brought her peace. However her Shan'do feels that this is a mistake that may lead to unfavorable results.

Appearance and Traits: Before the Maelstrom

By her proportions and physique this short, tomboy-ish, Night Elven girl is young ((roughly 18 human years)). To the trained eye, the exotic suits of plate armor and wide collection of rare blades mark her as both an experienced adventurer and master craftsman. She wears the red, gold and silver tabard of Shardracona and judging by its intricacies she is among its highest ranked members. Silver wings are pinned to her tabard above her right breast.

She wears a smile often, slightly crooked and favoring the left side of her lips, raising higher then the right. Large silvery eyes rest upon a friendly face and when she speaks its clear that she is a good natured and high spirited girl. But her mastery of common could use some work as she tends to speak a sort of broken common, stringing words lazily together as she smiles through her conversations.

Her ears are pierced in three places each, on lobes, tips and between with truesilver rings. Her left ear has a noticible poition skin missing. She has a pierced navel as well as a poerced tounge. A scar from some past battle perhaps and the rest of her silvery skin is streaked here and there with slim scars.

Her current weapon of choice is the the massive war axe known as Gorehowl which crackles with her channeled focus. She also wields the formidable and powerful warblade known as the Lionheart Champion. In battle she is an intelligent combatant. A child warlord who focuses her rage to move rapidly and strike with ferocity and precision.

Her chosen armor was crafted by her tiny hands from plans found and fetched from clutches of demons and elementals of Outland. With it, she further channels her rage and strength to often devastating effect. A second suit of heavy battle armor is sometimes worn. This suit, which she wears with great pride, was gained through the extensive exploration of the ancient and mysterious tower of Deadwind Pass, known as Karazhan.

Siji is an accomplished Blacksmith, focusing much time on the art of the Weaponsmith, and is both a Master Swordsmith and a master of Jewelcrafting.

A Hint of Self Expression

Siji's half elven adopted sister Constanz Clearwater Denselde and Cleodora Silvestri, the Archmage and Keeper of Shardracona's Mages Tower once recently slipped away to booty bay where they saw a skilled goblin body artist. In his dimly lit shop Young Siji had several piercings made to adorn her elven form. Her belly button has been pierced with a ring a shimmering ring of Truesilver as have her earlobes and slender ear tips. She also a recently pierced tounge as well.

Dance, Drink and Fun

Before the event that changed so many things in her life, Siji was young, skilled, powerful and dynamic. She was growing and coming into her own. She was a leader, strategist and was educated by experience and by her noble and ancient mother, Drinlana Isil'Litla Denselde. She was considered by many to be a "teen" and as a result was fond of the things all young ones are fond of, a good time with close friends.

She was heavily influenced by her many human friend and it was not uncommon for her to be seen slipping away from the battles of the world and heading to relaxing locations with her friends, Connie, Cleo, Asta and Anita for an evening of dancing, skinny dipping and drinking. All of which she kept secret from her mother Drinlana.

Much has changed recently however. Since the events that nearly destroyed the Ashenvale estate she once called home, Siji has become ... (more to come .. ))

The Way of the Protector

"Protection is a state of mind, a presence and awareness of th' field of battle. To protect, y'have t' be be vigilant, responsive, quick thinkin' an' extremely mobile. They must be calm and composed in battle, and gather their energy and rage inwards and hold it. Then use that rage as a means to do what must be done to gain the attentions of their enemy and keep 'em. To pour out your energies on one foe quickly exhausts you and leaves you unable to act quickly and effectively. To be a protector is t' be the shield that stands t' defend your compnions primarily, it's t' be a strategist and t' have command of all stances you are trained in. Command of th' battlefield." - Siji Denselde

Siji's Gallery

Extended Family

  • Drinlana Isil'Litla Denselde: Her beloved mother, honored teacher and dearest friend.
  • Constanz Clearwater Denselde: Adopted sister and half-elf daughter of the late Lord Erick Clearwater
  • Thiemis Shardracona: The one she refers to as Mommy T is her leader, second mother and a woman she respects deeply.
  • Xanthalia Ishaiya: Siji loves and looks up to High Priestess Xanthalia like a big sister. The Priest Warrior bond they share is one of the strongest any have seen. Through the adventures they have faced, they owe one another their very lives many times over. They are destined to fight at one anothers sides, ptotecting friends, loved ones and one another for the rest of their lives.
  • Windborn and Swiftalon: Xanthalia's twin sons

As Seen by Others

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Cleodora Silvestri

To Cleo, Siji represents the very best aspects that a young woman can embody, being both the youthful and playful young girl who loves pillowfights and fun pranks as well as the fierce warrior who can single-handedly stop immense foes from threatening her friends in combat. Cleo is always willing to go anywhere Siji is leading, and knows to expect a grand adventure and a roaring good time on the way there.

Xanthalia Ishaiya

Xanthalia has known Siji since they hunted together in the Vale. She adores the young shield maiden believing her to embody all that she admires most in both a strong woman and a protector. To Xanthalia Siji's courage and selflessness know no boundaries. She deeply appreciates Siji's ability to face some of the greatest foes in our world yet to maintain a happy child like innocence possessing a true and unbound love for life and people. Xanthalia once had a dream long ago that spoke of a child warrior she was destined to protect. When she met Siji she knew her search for that child had come to an end and her destiny had just begun. It is her life's task to remain by Siji's side and through the will and grace of Elune keep her safe.

Astadaa Kirsantii

The young Shaman believes Siji to have been blessed and protected by the holy powers of the universe. She also considers herself to be most blessed to count Siji and her beloved Persis among her closest friends, and is a willing accomplice in any of Siji's plans. She cannot wait until she is strong enough to venture into the Outlands at Siji's side and help to take back what was once the home of her people!

Arelde Riversong

(Written from the Journal of Arelde, Apprentice Druid of the Moon):

I had just learned how to smelt my first Copper bar in Stormwind, I'll never forget that day... for one it was terribly hot. Unbareable to stand around the anvil and forge, especially when you're a Moonkin! The human city is a terribly congested place, not like our splendid tree. As I was walking with an armful of bars, I bumped into the most gorgeous warrior. He was SO handsome and so young!! I dropped everything like the clutz I am, bumping into him like that. It was SO embarrassing, dropping my mis-shapped copper bars onto such lovely armor. I don't even remember turning back to my original form, I wanted to cry. I looked up and saw that wild silver hair and beautiful face decorated with scars and so many piercings! For sure, he'd yell at me to watch were I was going...instead the handsome Knight paused to help me up and carry my bars to the bank. He carried them with ease... my heart melted at such kindness. You can imagine my shock when I asked his name and SHE replied 'Siji'. Yes, I'll never forget the day I met that shining "Prince."

Life Before the Maelstrom

These are old stories that were part of her past, shes parted ways with or lost contact with many of the names from the life before the maelstrom that nearly destroyed the Shardracona Estate.

From Silver Guardian to The Silver Blade of Shardracona

For 60 seasons the child warrior fought with a singular objective. To protect friends and family. And a Singular style, Sword and Shield. Siji was the consumate protector and has raised her shield to face the fury of many foes throughout Azeroth; the dark professors of Scholomance, the wicked trolls, orcs, and wyrmkin leaders of Black Rock Depths and Black Rock Spires. She has cut down Baron Rivendale and General Drakkisath, Lucifron, Magmadar, Gaar, Onyxia, Kurinaxx, Ragnaros and more. Her shield as faced, sword, fire, frost and claw but something happened that changed her profoundly.


It was the vision of her last stand that changed her life forever.

A vision of a great battle, her Last Stand woke her in the middle of the night. In her hands she grasped the blade known as Destiny. In her dream there was a great darkness that threatened to slay her friends and family and love. Her mother Drinlana and Thiemis, her sister Constanz, her noe former love Persis, and everyone was fleeing from a and enemy too great to defeat. It was then in the dream that Siji threw down her shield and took hold of her war sword. She turned to face the oncoming faceless enemies knowing that this may truly be her last act. It was then that she woke.

Time passed and whisperings began within the small village surrounding the Shardracona estate. Drinlana had visions, Faeyth as well and Xanthalia. Mysterious letters arrived that set Xanthalia's love, Corteran on a sojourn into the far reaches of Mount Hyjal. Then there was the letter tnat arrived to the halls. A letter of almost direct threat and challenge. A letter outlining every member of of the halls and village, claiming that we were not prepared for what was to befall us. Then it happened, the Dark Portal opened and demons began their attack on Azeroth.

Her decision was made and soon she shed the title of Silver Guardian along with her shield and took the title of Silver Blade and vowed to learn the ways of the great sword and take the battle to the demons of the Outlands. Since making that decision she as honed her skills and and used the resources of the Outlands to fight the demons, fel orcs and blood elves and anything else that stood in her way.

An Evolution in her Training

Having now mastered the way of the Great sword and spent months facing orc, ogre, demon and beast in the defense of the Outland settlements, young Siji sat and remembered the days of fighting and facing any and all enemies with sword and shield. The feeling of an enemies blade or arrow glancing off her shield brought a smile to the young ones lips. This, coupled with the requests made by the diplomatic and religious leaders of these lands, to venture into the maws of even greater danger urged her to think carefully and plan.

She loved her Lionheart Blade yes. It was the one blade she felt most comfortable with. But there were rumors of another blade of greatness, one that only a Swordsmithing Master could ever hope to learn the secrets of, and even if they did, its balance was such that only a sword smithing master could wield one to its fullest potential.

She strolled about the Lower City of Shattrath, and came to the Orc Weapon smith who held the secrets of all the worlds great blades and requested of him the knowledge to craft the blade known as Fireguard. He remembered her well. She showed him her Lionheart Blade and he nodded with a smile, reached into a chest and drew the plans for Fireguard. She bowed and smiled and set about the task of gathering the materials.

Much time has passed since that day and the young warrior continues through craft and quest, assembled a suit of heavy armor that would serve to protect her more than any she ever possessed. This and her mastery of jewel craft and gem cutting would enable her to cut stones to enhance them to even greater effectiveness.

She would forever be one who loved the great blade, but now, she would be able to stand with sword and shield and use the knowledge of her past, combined with armor and gems of her craft, to defend friends and family as a shield maiden.

Youth and Understanding

It is well known that elves have lost their immortality, Drinlana has kept the sadness and despair of this fact locked away and in private conversations, has explained much to Siji about the loss their people suffered nearly 8 years ago. Despite this fact the Kaldorei still age slowly, and in this age of mingling and mixing of cultures and races, Siji silently understands that she will likely be this age for the duration of the lives of most of her friends. She often stares at her friends, Cleo, Connie, Ronoenn, Crowtin Lofn, Kylei, Valentin, Tiforis and other humans. As well as Dwarves such as Fjuinen, Dremmel and the long distant Korraxe. She thinks of Ashyrn, and Widjit, Pepepper and Melindy. All friends and all will pass before she she ages and fades from life.

It is in times like these that the usually happy, plucky beautiful tomboy of a girl will lay upon her ancient mothers lap and weep. Sometimes for hours on end. This is a side she never shows to her companions. A side she has never even shown to Persis or Xanthalia. It is a sad secret shared only between mother and daughter and one that Drinlana, in this day of mixing and mingling, saddened by as well. For they both fear and dread the passing of these wonderful and courageous, noble hearted souls they have come to call family.

Outland and Azeroth, Growth and Change

As her journeys have continued on into Outland Siji, the Silver Blade and Xanthalia , the Silver Guardian of Shardracona have battled at the very foot of Illidans Black Tower and have defended the Outlands' peaceful settlements from Honor Hold to Windhammer Stronghold in Shadowmoon Valley, lending Blade and Faith to any and all in need. The things young Siji has seen and the battles she has fought have had a profound effect on her. Now when she sees the citizens of Darnassus, Stormwind, Ironforge and more she realizes how horrible a fate it would be for these innocents to fall to the hands of those demonic forces she has confronted and conquered. The same feelings hold true for those of the horde. To her we are all innocents being pitted against one another by dark powers.

Young though she may be, she has seen and faced legends, stood and conversed with the powers that have shaped the history of Azeroths 10000 years. She is changing inside, becoming more than Drinlana's daughter, becoming more than the young prankster and playful spirit of the halls. In the silent hours of the night as she sits to watch over the resting High Priestess Xanthalia, the magnitude of the events of her young life set in and she smiles, honored and eager to continue forging the path and meeting any and all challenges.

A Return to the Shield and a return to Kharazan

Siji watched for months as her beloved mother Drinlana, her best friend Xanthalia and her love Persis, ventured into Karazhan to uncover its secrets. During those months, she tended to the twins, Windborn and Swiftalon. Her mothers skill with a bow and Silvermane's ferocity in combat were considered key aspects of the Karazhan expedition, however there was a decision made by certain members which left a the group somewhat splintered and missing a shield bearer. After speaking with the leader on several occasions Drinlana decided it best to step back and encouraged Siji to take up her shield again to assist the efforts of this skilled group.

Now Siji stands in her mothers place alongside skilled explorers as a shield maiden and has already faced and defeated the likes of Attumen the Huntsman, Moroes, the Maiden, and the Curator within the halls and libraries of Medivh's Tower. Her greatest hope is to wear her mothers name well and to do her best to protect and defend her fellow explorers.

Gorehowl Unearthed

Gorehowl, the axe was once wielded by the cursed Orc chieftain of the Warsong Clan, Grom Hellscream. This axe is a treasure and a victory to Siji and her and her family. The two young warriors unearthed the axe together and thus share it between themselves and wield it as a trophy for the Silver Dragon clan. They understand the rage this may instill in the factions of the horde, but they will never surrender it. Even if Thrall himself sought them out for the retrieval of the axe of his deceased friend and chief advisor, they would cling to their find. Such a blade is best left in the hands of the Alliance and especially the Night Elves in these trying times.

Young Siji has been educated greatly by her mother and on the lore and history of their people. They know and have been taught that this very axe was used by Grom Hellscream to defeat and slay their beloved Demigod Cenarius. They know that this blade has drawn the blood of many a Night Elf who died trying to defend their lands in Ashenvale, where the Shardracona Estate now rests. Death is the only thing that could get this axe from the hands of the young warrior maidens who wield it.

When Drinlana saw this blade and when Siji was told the tale once again, the two were brought to tears. Possessing this axe, despite its black and cursed history has somehow brought them closer to Cenarius and his memory. They believe still, like all Night Elves, he sleeps in the Emerald Dream while his wounds heal, and that he will some day join them again.

Gorehowl - The Finding

When last heard, the infamous and much feared Gorehowl was in the hands of the equally feared Grom Hellscream, as he and the future Warchief Thrall entered Demon Fall Canyon, in Ashenvale, to face the Pit Lord King, Mannoroth. How did this axe end up in the possession of the Burning Legion, inside Karazhan?.

This is the tale understood by the family of Shardracona.

Siji's Journal

Siji Anna'Erusen Denselde, Drinlana Isil'Litla Denselde, Khelthios Blackmane and associated character illustrations were all created and written by Drin

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