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Selenium Valerush, Druid by Nature

Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank
Selenium Alliance 15 Feathermoon IconSmall Night Elf Male Ui-charactercreate-classes druid Druid 60 Ohtar en Oionarru Corporal
Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank

Selenium Valerush in one of his more serious moments.

Selenium is a Night Elf Druid of approximately eleven thousand years in age. Although expertly versed in Druidic ways, his bloodline has a natural disposition to arcane magic, lending to his development of Balance talents and his preference for the magically powered Moonkin shapeshift form. Despite his magical aptitude, his love for physical activity has also empowered his Feral abilities. (His current spec is 31-8-12)

Selenium's CTProfile

He used to run Speed Dating for the Alliance, but has placed the program on an indefinite hiatus.


Born and raised in Felwood, spent the better part of his youth surfing waves in Darkshore and training with the Cenarion Circle in Moonglade. Despite his age and experience, he was always seen as somewhat immature, as well as unable to comply with authority. He has never risen much in the ranks of the Circle.

His first love, Elysienne, was an officer in the Sentinels. Their relationship ended when she was stationed in southern Kalimdor, in Feralas.

The beginning of his descent began with the coming of the Burning Legion, or rather some time before then. Still single, he was entrusted with the care of a newborn Kaldorei child, Flavia. Her parents would later go on to give their lives defending the World Tree, leaving Selenium as her primary caretaker. However, they developed inappropriately intimate feelings and they parted ways soon after the growth of Teldrassil.

Selenium would later go on to have a mildly infamous affair with the Human Warlock Helicity Bellcraven. Throughout their relationship, Selenium dealt with the various strangers and men that are invariably attracted to Helicity. Helicity was soon with child, and Selenium was told he was the father. They had a great deal of arguments and confrontations concerning her pregnancy and all her dealings with strange men. Helicity went far away to give birth, but the child died before she could return.

Needless to say, their relationship disintegrated, with Selenium's mounting jealousy and Helicity's continuing aloofness.

Towards the end of the tulmutuous affair, Selenium had the support of a younger Druid named Erwindel Lucianus. They enjoyed their fair share of amor, lust, and friendship, but like many of Selenium's relationships it was doomed. Despite her engagement to Selenium, Erwindel succumbed to the lusty meanderings of a corrupt Paladin. Selenium was also outcast by Erwindel's new friends, who believed he had abused Erwindel.

Twice wronged - betrayed by his fiancee and accused of a crime he would never commit - Selenium returned to wandering Azeroth alone.

Now that he had been jilted rather credibly, his wanderlust (and wandering lust) landed him in the lap of a young Kaldorei Priestess by the name of Moonlitangel. Their affair, rather torrid, didn't last long - she was young and impressionable, and he was still getting over Erwindel. Needless to say they seperated ways rather quickly.

In a surprising turn of events, Selenium was again contacted by Helicity - she had discovered that her (their?) daughter was in fact alive and well, and had been raised by the warlock Lyene. Helicity was blackmailed into serving Lyene in order to get her daughter, Zyada, back. Lyene placed a curse on both of them, and they sought out Selenium's help in freeing them from Lyene's control.

Although they were seperated for a long time, Erwindel, now calling herself Syme, and Selenium went back to talking with each other in the midst of these events and eventually reassembled a tenuous friendship. Syme herself had already moved on and was in a relationship with Lavi.

It was apparent from the start that Selenium was not as important as this turn of events might have indicated. Despite Zyada's affection towards her supposed father, Helicity also recruited the aid of several other men - all of whom seemed typically and overly fond of Helicity. Selenium would have to prove himself.

Despite his best efforts, he uncovered no solutions to the curse. Over the course of these events, Helicity explained Zyada's questionable history - who in turn went to Selenium and expressed mixed emotions, but it was apparent that she no longer trusted him as a father, only as a friend.

For mysterious reasons, Lyene killed herself in a fit of madness, thereby freeing Helicity and Zyada. With no further need for Selenium's company, Helicity sought a restraining order from the courts of Stormwind, and Selenium to this day is prohibited from contacting her in any way, shape, or form. Zyada, having come into her own without her parents, struck out on her own and rarely contacts either of them.

In his spare time, Selenium decided to start the Speed Dating program, his own snide, sideways jab at the state of society - while at the same time providing a way for other lonely singles to have better luck than he.

Again life changed in the blink of an eye when he was strolling Ironforge and bumped into a certain cookie thief by the name of Giggle. Tempted by the scent of her family recipe for gingerbread cookies, Selenium quickly befriended the young Gnome Mage and, eventually, the two fell in love.

Recently, Selenium visited Darnassus when he received a note concerning his older brother, Tellurium, who had just been discharged from medical care. It has been years since they last talked to each other before the Battle of Hyjal.

Although Giggle and Selenium deeply enjoyed each other's company, her studies in the academy took up too much of her time and they decided to "see other people."

Selenium took this opportunity to return to Syme, helping her recuperate from her loneliness and depression, eventually rediscovering their love for each other. They were finally married on 20 January, 2006.

To be continued.

Author's Note: After a bout of insanity, Erwindel became known as Syme

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