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Reigndancer Ravenhoof



Her primary goals and sources of motivation involve walking softly1, honoring the Earthmother with her deeds, earning the respect of High Chieftain Cairne Bloodhoof, Arch Druid Hamuul Runetotem and her guildmates, and earning the companionship of a great kodo, her favorite beast. While she enjoys roaming the jungles of Stranglethorn Vale and fishing in Booty Bay, her heart will always belong to the plains of Mulgore.

In addition to fishing, she also likes to practice alchemy and herbalism while keeping current on first aid techniques. Her cooking, however, continues to require rather large amounts of instruction from those more knowledgeable.

1 To walk softly means partaking of the Earthmother's gifts for what is needed, but never in excess. Leave no injury, no sign of your passing... walk softly upon the earth.



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