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Rasptin standing in from of Ragnaros at his emergence

  • Server:Feathermoon
  • Name: Rasptin Dinkmittle Brusthfallow Drakfeather Dingle Batolme Darkfellow Tinkerfellow
  • Faction: Alliance 32
  • Class: Warlock
  • Spec: Demonology and Shadow
  • Professions: Tailoring and Engineering
  • Guild: Sodalitas
  • Hobbies: Building mechanical abominations
  • Husband of Shisari Smallfire

Early Life

Rasptin began his career as a gnomish merchant durring the Second War, traveling far and wide to share and show off his mechanical inventions and tailoring goods to all the people. His hopes were to enlighten, protect, and cheer up the people durring this tough time. Using many of his own inventions he traveled to Lordaeron, passing battles by using his inventions (such as a world enlarger and gnomish cloaking device).
Durring his time in Lordaeron he ventured to the Barov estate, hoping to ply his wares there. They accepted him cooly and asked for his assistance in several items. never truely venturing inside, he plyed his wares from his wagon outside the gates (bracers with scythes attatched to speed farming, enchanted robes, an advanced pully and lever lock system, ect.). It wasn't until the Barovs revealed themselves as allied to the Frozen Throne that he realized what had truely become of his inventions, as Bone Golems and skeletons came out to attack lordaeron weilding his bracer-scythes and mages of the Cult of the Damned, wearing the robes he had made, summoned skeletons and abominations to the fight.
So he fled, but not without taking a few items with him as "extra payment".

The Forgetting

Fleeing back all the way to Dun Morough, he hid among the dwarves in Ironforge. Eventually he managed to ply enough of his wares to buy his own tavern. One night however, the tavern was destroyed by a drunken paladin who mistook a barstool for a tauren, charging it, knocking Rasptin into the embers of the fireplace, releasing the demon he was consentrating on summoning from one of his stolen tomes from Scolomance, causing it to go mad and set his stores of powder alight. He managed to survive the ordeal but after taking a blow to the head by debris, was left unconcious and with amnesia. Where he was discovered by a patrol led by Adlebar "Schism" Wildhammer.

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