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Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank
Persis Anarane'Annare Denselde Alliance 15 Feathermoon IconSmall Night Elf Female Ui-charactercreate-classes warrior Warrior 70 Shardracona Keeper of The Shield
Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank
Persis stage 3

Persis Anarane'Annare Denselde translates to Persis Purity Truth Shadowchild

Persis Anarane'Annare Denselde

Title: Dragonslayer, Scourgebane, Wielder of Thunderfury, Keeper of the Shield of Shardracona

Race: Night Elf

Gender: Female

Class: Warrior

Guild: Shardracona

Religious Affiliation: Worshipper of Elune

Server: Server:Feathermoon

Profile: [Persis' Armory Profile]

Background & Description

Persis Anarane'Annare Denselde was an orphan for as long as she can remember. She never knew her parents. All she knows is that she was cared for, brought up safely, and with some education, by the Priests of Elune.

Persis is of average height, stunningly beautiful, even for a Night Elf, with long fine Silvery hair, bright shining white eyes, full of curiousity, pale pink skin, slight muscular but very feminine form and deep red rose coloured lips. She is always happy, very courteous and friendly, eager to help/offer assistance, and also very curious and interested in the world of Azeroth, in which she lives. She has several faint, silver lined scars, but they are difficult to see, unless one looks carefully. Now and again, on rare occasions, when she is extremely stressed, shimmering blue runes will appear on her chest and neck.

She is barely out of her years of ascention, but her path has always been one of learning the Skills of Axe, Sword and Shield. She wandered far and wide in her child years, learning about Azeroth. The Priests of Elune encouraged her, realising that a life in the temple was not for this spirited girl. She was encouraged by fellow travelers to ally herself within Guilds, meeting many new friends by doing so. however, in her heart, she knew she was yet to find her true home and so she continued to travel far and wide.

It was a chance encounter, or perhaps destiny, when she met Xenelia Draelanis, a Night Elf Rogue, in Feralas. The two of them struck up a friendship and Xenelia encouraged Persis to meet with of her guild family, Shardracona. She arrived late one late Spring afternoon, to the Silverwing Tavern, in Stormwind. Xenelia greeted her warmly and introduced her to her family. It was there Persis met The Guildmistress, The Lady Thiemis Shardracona, The Lady Drinlana Isil'Litla Denselde, Cleodora Silvestri, many others, and Siji Anna'Erusen Denselde. She had at last found her home.

A Force for Good - Aiding the Alliance

Persis at Honor Hold

Persis at Honor Hold.

The Fall of Gruul

Gruul is Defeated.

Persis was recruited by an Alliance Battle Group, the [Aegis] Alliance to assist them, as they battled the dark forces deep inside the Molten Core, Lair of the Firelord, Ragnaros, himself. These brave individuals have fought to prevent the influence of the Firelord spreading beyond the confines of Blackrock Mountain. Their brave battle has also included Blackwing Lair, the abode of Nefarian, for these brave souls have encountered his forces, also within Blackrock Mountain.

They have also taken the battle to the Brood Mother Herself, Onyxia.

Now that the Burning Legion have returned, along with the re-opening of the Dark Portal, Persis, now takes the fight to the enemy in Outland. She has met the famous and powerful mage Khadgar and undertaken vital mission on his behalf. These long quests have met with success, having gained Access, to Karazhan, the ancient tower and home of Medivh. She travelled back in time as a Champion of Azeroth to assist the Bronze Dragonflight in protecting Medivh and the timeline. Her reward was - [The Master's Key].

With access to Karazhan, It has now been determined that deadly evils now reside within Medivh's Tower, and Persis strives with her friend, Sariana and the [Knights of Verus] to destroy the dark forces within. Powerful foes and powerful Elements of the Burning Legion resides within towered walls. It is believed that many other worlds and/or other dimensions may be accessible from The Tower of Medivh, and is is therfore absolutely imperative that the Burning Legion be not allowed to maintain in control of the Tower.

Persis and the [Knights of Verus] , have, recently, broken through the defenses of the enemy, and Defeated the many numerous and powerful evil creatures there. The Legion Lord Prince Malchezaar was identified to be the leader of the Burning Legion forces inside the tower. This group of heroes have defeated him.

Also present, near the tower, was the Undead Dragon, Nightbane, originally the Wise and brave Dragon Arcanagos, who was Slain and cursed by Medivh himself. This creature of evil and spite has also been defeated by Persis and her friends.

In outland itself, many Powerful and Evil creatures also reside, which are not in the Service of the Burning Legion. These enemies are often as deadly, attempting to complete and succeed with their own schemes and dreams of power. One Such enemy is Gruul the Dragonkiller. The lair of Gruul, located Deep inside Blades Edge Mountains is gby numerous Ogres and, within the lair, by High King Maulgar and his loyal followers.

Just recently, Persis and her friends, have managed to breach the defenses of Gruul's Lair, defeat the King and his entourage and many guards, to finally smite and slay Gruul the Dragonkiller after a long and difficult campaign.

With the defeat of both Gruul and Nightbane, Persis has obtained both the [Earthen signet] and the [Blazing signet], which can be combined to allow Persis to enter the depths of Serpentshrine Cavern.

Mace, Sword & Shield, Warrior Shield Maiden


Persis has many weapons, and much armor, such as the [Glorious Armor], enchanted with many Magiks to protect her whilst in battle, her [Jade Armor] and her [Red Bloodscale Battle Armor]. Her complete Battlegear of Valor, Battlegear of Might, complimented with both the Helm of Wrath and Legplates of Wrath , are still kept in Pristine condition. She would compliment These powerful magic armors with her weapon and shields of choice, Spineshatter, Drillborer Disk and Draconian Deflector.

She also received the Iron Band of the Unbreakable, from the Bronze Dragonflight, upon visiting the Caverns of Time. However, to this day, she cannot remember why.

Trinkets Earned include a Lifegiving Gem, from the Lair of the Blackwing and an Onyxia Blood Talisman from the Royal Family of Stormwind, which is no mean feat for such a young Kaldorei.

Her focus, as a Warrior, is in Protection, preferring 1 handed weapons and shield over a larger 2 handed weapon; She focusses to keep her family, friends and fellow adventurers safe in times of danger.

"Protection is a state of mind, a presence and awareness of th' field of battle. To protect, y'have t' be be vigilant, responsive, quick thinkin' an' extremely mobile. They must be calm and composed in battle, and gather their energy and rage inwards and hold it. Then use that rage as a means to do what must be done to gain the attentions of their enemy and keep 'em. To pour out your energies on one foe quickly exhausts you and leaves you unable to act quickly and effectively. To be a protector is t' be the shield that stands t' defend your compnions primarily, it's t' be a strategist and t' have command of all stances you are trained in. Command of th' battlefield." - Siji Anna'Erusen Denselde

With the return of the Burning Legion, Persis has journeyed and fought throughout the world of Outland, yet also closer to home, in Karazhan too. She has acquired new equipment and weapons in which to assist her against this most dangerous of enemies (See Keeper of the Shield, Protector - Current Equipment)

Persis's pride and joy is her Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker. With The help of Shardracona, and The [Aegis] Raid force, she collected a multitude of rare and expensive materials, both Bindings of the Windseeker, from the Slain Fire Generals Garr and Shazzrah, before Slaying the mighty Fire Lord himself, Ragnaros, to collect his Essence. Finally, they journeyed to Silithus, to summon and defeat the Imprisoned Windseeker himself, and claim this Legendary Sword.

A Tribute to the Wielder of the WindSeeker

Keeper of the Shield, Protector - Current Equipment

Melee Weapons of Choice - Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker, Gorehowl, King's Defender, Malchazeen

Shield - Shield of Impenetrable Darkness

Ranged Weapons - Wolfslayer Sniper Rifle

Battle Armor - Upper Torso - Warbringer Greathelm, Spaulders of Dementia, Panzar'Thar Breastplate, Vambraces of Courage, Warbringer Handguards

Battle Armor - Lower Torso - Sha'tari Vindicator's Waistguard, Wrynn Dynasty Greaves, Boots of Elusion

Cloak - Devilshark Cape, Royal Cloak of Arathi Kings

Rings - Violet Signet of the Great Protector, Elementium Band of the Sentry, Mithril Band of the Unscarred, Band of the Exorcist

Trinkets - Moroes' Lucky Pocket Watch, Onyxia Blood Talisman, Alchemist's Stone, Lifegiving Gem, Vengeance of the Illidari

Under Twig and Leaf

Persis is also highly skilled in the gathering and use of herbs and plants, found throughout the lands of Azeroth. She combines her knowledge of the Herbalist, wth her skills as an Alchemist, to create and fashion beneficial potions and elixirs, for herself, her family her friends and her allies. She has a finely tuned sixth sense, seemingly able, with ease, to locate rare and beneficial plants and herbs, in little to no time at all. The Guild Priest, Lady Xanthalia Ishaiya herself, will, on occasion, call upon Persis's skills and talents, to aid her create many rare and powerful potions.

Persis has studied hard, spending much time in Azeroth, as well as Outland, speaking and learning from the Alchemy Masters living there. This profession has awarded her, for all her hard studies, the rank of 'Master of Elixirs'. She is able to make many beneficial and potent Guardian and Battle Elixirs, for her friends and family, as well as many other potions.

Recently, Persis has gathered many materials and resources from Outland, used many of her skills in Alchemy Transmutation, to create a Trinket, an Alchemist's Stone, which she wears often.

Honored Student and Honored Teacher

Shando Theroshan

Drinlana has taken Persis, the beloved companion of her very daughter Siji, as her Thero'shan. As her Shan'do, Drinlana is Persis' guide, teacher and keeper. Here Shan'do stands with Thero'shan and Silvermane, Drinlana's faithful pet.

Persis was offered, and accepted, to become the Thero'shan of Drinlana Isil'Litla Denselde. The young Kaldorei Shield Maiden knew she had much to understand and learn, and that her training would be hard, demanding and rigorous. She stepped forward bravely to meet this challenge, never backing away from anything her teacher asked of her. She has become Shardracona's Keeper of the Shield, their Warrior Captain, ready to protect, help and support those she loves dearly. With the help of her family, she has designed and had constructed, an Arena, to help train Shardracona's up and coming Warriors and other classes who wield the weapons of her class.

She also stands, ready to help and offering advise to her friends and loved ones already skilled in the arts of melee weapons and combat. Although still barely out of her 'teens', Persis still has much to learn and remains the lucky and honored student of Drinlana, standing always to her right, ready to place herself between any danger and her honored teacher, to defend her, with her life if necessary.

Recently, she has been honored by becoming Shan'do to Astadaa Kirsantii, her friend and a skilled Shaman. Persis aims to help her become one of the most skilled in the art of axes and maces, both one and two handed, as well as passing on all the wise teachings she has come to learn and understand.

Persis's Family

The list of closest friends and family, within Shardracona

Siji Anna'Erusen Denselde - Her True Love, Fellow Warrior & Silver Blade of Shardracona.

Drinlana Isil'Litla Denselde - Her Shan'do and Silver Sentinel of Shardracona.

Thiemis Shardracona - Leader of Shardracona whose family, Persis has sworn upon axe and shield, to protect and serve.

Xanthalia Ishaiya - Silver Guardian, Guild Priest, friend and fellow Alchemist.

Cleodora Silvestri - Arch-Mage and Silver Warden of Shardracona, who accompanies and aids Persis in many ventures.

Constanz Clearwater Denselde - Adopted sister of Siji, and friend of Persis.

Gilithis Greenscale - Husband to Cleodora and Constanz

Corteran Caranmor - Quiet & Kind Hunter, who stood as second, for Persis, at her Union with Siji.

Ashyrn Gearblade - Brave Cryomage, Student To Cleodora, Fellow "Scourgebane"

Xenelia Draelanis - One of Persis's oldest trusted friends, and skillful rogue.

Astadaa Kirsantii - Good friend, and also her Thero'shan

Sariana - Another of Persis's oldest trusted friends, powerful and skilled Druid.

The Union of Siji & Persis


High Priestess Xanthalia Ishaiya preformed the ceremony.

Siji and Persis have sworn before friend and family that their bond would be eternal and unbreakable. The two have been wonderful friends since their first meeting in the recently sold Silverwing Tavern. They fought side by side against countless enemies and when not in battle, spent many hours on walks through Elwynn forest, Hillsbrad Foothills, the cliffs of Stranglethorn Vale and more.

Their adventures together have taken them to the far reaches of Azeroth and recently into the realm of Outland. True friends, room mates, confidantes, it took little time for their deep friendship to blossom into something more. At first for Young Siji, understanding these growing feelings for another girl were strange, scary and unnerving. But in time and with the patience and kindness of her family and friendsm she embraced her feelings and confessed her love for Persis.

In a secluded place in Stranglethorne Vale, Siji presented a ring as the humans do and took Persis' hand in hers. Slipping the ring on she asked for them to be bound forever in the custom of the humans and before Elune and Persis, with tears in her eyes, accepted.

The Warrior Grows - Slight Changes

It is clear that Persis has become a brave and valiant Shield Maiden, highly skilled, always seen battling the Burning Legion at their every incursion or threat. When Friends, Family and denizens of Azeroth meet the Beautiful Keeper of the Shield, they cannot help but notice that her white shining twinkling eyes seem even more bright and intense than ever before. People remark in her Presence, that they can almost sense The Lady Drinlana Isil'Litla Denselde, in the presence of the loyal Thero'shan.

Many onlookers put it down to the happy home, where she lives with her loved ones, friends and family. Others would say he has studied and learned hard under the guidance and Teachings of her Shan'do, Perhaps it is one or both, no-one can really say. But Persis is becoming a beacon of light for the people of Azeroth to look to, or aspire to be. She is the the very embodiment of good, purity and truth, a defender of the alliance and the Kaldorei peoples' way of life.

The Search - Quest to discover her Heritage

Many seasons ago, Persis spoke with Shan'do Drinlana Isil'Litla Denselde. The Silver Sentinel of Shardracona had known that Persis never knew her parents. She suggested that the young Shield Maiden should take it upon herself, to try and seek out about where she came from, perhaps finding the parents she has never known. For, with the many conflicts thorughout Azeroth, it was possible that they were still alive.

Persis has journeyed far and wide, meeting many people, skilled and knowledgable, in their respective fields of Expertise. Some were helpful, some were not. She has visited many dark and dangerous places and has fought many evils, both powerful and terrible to behold.

Perhaps her quest approaches its end, for Persis has just survived her most dangerous sojourn, entering and managing to return alive, from the Fortress of Kel'Thuzad himself, Naxxramas. For in there, Persis and colleagues, defeated many deadly foes, Anub'rekhan, Maexxna and Grand Widow Faerlina no less.

For beyond them all, Omarion, a man of the ages, was waiting. For in there, she was recognized by him and was given his book, a manual, which she brought back to her family. The book has finally been deciphered by a Skilled Blacksmith, none other than her beloved Siji herself. It appears to contain information, instructions and a complex technical design, a design to build a mold, for the creation of an ancient key, not seen or used in many many years.

Gorehowl Unearthed!

Gorehowl, the axe was once wielded by the cursed Orc chieftain of the Warsong Clan, Grom Hellscream. This axe is a treasure and a victory to Persis and her love Siji and their family. The two young warriors unearthed the axe together and thus share it between themselves and wield it as a trophy for the Silver Dragon clan. They understand the rage this may instill in the factions of the horde, but they will never surrender it. Even if Thrall himself sought them out for the retrieval of the axe of his deceased friend and chief advisor, they would cling to their find. Such a blade is best left in the hands of the Alliance and especially the Night Elves in these trying times.

Young Siji has been educated greatly by her mother, and her love Persis, as the Thero'shan to Drinlana, has also been educated greatly on the lore and history of their people. They know and have been taught that this very axe was used by Grom Hellscream to defeat and slay their beloved Demigod Cenarius. They know that this blade has drawn the blood of many a Night Elf who died trying to defend their lands in Ashenvale, where the Shardracona Estate now rests. Death is the only thing that could get this axe from the hands of the young warrior maidens who wield it.

When Drinlana saw this blade and when the young girls were told the tale once again, the three were brought to tears. Possessing this axe, despite its black and cursed history has somehow brought them closer to Cenarius and his memory. They believe still, like all Night Elves, he sleeps in the Emerald Dream while his wounds heal, and that he will some day join them again.

Gorehowl - The Finding!

When last heard, the infamous and much feared Gorehowl was in the hands of the equally feared Grom Hellscream, as he and the future Warchief Thrall entered Demon Fall Canyon, in Ashenvale, to face the Pit Lord King, Mannoroth. How did this axe end up in the possession of the Burning Legion, inside Karazhan?.

This is the tale understood by the family of Shardracona.

Gorehowl - The Finding

Persis's Journal


Persis's Journal

  • Belief - Belief in yourself, your skills, in friends, family & loved ones.

As Friends See Her

This section is reserved for those who wish to add their thoughts about this character:

Drinlana Isil'Litla Denselde

To say that Drinlana loves her beautiful Thero'shan is an understatement. The young Shield Maiden, though barely out of her 'teens' has earned her Shan'do's deep respect as well as the love of her daughter Siji. The three have become quite close and Drinlana is honored to have Persis as part of her inner family, extended family and a part of Shardracona. Her devotion, innate goodness, loyalty, gentility and innocence combine with her skill, determination and prowess in battle to form a shining force on the battlefield. Drinlana is honored to have Persis as friend, student and family member.

Siji Anna'Erusen Denselde

To Siji, Persis is a best friend, room mate, trusted companion and love. She loves Persis with all her heart and soul and considers her to be her soulmate. They have shared many adventures together and are steadily growing in skill together as well. In Siji's eyes Persis is beautiful, angelic, and perfect. In her she sees a kindred spirit and one who she cannot imagine life without. Yes the two children are at the beginning of their lives but Siji finds herself blessed to know that she will be able to share her life with the girl she loves.

Cleodora Silvestri

Her heart as sweet as her sword arm is strong, things are never dull in the Shardracona halls while this shield maiden is plotting her next prank! Cleo still remembers seeing Persis for the first time at a guild meeting, and how she and Siji seemed such a perfect pair, and time has proven them to be a glowing ray of sunshine in her heart. Having risen to the honored position of Keeper of the Shield, she has earned Cleo's trust time and time again.

Constanz Clearwater Denselde

Persis is like a second sister to the young Lady Clearwater, a partner in mischief and intrigue, and a compellingly powerful sister-in-arms. Constanz has nothing but respect and love for Persis.

Xanthalia Ishaiya

Xanthalia has nothing but deep affection and respect for the young shield maiden. She finds her to be a sweet, giving, kind and respectful young woman who in the face of danger becomes brave, fearless and unyielding. Watching Siji and Persis embrace their youth through rambuncteous pillow fights in the halls of Shardracona causing feathers to fly and mischievous cinnamon rolls thieveries warms her heart for she knows that this joy and playfulness is balanced with a great sense of duty and selflessness when it comes to protecting their family.

Xenelia Draelanis

Xennie still remembers meeting Persis for the first time, a shy but brave warrior who quickly became one of her close friends. When she found herself looking for a new home, Xenelia was only too happy to encourage her to meet with Shardracona, something she still believes was destiny. Seeing how Persis and Siji are so happily in love touches her deeply, and she will fight anyone who would come between them.

Astadaa Kirsantii

Ashyrn & Persis

Ashyrn & Persis, The Scourgebane's of Shardracona

When Astadaa first awoke on Azeroth, after being healed by the Spirits, she remembers her first meeting with the people of this world: Two lovely elven maidens, Persis and her beloved Siji. The two helped the lonely young Shaman find her way to a new family, the Clan of the Silver Dragon, and just as importantly, helped to mend the young shaman's shattered heart and not only reunite her with her sister, but also helped her find love in the beautiful Anita conDoin. Astadaa is happy to call Persis friend and sister, and even happier to call her Shan'do.

Ashyrn Gearblade

Ashyrn was immediately captivated by Persis' strength and valor, while at the same time "breaftaken" by the majestic beauty that the night elf has been blessed with. He remembers reluctantly asking his fellow friends of Shardracona for assistance and protection in his treacherous journey through the somber woods of Darkshire. It was Persis who unselfishly came to his aid, and it was her strength and skill that ultimately resulted in their survival through the evil forest. Awestruck by her skill with the sword and shield, and ever thankful to her for her willingness to battle endless waves of Scourge in order to protect him, Ashyrn dubbed her "Scourgebane," a name that he has called her ever since. Ash is proud to have met Persis, and honored to call her one of his "dearwest fwiends." Ashyrn would gladly put his life on the line for his friend Scourgebane... without question.

Known Enemies

Quilandrius Suncaller - Who wishes the destruction of Shardracona, the death of Persis's Shan'do and the capture of 'The Keeper of The Shield'. His only sister, Alaun'arra Ryn'Lara Suncaller, was mortally wounded in battle, upon attacking 'The Keeper of The Shield' in Terrokar Forest. Persis acted in self defense to protect herself, Siji and Xanthalia, who were rescuing a captured Kaldorei negotiator from Firewing Point.

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