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A little over middle aged by his immediate appearance, Pavrill has the appearance and demeanour of a veteran soldier. Numerous scars cover his lightly tanned hide and he is rarely without arms and armour close to hand.

Pavrill stands taller than the majority of his gnomish brothers and sisters and possesses a powerful build and sturdy bone structure commensurate with a life of battle. His silver touched black hair is cut short in a militaristic manner and his beard and moustache are kept meticulously in good order.

When visible beneath his helm, Pavrill's violet coloured eyes are pain hardened and crow's feet around them speak of numerous hardships.


Before the fall of Gnomeregan and the exile of most its surviving population to Ironforge, Pavrill Spindleshaft was a mercenary, bodyguard to gnomish dignatories and freelance adventurer. With the call to arms being sounded, Pavrill returned to Gnomeregan to protect his home from the ravages of the Troggs and the Dark Iron dwarves.

Almost two years before the opening of the Dark Portal, Pavrill was seen most often in the company of a small group of kaldorei whose apparent leader was a female by the name of Azi.

Through the eccentric gatherings organized by Azi's merry band, Pavrill met a number of other Alliance aligned folk including the gnome rogue known as Jingo, the paladins Macmoran and Prydion, the Boomstick Gang Guild Master Arkenstone and a small number of other heroes. However for all the benefits of assosciations, it is undeniable that Pavrill travels alone save for his ever present panda companion.

A year before the Dark Portal opened, Pavrill ceased all contact with former assosciates and disappeared into the jungle of Stranglethorn Vale.

Recently, Pavrill returned to Ironforge and immediatly began preparing for a journey through the Dark Portal. Although those who know the gnome are reticient to consider this renewed contact with the Alliance as a charitable act.


Pavrill lives in vehement opposition to the major forces that threaten the mortal races of Azeroth. This is more than likely because of the possibility of extinction of the gnome race rather than any sense of duty to the Alliance.

As it stands the Qiraji Empire, the Scourge and the Burning Legion are considered to be dangers to the gnomish people by Pavrill and are to be slain and hindered at every opportunity.

Otherwise Pavrill is largely content to live and let live, more or less ignoring the sporadic conflicts between the Horde and the Alliance.




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