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Name: Mugrir Runehammer

Notable History since first appearance in Ironforge:

  • Founding of The Boomstick Gang
  • Aided the weekly boomstick tavern creation
  • Victim of a not-fully explained Demonic Influence
  • Short engagement to a night elf
  • Assaulted the Undercity with a contingent of only 14 dwarves (and a gnome)
  • Sent into Emerald Dream
  • Was considered dead for several months
  • Returned, sane finally
  • Currently known for assaulting Absolution, confronting Uthas, and living.
  • Currently putting out a call for a small team of demon hunters, under the guise to end his 'demon issues'.

Known as the founder of The Boomstick Gang, a dwarf that was unheard of until that point. A dwarf with flaming red hair, and usually carrying a big gun. Also normally seen walking around towns grumbling about various issues. The last year hasn't been kind to him, as he was actually considered dead for a few months after wandering off into the mountains half-mad with the mysterious demonic influence on his body. Now, just returned, he looks worse than ever: his left arm totally blackened and twisted with demonic strength, and his right eye like a black gem. However, he is in more control of himself than he has been in many months, and is now working towards finally ending what plagues him. Unfortunately, he's slightly distracted with the issues of Uthas... something he feels partially responsible for, as Uthas was his friend and has helped him through several problems in the past.


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"Bah, I'm jus' a dwarf wit' a gun." -Mugrir's Description of himself.

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