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Labrae Ishura, age 19.



Labrae's earliest memories are of her as a child, marching to The Scarlet Monastery to undergo training as a holy priest. When doubts about her order began to surface within her mind, she confessed to her only friend, a paladin who had grown up with her, who immediately reported her to her superiors. She was tortured for days and sentenced to death, but managed to escape this fate to take her own life several days later.

Approximately one week later, Labrae rose as Forsaken and started her life over, embracing the training of a shadow priest and turning her back on the holy spells she'd grown up with. After several months of wandering the lands with a rogue, Sasori, they were taken in by Noxilite. Labrae completed her training and marched with her guild for many seasons.

During her time in Noxilite, Labrae made many great friends. After a brief and volatile romance with Fourfingers, Labrae became close friends with Melciah, which slowly developed into a romantic relationship that is still going strong. They left the guild, along with the warrior Kank to found the Horde Misfits.

Labrae has moved from her home in Dun Morogh to an island above Garadar, that she shares with Melciah and her two slave girls, Lawls and Juarez. She has 14 pets, six mounts, and many great friends who fight along her side.

Labrae kodo

Labrae on her kodo, Nima, age 20.

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