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The Early Years

The Thornwood family was blessed when the birth of twins came to the simple estate that resided close to Corin's Crossing. Named Prayce and Kost, they were the children of respected book keeper Enimos, and his wife Lesslo. Their lives were private, avoiding the gossip of neighbors and business rivals, and their involvement in the surrounding communities was meager. Save for the business of the book trade and the preservation of documents through various noble families and organizations of Lordaeron within its towns and cities.

Through the years the children were tutored, given acess to their father's library, and permitted to live their days comfortably as those in stable households would. Teachers would jokingly refer in private to Prayce as quick tempered and easily read, while Kost - made far more nervous with her quiet and reserved manners. Those that did know the family thought the twins would join the ranks of the magi for their aptitude in magic, considering their parent's own bloodline lead back strongly to Dalaran ties. Or in Kost's case - diplomats, for her enjoyment in arguing politics with her teachers and a strong if not slightly obsessive interest in the civilizations of the various documented and speculated races as she grew.

Leaving Home

However, Enimos and Lesslo never lived long enough to witness the full extent of their homeland's destruction at the hands of the Scourge. The details are left hazy as to if the true reason their daughter was sent away to live with close associates in Stormwind, if it was indeed to receive better training, Kost herself being very unwilling to discuss such matters. As well as to why her brother was left behind to witness the burning of the estate, their parent's demise, and later torture - accused of being a traitor.

Kost continued on with her life, dabbling in the family trade of collecting books and various items of occult nature, picking up the habit of smoking gravemoss and learning alchemy. As well as showing her true colors by taking up the banner of the warlock's established circle in Stormwind. She worked along with her studies, gathering up a few less than respectable associates in her travels, losing them as well as they each brought about their own demise. All the while remaining polite and respectful to those on the public side of her life, there are still a few guards that remember her always lurking around questionable situations that occured within the gates of Stormwind and the territories of Duskwood.

Strangely however it was involvement as an adivsor to a small crime group that lead her to hear of the sermons being held in Booty Bay, which thus brought the habit of attendance, and witness of the 'demise' of Uthas at that time. It also lead to her later meeting the priest Renidus and the members of the Veridian Weave, stepping away from her neutral stance of battle for once in her life. Finally parting ways with them after the Dispossessed storyline. Going instead into hiding in the jungles of Stranglethorn to tend to her wounds, and to continue her study and observation of the troll culture in the area.

Present Company

To know Kost, also means to know her demons. The only creatures that she considers trusted family these days.

Beltip - Imp - An oddly paitent little demon, self appointed caretaker of the Demonologist ever since the beginning. Providing balance in her times of madness, cooking, cleaning, doting and nagging - all these tasks are commonly seen over by this creature. Perhaps only for the sake of being out within the realm as opposed to the infernal plane, he gladly serves Kost in all of her moments.

Thanlos - Voidwalker - To see this entity now is a rare occurrence, within the void it has developed a sense of jealousy towards the Felguard, Flaatom for taking it's place as a protector of the warlock. Prefering to be nothing now, as opposed to being forgotten and forsaken by its own creator.

Jhaamon - Felhound - The hound; a drooling, panting, book chewing, robe tugging, snarling, slobbering beast of a demon. Obviously Kost's attentions towards this creature have given it the mindset of a pampered pooch.

Fierantia - Succubus - As fickle and plotting as they come for her breed of demon, Fier enjoys in tormenting her keeper just as much as she enjoys fussing over Kost's and her own appearance. She adores wearing silk over leather, and views Kost's robes with an expression of envy. Beltip is commonly chasing Fierantia away before she can really dig in and do real harm to her keeper. Oddly enough, she also enjoys seducing things that have been sheeped over anything else.

Flaatom - Felguard - The newest and yet the most readily of all the demons that is creeping into the circle of Kost's favor, he keeps her on her feet and continuing on in her worst moments. And yet she actually keeps him wanting to continue on - being a forgotten servant of some minor demon lord, fighting some useless battle, she makes him feel as though he has a purpose. Many in her practice would consider this to be a dangerous thing, getting so close to one's demon - but than again, any that would dare bring it up would readily risk losing their heads to Flaatom's axe.

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