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Karreth D'Lars is the daughter of an impoverished Hillsbrad farmer and his wife, both of whom died when she was quite young. Always unusually tall and strong for her age, she was recruited by the leader of a crime syndicate when she was only twelve years old because he was impressed with her potential as a fighter. Four years later, she and her boss had the misfortune of being in Lordaeron during the spread of the plague; they both died, but Karreth would later awaken as an undead. (Interestingly, she awoke to the free will of the newly-liberated Forsaken and spent no time under the control of the Lich King, a fact which is particularly curious given her rather weak-minded and childish nature.) She has become very attached to a fellow Forsaken, a former High Elf rogue named Xanodel and follows him around in the voluntary role of his bodyguard (much to Xan's perpetual bemusement and occasional annoyance, although he generally puts up with her clinging and even treats her kindly). Together, they leave a trail of destruction and dead bodies in their wake. When she is not cheerfully engaging in violent behavior with her "new boss," Karreth can often be found skipping through the Undercity and eagerly striking up conversations with those passing through.

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