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Name: Homrend "Gearspinner" Coppergrain

Race: Dwarf

Class: Hunter

Guild: The Boomstick Gang

Realm: Feathermoon


The second son of a demolitionist and a baker in Loch Modan, Homrend came of age shortly before the Third War. His father died fighting orcs at Grim Batol in the Second War, and his mother fled Thelsamar soon after, for reasons unknown, leaving Homrend to be raised by his elder brother. The two young dwarves both signed up to be riflemen in the Dwarvish Army, but Homrend's poor eyesight disqualified him, leaving him behind while his brother marched off with Muradin Bronzebeard's regiment, to their doom in Northrend.

Since Homrend has never officially brought himself to declare his brother dead, he has given up his right to claim the Coppergrain clan name, which by tradition belongs to the eldest child. "Gearspinner" is a chosen name, from a childhood taunt of his brother's, referring both to Homrend's habit of playing with gadgets, and of being a stick-in-the-mud.

During the Third War, Homrend was fostered / hired by the Fleeglewatt family of gnomes in the Dun Morogh hills, to help stock them with meat and make the long hikes into town for supplies; in return, the gnomes crafted him a pair of glasses that allow him to actually see anything closer than 30 feet from his nose. After the fall of Gnomeregan, the Fleeglewatts moved to Stormwind, and Homrend became a freelance mechanic, eventually working on the boats and shipyards in Menethil. (Ask Homrend to show you the picture-postcard the Fleeglewatts sent him from Stormwind, if you ever run across him near a bank.)

Over the years since the end of the war, Homrend joined the Boomstick Gang, rose to the rank of Ace, married Yrsa Redhelm, and eventually took up the leadership of the Gang, after Ultang retired to persue leatherworking. He has sponsored or been involved in two Contests o' Song, countless hunts, a costume party at Aerie Peak, and most recently led a convoy from Booty Bay to Light's Hope Chapel. He can usually be found behind the bar at the Boomstick Tavern, in his workshop, or hunting trolls and the walking dead.


For more information on The Boomstick Gang, please see the guild website: [1]

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