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The Beginning

A refugee from the first war, he fled with his father Turane from the Orcish Horde as they razed Stormwind. He became apprenticed to a priest in Lordaeron after seeking shelter in a monastery in the north of Tirisfal. His father left to continue his studies in Dalaran. He heard whispers from the peasantry about this new Cult of the Damned, but it was a forbidden subject to raise with his new mentor. When the Plague of Undeath struck, he was one of the first to flee south before the darkness could take him as a recruit to the Scourge. Even though using shadow magic was a part of priestly training, he quickly abandoned it after discovering the plague that was ravaging his new homeland was born of the corrupting shadows.

At the age of 19, the monks of Northshire Abbey took him in, and realised the boy was a little sturdier than the other priests, and regarded his conviction not to use shadow magic. They taught him how to wear heavier, more sturdier armor, how to carry a shield, and martial weapon training. They taught him more of the way of the Holy Light, and he learned to focus it into aiding those in need.

In a short 5 years, Hemical was reforged a Paladin.


Hemical now works as a self-appointed judge of the ruined town of Andorhal, granting rest to the dead there under the colours of the Argent Dawn. When he's not judging the dead, he's spreading the 'heathen' word in Zul'Gurub, performing the tasks of the trollish heretics and playing a part in the balance of the Zandalar Tribe.


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