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Player's Notes

Gutenacht is a character on the Feathermoon RP server. He is currently on hiatus while his user plays on other alts, and will be rerolled as a Warrior as part of an ongoing storyline.

His name is taken from the German phrases for "good night" and "midnight."

Basic Profile

Gutenacht is a black-furred Tauren Shaman, a youngling who survives the Shattered Totem tribes. Somewhat lighthearted, he has not advanced too far in the craft of blacksmithing, or in the ways of the elements, and he spends most of his time chasing skirts (he is renowned for being very liberal when it comes to interracial encounters).

Gutenacht does, however, have an aptitude for Elemental combat.


Gutenacht arrived in Orgrimmar as part of an envoy from the Shattered Totem, the last remnants of whom had been eliminated and scattered across their ancestral lands of Desolace and the Stonetalon Mountains. The Shattered Totem itself consists of many disparate families, and as such Gutenacht felt no special connection to his wayward brethren, and they all parted ways upon joining the Horde.

Gutenacht trained and practiced as a Shaman for a while, until a group of goblins and a Warlock coven began drawing demonic power from Dreadmist Peak. After the destruction of a building in Ratchet, he decided to investigate the activities of the goblins and discovered that demonic blood was being used in their research.

Determined to discover the source of this powerful ichor, he ventured into Felfire Hill in Ashenvale and interrogated a Dreadlord. From here he went to face the demon Rathorian atop Dreadmist Peak, but at this point the entire plan had come to fruition, and he found himself caught in the crossfire of a massive battle between Alliance and Horde forces, all under the influence of the infamous Juice.

Gutenacht awoke at the Crossroads, cursing himself for failing. Although a rescue team had extracted the prisoners from the cultists of Dreadmist Peak, he felt that there was still more to be done - as long as Rathorian remained in power, the Barrens would be in danger. Finding time and space to meditate, Gutenacht was contacted by a dark entity, one that claimed lordship over his bloodline and knew the secrets of the Shattered Totem. Wishing to know more of his people, Gutenacht willingly submit himself to the ever-burning eye and was temporarily infused with what seemed to be the power of the elements themselves. He quickly destroyed Rathorian, and upon his success he heard the dark voice again, and was filled with dread as he realized the price he had paid.

"You serve C'thun now, mortal."

Months passed, and what few friends Gutenacht had made wondered where he had disappeared, and eventually forgot about him. There were odd reports of a "black shaman" that randomly attacked outlying camps, especially near Twilight Cultist holdings such as the Master's Glaive in Darkshore, but it was obvious that a being of such pure evil could not be Gutenacht, although eyewitness accounts portray a stark resemblance.

Gutenacht suddenly appeared in Orgrimmar again, confused and bewildered, unable to recall what had happened. Friendless and penniless, he wandered the wilderness in search of himself. He consulted hermits and elders alike, asking about the fate of the Shattered Totem and getting no answers, other than the word "Noxen."

He is currently going through a trying time, as the elements are slowly withdrawing their powers from his being, his last grip on reality the long-distance communique with a one-time lover by the name of Caoin.

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